$1,000 Gun Tax Pushed as “Role Model” for States ~ VIDEO

A steep gun tax concept endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 1993 is beginning to take hold.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -(Ammoland.com)- A $1,000 per gun tax should serve as a “role model” for states, according to the governor of the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, which imposed the $1,000 gun tax earlier this month.

An idea first endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 1993, steep gun taxes have now taken hold in Cook County, Ill. the city of Seattle, and now a U.S. territory.

As reported by the Saipan Tribune:

The administration of Gov. Ralph DLG Torres defended the CNMI's new gun control laws on Friday as a law that could be “a role model” for other U.S. states and jurisdictions facing seemingly uncontrolled and continued gun violence.

The administration was responding to queries regarding its position on recent reports that the a legal challenge to the new law, Public law 19-42, was likely, particularly over a provision that assesses a $1,000 excise tax on pistols.

The threat of such a tax serving as a role model for other politicians to impose is not an idle one.

Consider the following:

Seattle Gun Tax: On Jan. 1, 2016, Seattle's $25 per gun tax took effect, as did a two cent to five cent tax per round of ammunition. The new taxes have already forced at least one major gun dealer to leave the city.

Cook County, Ill. Gun and Ammunition Tax: On June 1, 2016, Cook County's new ammunition tax takes effect, at a rate of one cent to five cents per round of ammunition. The ammo tax comes on top of the existing gun tax regime of $25 per gun.

Hillary Clinton's 25% Gun Tax Endorsement: In passionate testimony to the Senate Finance Committee in 1993, Hillary Clinton gave her strong personal endorsement to a new national 25% sales tax on guns and endorsed a steep increase in the gun dealer fee, to $2,500.

“I am speaking personally, but I feel very strongly about that,” said Clinton at the conclusion of her endorsement.

“The Left is now seeking to tax guns out of existence,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “The Second Amendment makes it difficult to legally ban guns, but Hillary has led the way to explaining you can achieve the same thing with high taxes.”

In newly released footage from Americans for Tax Reform, Clinton is shown nodding enthusiastically as she endorsed the 25 percent gun tax and as legal gun dealers were described as “purveyors of violence.”

Further details are available at ATR's dedicated website, www.HighTaxHillary.com

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    1. This LIKE ALL FEDERAL TAXATION is illegal. Federal taxation was never ratified by the states.

      SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED comprendo Hildabitch?

    2. Why do these morons think punishing law-abiding citizens is going to solve a problem caused by criminals?? I just can’t get my head around that level of stupidity.

      That is one UGLY female. Not Presidential-looking at all.

      1. She is evil,and libs dont see it..GOD FORBID SHE GETS ELECTED… PRISON FOR HER,, I DONT TRUST FBI OR THE DOJ…..

    3. Looks like if it be the Socialist or the Fascist
      either way we get the 2nd American Revolution

    4. This TNUC can try and push any gun tax that she wants. Unfortunately people are going to find any available means to avoid it.

    5. gun runners,, like rum runners, get started because of demand! and if there is a demand, there will be a supply!

    6. That $1000 tax might be role model for gungrabbing trash states like Kali,Ill,NJ,NY,PA,etc. but never in Texas ! ‘Texas like a whole other country’ !

    7. “…Shall Not Be Infringed”
      This new gun purchase tax is quite obviously Illegal.
      Reference Supreme Court ruling in McCulloch v. Maryland in nullifying these illegal laws, and while we’re at it impeach the treasonous lying liberal politicians who constantly violate their oaths of office to protect and abide by our US Constitution.

      Ultra-high taxation is also highly prejudicial inferring that the affluent have more a right to defend their lives than the poor.

    8. The ‘gravy train’ that once subsidized these political hacks has dried up. They want these new tax schemes in order maintain their ‘political elite’ lifestyle while everyone else is tightening their belts because of current economic conditions. This is becoming “Taxation Without Representation”!

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