Dave Sevigny Wins Production

Dave Sevigny Wins USPSA Tennessee Section Championship
Dave Sevigny

Smyrna, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- GASTON J. GLOCK style LP is known for providing outdoor apparel and the best accessories for the best competitive shooters.

The lightweight range bag trolley is one of their top products that can be of use in multiple environments. It is built for any terrain with its’ large rubber wheels resisting sharp objects and can carry up to 90 pounds making it complete perfection for transportation of heavy ammo.

Team member Dave Sevigny uses the range trolley to carry equipment, including his ammo. He won the Production division at the US Steel National Championship held March 18-20 in DeLand, FL. It marked the 10th year for the match in Florida and was Sevigny’s 7th win in an Iron Sight division.

During Sundays match, wet weather affected the competitors.

Sevigny remarked, “The GASTON trolley made it easy to haul gear and protect it from the rain. Its a good product for the range and traveling.”

The next match for Dave is the USPSA Multi-Gun nationals in Las Vegas, NV, April 15-17.

Unlike other equipment carriers, this aluminum frame trolley is great for travel. It can be folded flat, along with removable wheels without the use of any tools. The trolley can be setup or broken down in less than a minute and weighs just under 8 pounds.

All your needs are met while handling this trolley in or outdoors. Its’ adjustable UV-resistant foamed handle provides easy maneuverability with heavy bags. Small objects can be kept in the Velcro pocket on the backside of the trolley directly beside the large bottle holder.

The range bag trolley is best paired with the GASTON range bag and can be accessorized with a rain cover and expandable straps. The lightweight range bag trolley is on sale thru March 2016 and can be purchased at www.gastonglockstyle.com.

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