Best Paper Targets for Shooting at the Range

By Jason Reid
Jason Reid lists his pick of the best paper targets for the shooting range.

Paper Targets
Paper Targets
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Shooting paper targets is a storied part of the all American experience.

From classic 12 ring targets to learning where to hold on a turkey cut out and having fun at the pistol range shooting at pictures of various objects, animals and even depicted criminals.

Buying paper targets isn’t difficult. Many companies offer targets for low cost and can be found easily. But there are some that standout and worth trying for the fun factor alone.

Baker Targets:

Baker Targets Flying Monkeys
Baker Targets Flying Monkeys

Baker Targets offers plenty of fun paper targets. 164 different options to be exact. One target being a depiction of Flying Monkeys. If the Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz ever scared you, then this target maker may be for you. Aside from being able to take out old childhood fear on a paper target, this target provides plenty of skill training. Monkey prints range from large to small helping you work on the all important fundamental of shooting ”Aim small, miss small.” Targets are a dollar per-piece, 25 or more is $0.45 each and 100 or more: $0.28 each. Save even more money by buying Baker Target’s great assorted target packs.

Gun Fun Targets:

Gun Fun Zombie Targets
Gun Fun Zombie Targets :

Is the zombie fad still around? Maybe? If shooting at Zombies is your thing, you will like Gun Fun Target’s ( Zombie Target Pack .

Says Gun Fun Targets “I have a son who wanted a pellet gun for his 9th birthday. He got the gun and some targets. Then we got more guns, and I kept finding myself buying more shooting targets. But there’s not a lot of choice out there when it comes to targets, and you find yourself shooting the same target over and over again.”

“Since we’ve been in the printing business for 10 years, we decided to design our own targets and make something that’s fun to shoot.”

Measuring the Zombie Target Pack Target size is 19″ x 24″, there are five zombie themed targets to pick from, including axe weilding Rhonda. Providing six specific shot spots, these targets can be used for fun and practice.

American Educational Products:

ICE-QT Paper Shooting Targets Silhouette
ICE-QT Paper Shooting Targets Silhouette :

Designed for tactical shooting practice for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement qualification 2009 version is available on 23 x 35 paper stock. Test your skills like our heroes of law enforcement do with this black and white target to be comfortable with your handgun.

“Practice the shot that may one day be the most important one you take. These targets come rolled in a box and ready to go, and you will have plenty to last you for a long time. They are the same type sold at ranges, for a fraction of the price.”

At just $0.30 per target the ICE-QT Paper Shooting Targets are a bargain.

Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer 12-Inch Bull's-Eye Paper Target
Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer 12-Inch Bull’s-Eye Paper Target :

The Birchwood Casey EZE-SCORER Paper Targets helps hunters dial in their favorite guns each year for that special opening morning hunt. A simple yet classic design, these targets help shooter dial in quickly and provide confidence of punching holes though the bright red bulls eyes .

“Simple and effective target shooting to sight in your firearms. Targets include space to enter key data including temperature, yardage, make/model, caliber, bullet and much more. Each pack contains a bonus sheet of four 3″ Shoot•N•C targets and ten repair pasters.”

Available in 12” and 8” one can choose between the classic black ringed targets and a clear gridded target which is helpful for sighting-in.

Delta McKenzie Paper Targets

Delta McKenzie Paper Targets
Delta McKenzie Paper Targets :

Delta McKenzie Targets help archers prepare for the season by providing fun real picture cardboard cutouts to shoot at. If one has not prepared for a real hunting situation by using a 3d target, this is the next best option since it is a fraction of the cost but still helps train the mind for settling the pin on hair, not air.

“Delta McKenzie Tru-Life paper targets feature a wide variety of game and are and excellent choice for indoor or outdoor ranges. Printed full-colored on 75 lb. paper, all Tru-life paper targets feature scoring outlines defining the heart, liver, and lungs. Bulk is shipped as a single target with no packaging. Individually packaged is in a clear plastic bag with a full-color header card. Specify quantity of targets when ordering.”

Delta provides options of Deer, Elk, Hog, Mountain Lions, Big Horn Sheep, Javalina, Pronghorn and an assortment of small game species.

Paper Targets

Paper targets are beyond essential to success for today’s shooters. I like paper targets but in today’s day, there are no shortages of targets to choose from that fit your style and purpose.

If you are going to pull the trigger, make sure you know where the bullet is going, it is not just a part of shooting, but a core requirement of responsible gun ownership.

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HMLA-167 Warrior

Too bad no one is talking about the DHS no hesitation targets anymore. They are scary.

They are paper… For now at least.

BillyBob Texas

Craig: Great idea! AND, you can save them up after having used them for lunch – and use them again !

Al Gore would be proud! Recycling them – saving trees, electricity, transportation, wrapping, maybe even “saving the whales”. Seriously. Great idea! And if you want smaller one for IDPA head shots, get the dessert plates

Craig Moritz

The targets I use are white paper plates from the dollar store. They are about the same size as the “down-zero” scoring ares of an IDPA target, and a pack of 50 is $1.00. Real life targets don’t have day-glo centers, and they are also useful for simulating Steel Challenge type plates.


The enormous choice in available paper targets we now have to use during practice is fantastic! Especially the targets that can be ‘repaired’ in order to use again. It has also proven to be a great vehicle to advertise the golden rules of using firearms. Such as, “make sure you know where that bullet you are shooting is going to end up!” Also “what is beyond that target you are shooting at.” If just these two rules of keeping control of where your shot is going and where it is ending up is printed on EVERY package of targets sold,… Read more »

Clark Kent

Go to Type in ‘Maine’ in the subject line and get a ‘bad guy’ target for as low as 19 cents each. Great company to deal with. Sign up for their newsletter for specials.