Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun – Review & VIDEO

A look and video of the new for 2016 Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun.

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun
Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun : Step to the line with confidence: Every 930 Pro Series Sporting comes with a free 60-day member access to The Knowledge Vault, the OSP School’s tutorial videos and article archive.


USA –  -( In continuing to expand the Mossberg's line of high-performance, Pro-Series autoloaders, Mossberg has introduced a new 12-gauge shotgun designed specifically for the competitive clay shooter: The Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun.

The handsomely-appointed Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun is built with special finishes, premium coatings and an ergonomically-designed stock and forend to enhance performance and handle round-after-round of clay-breaking action.

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun – Collaborating with the Experts

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Tricomp Sight
Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Tricomp Sight : The TriComp sight utilizes
nine interchangeable LitePipes, in three colors & shapes for superior sighting for any competitive environment.

The design features of the specialized clay shotgun are purpose-built to help the clay shooter succeed.

A collaboration with Gil Ash, professional shooting instructor and founder of renowned OSP School, yielded a unique ergonomic stock design that provides for proper fit and eye alignment for most statures of men, women and older teens.

Mossberg’s standard 930 Stock Drop System allows for further customization with drop-at-comb adjustment, and the slim-contoured forend has laser stippling for a positive grip.

As an extra bonus, every Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun purchase includes a FREE 60-day trial subscription to the OSP School’s Knowledge Vault—a collection of instructional articles and videos for the clay and wing shooter by Gil and his wife, Vicki Ash.

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun – Fine Features, Second to None

Common across all Mossberg Pro-Series lineup of shotguns (a series that includes the JM Pro-Series and Waterfowl Pro-Series), there is a beveled loading gate for quicker reloads, and boron nitride coatings on the gas piston, piston ring, magazine tube, hammer, sear, return spring plunger and return spring tube for enhanced corrosion resistance and ease-of-cleaning. The shell stop, bolt slide and elevator receive additional finishing which reduces overall friction on internal parts and provides for faster follow-up shots.

Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Briley Chokes
Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Briley Chokes : Briley Chokes (Skeet, Improved Cylinder and Modified) come engraved with constriction for easy selection, and a handy carrying case.

Unique to the Pro-Series Sporting model are field-proven, performance-enhancing details including HiViz TriComp fiber optic sight system, which comes with interchangeable LitePipes; and extended Briley choke tube set (Skeet, Modified and Improved Cylinder) with handy carrying case. Each choke tube is engraved with constriction for ease of selection.

This Pro-Series Sporting model adds a complementing Tungsten-finished receiver, treated with a durable Cerakote protective coating and a 28-inch vent rib, ported barrel with a blued finish, housed in a semi-gloss walnut stock and forend.

When you step up for the next target presentation, why not have a competitive edge with the 930 Pro-Series Sporting autoloader and access to the largest single library of shotgun instruction?

Ask your local dealer to order the Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting shotgun from their Mossberg distributor today!

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Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson

I purchased the 930 pro on 10/08/18. New in the box. Off to the range. Never fired more than five rounds without jamming with the new round, up from the magazine stuck before entering the chamber. High base, low base, bird shot, slugs, buckshot. All failed frequently. The same kind of jam every time. S&B, Federal, Rem, Winchester, Hornady, Brenneke you name it. According to websites that do not sell or officially review Mossberg, this apparently happens with frequency, tho never it seems, to gun writer reveiwers. Make what you will of it. The cure is supposed to be a… Read more »


I don’t have problem with my shotgun . I bought it sept 2018. I’ve seen some reviews that it has same problem like your gun. Better call customer service and send the gun for fixing

Johnny Turner
Johnny Turner

I’m interested to know what ammo people are shooting, especially the ones that jam the 930. I have the 930 Sporting and put about 10,000 rounds through it in less than a year with absolutely no ejection issues. Switched to a different brand of ammo and had several FTE’s. Before the FTE’s started, I was predominately shooting Fiocchi, Shooting Dynamics 1oz 1175fps shells. I did shoot the occasional Wal-Mart stuff without issues also. My gun doesn’t seem to want to shoot Bornaghi shells consistently.
Please post your experiences and ammo types.

Ben Wilhelm
Ben Wilhelm

Out of the box it really looks nice. Every one at the sporting clay shoot said how nice it looked.
Then I started to shoot. First box of shells, three jams. 70 rounds, 9 jams. I had to change guns to finish my 100 birds.
After 300 rounds I lost one set screw from the drilled and tapped receiver and the other three were real loose.
After 500 rounds I finally got through 100 birds without a jam.


Nice article. How much?


899.99 at field and stream