Lehigh Defense Introduces the Multipurpose 300 Blackout / Whisper* Bullet

300 Blackout / Whisper* Controlled Chaos Copper (CCCu) Ammunition.

Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet
Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet
Lehigh Defense
Lehigh Defense

Lehigh DefenseUSA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Are you looking for a 300 Blackout / Whisper Bullet that will work as a Personal Defense or Hunting Round for your 300 Blackout / Whisper* Pistol, SBR, Carbine or Full Barrel Length Rifles?

Look no further. Lehigh Defense is introducing the first high velocity multipurpose 300 Blackout / Whisper* bullet that provides ground breaking terminal performance at 10 feet or 400 yards. Our Controlled Chaos Copper bullet is a solid copper bullet designed to provide a Controlled, Predictable and Repeatable fragmentation.

The CCCu bullet outperforms the competition by providing a tremendous energy tranfer whether the bullet is traveling at 1,400 fps or 2,600+ fps. The bullet is designed to fragment into 7 components; 6 Petals and 1 Wadcutter Base. When the Transfer of Energy occurs the bullet creates an impressive wound cavity bloom that measures 5+ inches in diameter and extends for 5+ inches.

Hydrostatic forces cause the bullet to fracture in a Controlled and Predictable manner. When the bullet fractures, 6 Petals radiate outward and penetrate 10+ inches creating a wound cavity that is over 5 inches in diameter, while the base will penetrate approximately 23 inches in bare gel. The terminal performance of the CCCu makes it an excellent choice for all 300 Blackout / Whisper* Rifles and Pistols.

Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet 10% Ordnance Gelatin Shot
Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet 10% Ordnance Gelatin Shot

The terminal performance can be seen in the 10% ordnance gelatin block below. The top block is an unaltered photo; however, the bottom photo has been altered, converted to Black and White, to better show the terminal performance of the bullet:

Many high velocity .308 bullets fail to expand under 2,000fps. We recognized this and have designed a bullet specifically for the 300 Blackout/Whisper* that will perform down to 1,400fps. If you are tired of other manufacturers using leftover 308 Winchester bullets that they know will not perform in the 300 Blackout/Whisper* just so they can get a bit more of your hard earned cash? Then look to Lehigh.

The Bullet Performance Chart below says it all:

Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet Specs
Lehigh Defense 300 Blackout Whisper Bullet Specs

In the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be coming out with a video that demonstrates how our bullet performs out to 400 yards, so please stay tuned.

Our Controlled Chaos Ammunition is competitively priced at $25.00 for a box of 20 rounds.

As we continue to focus our energy on innovative bullet designs, and to better service our ammunition customers our Premier Partners are loading our bullets in their ammunition. You can find our new CCCu bullet loaded by Underwood Ammunition.

To purchase our CCCu Bullet loaded into Underwood Ammunition: https://www.underwoodammo.com/300-aac-blackout-whisper-115-grain-controlled-chaos-box-of-20/

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Jeff D.

Do they plan on making a subsonic round eventually? Whenever you hear the word 300 whisper, don’t you think of quiet? The charts all show supersonic speeds!