Bullets2Bandages – Unique Bottle Openers Made from Real Once-Fired Bullets

Bullets2Bandages - Bottle openers
Bullets2Bandages – Bottle openers

San Diego, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- Bottle openers from Bullets2Bandages are all 100% sourced and made in America from real once-fired .50 Caliber bullets.

This bottle opener will crack open any bottle with ease. Available with customization and personalized gift boxes that make the perfect gift. The Vintage Bottle Openers are made using the exact same materials and processes as the standard .50 Cal Bottle Openers but they’ve seen a little more…tough love.

You can see some nicks, dents, and discolorations on their casings to let you know they’ve been used, but they still function just as well as any of the other bottle openers.

There are also 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Openers – they’re classic, they’re brass and they’ll fit easily in a pocket while still opening your beers with no sweat.

About Bullets2Bandages:

Bullets2Bandages is a mission-driven, socially conscious apparel and accessories and unique company designed to give thanks to veterans, those fighting for our country, and the families who provide them with love and support at home. B2B got its start in mid-2011 doing what Erik and Cole thought would be a few short-term fundraising events for the Travis Manion Foundation. They quickly realized that there was sufficient demand for B2B’s products — and interest in supporting veteran charities — to create a sustainable business. A small initial line of necklaces and bracelets quickly evolved into the bottle openers, keychains, and other accessories you can find on our website today. You can also find B2B’s products in large retailers such as Cabela’s, the Navy Exchange, and the Marine Corps Exchange, as well as nearly 100 craft breweries and military gift shops.

For more information, visit: www.bullets2bandages.org.

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I’d love to know how you get a used bullet back in the casing…
and how you obtain a “used bullet”?
and then also “supporting Veteran Charities” could mean anything, how much “support”?
There are way to many unscrupulous people using this method to con us into thinking it’s more than just a “handshake” or a “thank you”.
Put a figure to it, is it 10% of gross, 10% of net “profit” what? and to whom? in the meantime I will continue my donations direct to our heroes

Scott Austin

Hey Graham I know its easy to be skeptical. But I just helped these guys launch their site and I can say they are legit. First off, here’s some of the veteran charities that they work with https://www.bullets2bandages.org/pages/charity-partners. And they say right in the header on their site that 15% of profits go to charities. On the question of reloading the casing, there’s a video where you can see it action at https://www.bullets2bandages.org/pages/about-us. It’s about 1:30 into the video. And the casing is used, military surplus while the bullet has obviously not been sent down a barrel 🙂 Lastly, these… Read more »


So, tell me, what is a Cartridge, a Casing and a Bullet? What does a “once-fired” bullet look like? I know, it’s just semantics, but it seems to be very, very important these days.