NRA Endorses Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Fairfax, Va. – -( On behalf of our five million members across the country, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) today endorsed Marco Rubio for the office of U.S. Senate in the Florida Republican primary.

“Marco Rubio is a strong advocate for the rights of law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman, NRA-PVF. “He has fought to preserve our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage, and stood strong against President Obama, Hillary Clinton and former New York City billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s extreme gun-control agenda.”

Rubio has earned the highest attainable “A+” rating from the NRA. That rating is reserved for legislators who have excellent voting records on Second Amendment issues and who have vigorously fought to promote and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

Among Rubio’s noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Opposes the Obama administration’s efforts to ban firearms, ammunition and magazines, as well as efforts to create a so-called “universal” background check system that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms.
  • Sponsored legislation to stop the Obama administration from executing an abusive practice – known as “Operation Choke Point” – in which the Department of Justice intimidates banks into refusing or severing financial services to legally operated ammunition and firearms dealers.
  • Introduced legislation to restore the fundamental individual right of D.C. residents to keep and bear arms. Opposes anti-gun Supreme Court nominees. Voted in favor of Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation.
  • Opposes anti-gun Supreme Court nominees. Voted in favor of Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation.

“On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, I want to thank Marco for his support of the Second Amendment and urge all NRA members, gun owners and sportsmen in Florida to vote Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate in the Republican primary on Aug. 30, “ concluded Cox.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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William M Butler, MSG USA ret

Last I heard, Lil Marco had his panties tied in a knot and was taking his ball and going home. Read: Was not going to run for office again. What gives? Perhaps his job prospects were,limited due to his poor performance as a representative,from Florida. It seems unusual when a candidate,cannot even carry his home state when running for national office. Perhaps the Florida voters know something that the NRA is not aware of. Our money should be used to back a potential winner not a this particular candidate.


NRA backs rubio. Thats the leadership failing again. He is one of the mosy lying sobs out there. Check his voting record. More not theres than anything else.

Mike McAllister

Haven’t seen where Rubio is backing Trump as the signed agreement stated, so why would anyone vote for a lying politician?


Down here in Florida, we call him the part time senator.


Rubio’s voting record was great when he showed up.


I hope Rubio doesn’t regress and pull a “Ling Ling Chang” on us.

Anibal Matias

Thumbs up Marco, go get them, more reps and law abiding citizen supporters like you is what we need!! FELICIDADES!!!


What I would like to know is if Marco Rubio is so great WHY didn’t the NRA endorse him when he was running for Republican candidate for President? Maybe it is because the NRA is more concerned about playing musical political chairs for their own agenda than they are about being a stalwart for our individual unalienable Rights! The NRA has become no better than the wishy-washy Republican party out for their own self centered agendas, playing political games, than standing for the protection of the Rights of We the People. P.S. Don’t worry I know the Democratic party is… Read more »


Gripe about Rubio if you want, but he was pro gun during his time in the Florida legislature and he has been pro gun in the Senate. He has never wavered in his support of gun rights….Ever He is the best chance of keeping a gun rights hating democrat like Grayson or Murphy out of that Senate seat. If we lose the Senate and Hillary wins….No one to stop her Supreme Court picks and No one to stop ratification of the Arms trade treaty….. Do you want the U.N. regulating your guns? As far as the NRA not endorsing Rubio… Read more »