Pass It On Recognizes Steve Williams for his Service on Board of Directors

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors
Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors

Fall River, KS -( Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors announced today that Steve Williams has stepped down from their Board of Directors.

Williams played a critical role in creating the organization in 1999 while serving as Secretary of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks by creating a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. He continued to serve the organization by joining the board of directors in 2006 when it spun off as an independent non-profit organization. Williams, a former Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service has been president of the Wildlife Management Institute since 2005.

According to Mike Christensen, Executive Director of Pass it On, it was Williams’ vision and passion that enables the organization to become established.

“Mr. Williams was the first person we reached out to, asking him to serve on our board,” stated Christensen. “He has been there with us since the beginning and we are appreciative of all that Steve has brought to the table, helping us grow to the organization we are today.”

“It has been a privilege serving on the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors board of directors,” stated Williams. ”Mike’s leadership and commitment to youth is unparalleled and the program deserves someone who can commit more time. I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to a great future for Pass It On.”

Ryan Bronson, chairman of the board of directors for Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors also praised Williams decade of service.

“Steve’s participation with this mentoring organization has been an inspiration to me and I will miss his steady hand and sage advice,” Bronson said. “Our board of volunteers truly appreciate his contributions.”

Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors partners with state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations and youth organizations to give at-risk children outdoor opportunities they would not have had otherwise.

“Too many children today never get the chance to experience the great outdoors we all know and love. When you hear a youngster say they’ve never seen a cow or been on a dirt road, you know we have to step up our efforts to get these children outdoors,” stated Christensen.

About Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors:

Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors is a Wichita, Kansas-based national organization dedicated to providing children with mentors who will share with them the experiences of traditional outdoor activities. The heart of the group’s mission is to give children opportunities to connect with nature that they more than likely won’t have without a mentor showing them the way. Partnering with organizations with like-minded conservation and youth participation efforts like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pheasants Forever, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Delta Waterfowl, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation, among others, volunteers with a passion for the outdoors can give a child the chance to go fish, hunt, or simply spend time in the fields with a caring adult.

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