Obama Administration Flouts Law (Again) to Benefit Anti-Hunting Pals

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Sportsmen’s Alliance
Sportsmen’s Alliance

Columbus, OH -(AmmoLand.com)- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and its Obama-appointed director have issued new regulations closing 77 million acres of land (an area larger than 45 of the country’s 50 states) in Alaska to state wildlife management, including predator control and other established means and methods of hunting.

The animal rights radicals at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have long pushed for these anti-hunting, anti-management rules and were the first to congratulate the administration and FWS for this illegal action. The blatant preemption of the State of Alaska’s rights to manage wildlife and set hunting rules on these millions of acres disregards more than 200 years of settled law, as well as recent Congressional enactments in 1980 and 1997.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance strongly opposed these rules and is working closely with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), Alaska hunters and hunting guides, and the Alaska Congressional Delegation to block the Obama Administration from enforcing these new “HSUS rules.”

Since adoption of the U.S. Constitution, the states have had the primary authority to manage publicly owned fish and wildlife, including the authority to set hunting and fishing seasons and regulate the means and methods used to take fish and wildlife. And this state authority includes federal lands. It’s why we all buy our licenses from the states – not the feds. FWS has very limited rights to preempt this state authority and only when Congress provides it specific authority, as in the case of migratory birds (why we buy federal duck stamps) and endangered species.

Regarding these 77 million acres of Wildlife Refuge lands in Alaska, three times Congress has directed that the state – not FWS – has the primary authority to set hunting and fishing rules in Alaska: 1959 in the Alaska Statehood Act, 1980 in the Alaska Lands Act (that created most of the Alaska refuges) and 1997 in Refuge Improvement Act (which also made hunting and fishing priority public uses on all refuge lands). The Obama Administration is ignoring all of this law to make new rules for their buddies at HSUS and other anti-hunters.

Congress has signaled strongly its opposition to these illegal rules. At the strong urging of Alaska’s Congressional Delegation (Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R), Sen Dan Sullivan (R) and Rep. Don Young (R)), pending funding bills in the House and Senate bar FWS from spending any money to implement the rules. FWS has ignored these signals and proceeded with the HSUS rules. Furthermore, President Obama has threatened to veto these bills if they reach his desk and his Capitol Hill allies are blocking action on these measures.

The State of Alaska, Alaska hunters and guides, Alaska Natives, AFWA, and others including the Sportsmen’s Alliance are planning to sue to stop the rules if Congress cannot undo them.

If President Obama and his HSUS pals get away with preempting Alaska’s wildlife authority and imposing anti-hunting/anti-wildlife management rules, you can bet other states – and federal lands – will be next.

About the Sportsmen’s Alliance:

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  • 15 thoughts on “Obama Administration Flouts Law (Again) to Benefit Anti-Hunting Pals

    1. So much for being a Constitutional Republic that represents the people. Now we watch in amazement as a new dictatorship expands its control over it’s people. What will the Alaskan people do to fight this abuse of power?

    2. Here we go again. Obama has it figured out that he will do as he likes and his depts will write what ever reg they choose. He will than have his stooges in congress block things or he will personally veto what is assed to block him.
      With congress out of the way he has almost free sailing. Hilary will be worse as sge will add three liberal gay judges to Scrotum .With thAT Move, there will be a premanent 5/4 vote always pushing and cementing liberalism .

      Vote for trmp or you help elect hilary and the liberal world order

    3. 99.9 percent of people want our wildlife protected and treated with kindness. And not killed for fun. And there are too many people on the planet to justify killing our sold life for food. Please leave them alone. Find non lethal entertainment. Read a book.

      1. Well mark me as the one who kill hopefully three deer this year, and eat every pound of meat it provides. By the way, I also reads books!! Maybe I’ll pick one up on new tactics in hunting.

      2. Oh, Laura, 99.9 percent of people know you are wrong and just a troll. True hunters don’t kill for fun. Wildlife are killed so they can be eaten. The pursuit may be fun or an exhilarating challenge but pulling the trigger is not fun. It is deadly serious. Emotion makes for lousy marksmanship. Go read Bambi again and have some kale. Leave the hunters to fund wildlife conservation as they have done for the past century.

      3. @Laura H, Animals are protected by having limited seasons. Animals that are not protected by limited seasons are hunted all year long (coyotes, skunks, civet cats, rats, opossums, armadillo, etc.)

      4. @Laura H, Apparently, you are unfamiliar with the Robinson-Pittman Act. Funding from hunters through the Robinson-Pittman Act supports wild life and wild life habitat. The act is so successful that it has brought all North American wild life back from the edge of extinction more than any other act of Congress, more than the Lacey Act or the failed Endangered Species Act.

      5. Laura, your comment just speaks to your ignorance. 99.9%? You made that statistic up on the fly like most politicians would. Approximately 25% of the population of the world depends upon hunting and fishing to supply their basic proteins. This is a true statistic. Research it! Whether they are pursuing game or catching the fish themselves or buying the harvest from others, without hunting and fishing in this world people would starve.
        Your comment also shows your ignorance in that sportsman are the biggest conservationists there are. We actually protect the game we hunt as well as the environment, Improving it in many cases with our own monies and labor and defense from predation. What have you ever done for the environment? Have you ever volunteered to even go out and pick up a single piece of trash or plant a tree? Grow a vegetable garden? I think not.
        Sportsman and the fees they pay for their licenses are the major funding vehicle that states and the federal government use to promote wildlife management and conservation as per the Robinson – Pittmen act. This is the most successful environmental act ever passed by Congress. Without this act many species would now be extinct (Also a fact). If you research it you’ll find out the real truth and not the lie you want to believe and spread. Stop trolling Internet sites and inventing facts like Hillary Clinton on the fly and do yourself a favor and do a little investigation so you don’t look like the complete fool you are. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everybody think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and prove it as you just so eloquently and ignorantly did.
        And by the way I hunt and I fish for meat not for trophies or the fun of it. Hunting is Work usually in the most miserable conditions you can imagine. I have not eaten store-bought me with the exception of in a restaurant in over 30 years. The cattle industry itself is one of the most harmful industries known to the environment and produces more methane (which by the way is a greenhouse gas in case you didn’t know that) then any other industry in the United States ( also a true fact). Before making ignorant statements get your facts together instead of invented lies and expecting people to listen and believe the crap you spew forth. It might work with your little circle of ignorant ass friends living in the city, but it won’t fly with those who actually know what the truth is and in live in harmony with nature.
        Just for the record I live on the Middle Fork of the Payette River in Idaho and have a house that is a little over 1300 ft.². It is completely off grid and depends on when turbines and solar power for energy requirements. Heat is provided by in floor radiant heat that comes from a hot spring and wood. Just for the record I’d like to know how echo friendly you live.

    4. It would seem that everybody agrees that obama has again decided to create his own law. Why not just tell him to comply with the Constitution and existing law or kiss your ass and go on with established practices – regardless of what the gutless congress does?

      1. @herb, The potential loss of funding from the Federal government to the state government (e.g. Federal Highway Funds) prevents the states from standing up to the federal bureaucracies.

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