New Jersey Needs A Governor’s Order Enforcing Second Amendment Civil Rights

by Michael J. Cino

Oppresion New Jersey Style
New Jersey Needs A Governor’s Order Enforcing Second Amendment Civil Rights
Michael J. Cino
Michael J. Cino

DEMAREST, NJ – -( In New Jersey this week Governor Christie issued a “conditional veto” of legislation in which he indicated he was in favor of making New Jersey a “Shall Issue” state for firearms Concealed Carry licenses.

The immediate thought which came to my mind was why he didn’t take substantial steps to do just that before his Presidential run. Those steps would have helped Christie during the primaries. I do not understand why Christie insisted on going through the primaries without first taking such steps, however let’s put that aside.

My questions for the New Jersey Republican Party at this point with the Governor now taking this new stance is: WHAT authority does the Governor have to issue an Executive Order which will make New Jersey a “Shall Issue” State and does the Governor have the authority to enforce the US Constitution by requiring Police Chiefs in New Jersey and the Attorney General to recognize definitions which are consistent with the US Constitution’s Second Amendment’s plain and clear language?

Some people may claim this idea represents “executive overreach” however the reality of such an Order would be the complete opposite. Such an order would actually limit government overreach.

New Jersey citizens deserve to exercise their Second Amendment Civil Rights. Americans seeking to exercise no other civil right face such extreme obstacles as Second Amendment Civil Rights.

No other civil right faces faces freedom in some States – and staunch opposition with potential criminal penalties in other States.

Existing New Jersey laws prevent New Jersey citizens from exercising their Second Amendment Civil Rights. An Executive Order from the Governor changing the definitions to enforce the US Constitution is not overreach, it is scaling back government. All government officials have the obligation to enforce the US Constitution properly.

The Governor should issue such an order.

An Executive Order should mirror the language of the US Constitution as closely as possible. “Shall Issue” is not that far from “Shall not be infringed.”

At present, New Jersey laws clearly “infringe.” There is nothing which prevents a Governor from issuing an Executive Order which states clearly that past definitions “infringe.”

Such an Order should order all police and executive branch officials in New Jersey to act in accordance with the new definitions.

“Shall Issue” is not outside the mainstream of thought in the United States today. There is nothing outlandish or radical about it.

I call on the Governor to issue an Executive Order which contains the following:

1) An Order which declares that the Second Amendment is the Supreme Law of New Jersey and the Constitution makes New Jersey a “Shall Issue” State by virtual of the language of the Second Amendment which which was ratified by New Jersey on November 20, 1789.

2) The Order directs the Attorney General and the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety to disregard all other interpretations and definitions which are inconsistent with the US Constitution Bill of Right’s Second Amendment and which are inconsistent with “Shall Issue.

3) The Order directs all Police Departments and Chiefs in New Jersey to issue carry permit to New Jersey citizens consistent with “Shall not be infringed” by any interpretation or definition. The US Constitution makes New Jersey “Shall Issue” State.

4) The Order will direct all public officials in New Jersey, consistent with the “Full Faith and Credit” provision of the US Constitution Article Four, to recognize the carry permits issued by other States, just as New Jersey recognizes drivers’ licenses from other States.

5) The Order directs the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York to immediately negotiate with the State of New York to recognize carry permits issued by New Jersey on all Port Authority facilities so that New Jersey commuters can exercise their Second Amendment Civil Rights on the way to work, at work and on the way home. The Order directs New Jersey officials at the Port Authority to negotiate with the State of New York to recognize the carry permits issued by New Jersey for all citizens working in New York City and commuting to, within and from New York.

Thank you very much,

Michael J. Cino

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Dean Coupland

Bravo! Let’s get this done!

Wayne Clark

Once again, we are negotiating our rights. The United States Constitution & Bill of Rights, supercedes any state constitution. States can make amendments to their own constitution but only when they do not contradict or conflict with the USC & BOR. The USC is the supreme law of the land. The Bill of Rights, are the testiment to that. Neither, “grants” us rights but rather, charges the elected officials of our country to make damn sure they are carried out judiciously. Making NJ a “Shall Issue” state, still infringes on the rights of it’s residents because, what “shall” it “issue”…A… Read more »

Frank Jack Fiamingo

*100%* CORRECT Michael!