Gun Control History and the NRA

By Don McDougall

Democrats War on Guns
Democrats War on Guns
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( Gun Control won’t happen as long as Liberals play politics with tragedy.

All the bodies have not yet been identified from the recent Orlando tragedy, and Hillary and other were calling for the ban of all semi-automatic weapons. It’s nothing new she’s been doing that since her 1st town hall meeting. Add to that that we’re now adding a 25% tax on all guns on top of the ban.

The shooter at the Navy Yard used a shot gun, so did the mall shooter a few years back. Gifford’s shooter in AZ used a handgun, as did the Virginia Teck shooter.

You can expect those class of firearms to be banned next.

The fact is the firearm used is irreverent, and the AR 15, is a modestly powered round used mostly for target and recreational shooting. The gun is often used because it is cheap, and the round used was specifically designed to wound and NOT to kill. (a wounded soldier takes more tend than a dead one.)

Little remembered is that in the late 90’s the NRA brought to the Senate and House a comprehensive gun safety bill.

They alienated many of their more radical members. This help spawn many of the spin-offs that support the never compromise movement of gun owners. The proposed bill strengthened gun rights but also had a lot of the gun safety measures Democrats claim to desire. It was the true compromise bill that we keep hearing the anti-gun left wants.

Here’s the problem, Dick Gephardt the Democrat leader in the House wanted to run for President and openly admitted that he needed gun control as a “wedge issue” for the next election.

So Democrats in the House killed the bill, voting NO to gun safety storage requirements and a fully funded insta-check program. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) said the bill didn’t go far enough, so he voted no.

All told some 200+ Democrats voted “NO” to gun safety locks and comprehensive background checks.

They voted “NO” so they could keep gun control active as a political issue for the upcoming elections.

The NRA have never trusted gun grabbing Democrats since, and neither should you.

History may not repeat itself but it often rhymes, and gun grabbing politicians are driven by politics, not saving lives. Until that stops nothing will change.

The problem is NOT the NRA, but the liars on the left.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Yup that’s why I joined the Gun Owners of America instead of the NRA. We compromised enough.

Mike McAllister

I’ll bet 85% of liberals do not know the difference between and AR-15 and a Mini 14. Biggest reason is because there is none, but also they will see the Mini 14 as a hunting rifle and no threat. They don’t like to profile people because of race, but they will profile an AR-15 because it look dangerous. If we use that logic then we should ban Clinton and Obama, because they look dangerous to me and that all the counts. Liberals, get over yourselves and start thinking about America not your power hungry selves!

ronald stringham

Not guns

Don McDougall

True, then NRAisnot perfect, but they are ONLY group with the organization and membership numbers to affect an election.

Clark Kent

‘Effect’ not ‘affect’. You are welcome.


No, Clark

Don’s usage is correct… you got it backwards. To “effect” something is to create or cause or bring about that thing (like an election). To “affect” is to alter or change (to have an effect on) that thing. The NRA cannot create an election, but it certainly can indeed affect the outcome.


I was shocked the NRA backed the Cornyn proposal. Don’t give the SOB’s anything. No,the NRA won’t hear it. Did they ever have that meeting with Trump so they could explain ‘due process’ to him ? GOA is really the only no compromise option we have right now.

Jim Macklin

Politics and Public Relations 101
The NRA is accused of being against ALL and any gun laws. By supporting the Cornyn bill the media was forced to say “NRA backed bill.”
None of the bills passed.
Congress will be back in Session July 5th. That means that Democrats are hoping for a more horrific mass killing on July 4th.
The NRA is always hoping that guns are only used in legal purposes. The NRA is blamed because it is all about safety and they will always be blamed by the insane Democrats. .


I am NOT anti N.R.A. we do need them , they have become , too comfortable with compromise and sometime there simply should NOT be Compromise. N.R.A. is deserving of open and constructive criticism. WILL THEY HEAR IT ?


When you compromise your Rights with “Laws & Rules” that go against them – you’ve lost them.
This country runs on permission slips granted by corporate dictate. And sadly most think that is freedom.