50-Year Research Study Finds Solution To Gun Violence

New book, Police Modernization, Not Gun Control: The Solution to Gun Violence and Terrorism

Police Modernization, Not Gun Control: The Solution to Gun Violence and Terrorism
Police Modernization, Not Gun Control: The Solution to Gun Violence and Terrorism : http://tiny.cc/plvvcy

DUARTE, CA – -(Ammoland.com)- Apparently, Americans need to be reminded of this century’s rising shooting trend.

The first massacre shock of this new century came in 2007 where 32 people were killed and 17 injured on a Virginia campus. Two years later in 2009, 26 lives, most of which were children, were taken during Connecticut’s Sandy Hill Elementary school shooting. And, so, Americans began to take notice in a new trend of surprise public massacres.

Nine years later, we’ve been battered with back-to-back massacres of an Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting that claimed 49 lives and wounded 53, and 11 police officers shot in Dallas, Texas, five of which lost their lives.

Despite the increasing trend in mass shootings taking place in nightclubs, schools, county offices, churches, movie theatres and the streets, the American government and its citizens remain confused about what to do in stopping these horrendous acts of violence. And, while people are scratching their heads in perplexity, these types of shootings are increasing despite nationwide protests.

America’s national debt is also increasing. Law enforcement, the military and various government agency budget cuts are increasing, as well as the interest rate, cases of domestic violence, homelessness, the poverty level and traffic congestion. America’s in trouble and it looks like the government is in way over its head.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. A 50-year study and analysis by world traveler and researcher, Daniel Ver can prove that there are actual remedies to reduce and in some cases even eliminate these problems without the need to raise taxes.

The only problem appears to be that the American government isn’t interested in them.

It all began when 8-year-old Daniel, victim of domestic violence with no protection from anyone, figured out a logical way of preventing this type of violence. With this small success, Daniel’s curiosity about other types of violence inspired him to continue studying other challenges facing humanity. Traveling and/or residing in Asia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and several European countries, as well as working in both government and private sectors, led the resourceful man to identify five common major systemic problems in governments.

Finally settling in the U.S. on the west coast, Daniel discovered that a primary cause of America’s rising violence is that its law enforcement system, practicing a response system rather than a preventive system, has remained the same since the mid-1800s.

In his newly published book available on Amazon.com, “POLICE MODERNIZATION, Not Gun Control – The Solution to Gun Violence and Terrorism,” Daniel Ver provides details on how to reduce and even eliminate this new trend in shootings and, at the same time, reduce the prison population, protect police officers and eliminate the persistent problems between Black communities and law enforcement.

What continues to be disconcerting to Daniel is that even though he has written to several governmental entities offering a presentation on his research and conclusions, American government doesn’t truly seem interested in improving safety, in achieving peace, and ensuring a strong economy and high standard of national security.

Educating the American people, government leaders and law enforcement through his book, he is ready to provide presentations proving the benefits of converting its current policing system from response to that of prevention.

The initial benefits would include the protection of members in Black communities and police officers, reducing poverty, providing funding for the education of future taxpayers and leaders by eliminating budget cuts, and preventing terrorism without raising taxes. This exceptional program will, indeed, build a stronger America and lead the world in improving humanity’s existence and in achieving peace and a stronger economy.

So, it comes down to people living in America having two choices: one, keep the current law enforcement response system, keep on protesting, keep on dividing the nation on gun control and hope that something good might eventually come out of it or, two, let us take a bold step and consider this police modernization program.

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Big Jim


Was this a press release — or a paid advertisement — disguised as an article?

You lost a lot of integrity with this one.

Wild Bill

@Daniel Ver, In the United States, the police must wait until there is probable cause to believe that a crime has occurred and that a specific person is involved. This is a constitutional requirement. Only in police states can police act before a crime has occurred. I can see why no one is interested in spending $35 on your book only to find out that you advocate something unconstitutional.

Daniel Ver

Great! This wii eliminate gun control and unite the American people.