Be Steady Anywhere with the LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise

LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise
LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise
LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise
LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise

USA-( There aren’t many second chances in hunting, so when the buck of a lifetime or a child’s first deer steps out, wouldn’t it be nice to have the rock-solid hold and confidence that comes with shooting from a bench rest? That’s exactly what the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise delivers, thanks to its unique base system that works in virtually any blind or tree stand. The LockedOn 360 is a full-featured gun vise and rest that goes anywhere you hunt.

First, forget about the long and bulky bench rests you might think of. The LockedOn 360 is compact and built to travel. The multi-directional rotating vise is equipped with a receiver that slides easily onto the base’s sturdy rotational post. Because the base consists of just the post and mounting plates, it’s easy and efficient to use multiple bases with one LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise. Install a base in all your permanent blinds, or use the optional universal V bracket base with your favorite climbing or fixed-position tree stand. It is Mobile so you only need one vise for all your stands.

There are no other portable gun rests on the market that have the capabilities and features of the LockedOn 360. The unit’s padded vise securely holds any firearm for hands-free comfort while you wait for a buck to show. Lock knobs control horizontal and vertical movement of the vise, holding your gun in place, or allowing you to track your target smoothly no matter where it goes. Up, down, left or right, the LockedOn 360 rotates any direction while fully supporting your firearm.

Because the firearm is held steadily at all times, the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise also absorbs recoil, a key component for boosting the confidence of young shooters and adding accuracy in the field. For hunting veterans, it also helps prevent the dreaded “Scope strike and eye-ring” associated with hard-kicking magnums.

As much as hunters focus on accessories and gear, there are few things that actually affect success. Deer sightings are worthless if you can’t make the shot, and nothing will improve your accuracy like the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise.

LockedOn 360 Features:

  • Precision-machined for strength and durability
  • Smooth, quiet multi-directional rotation
  • Vise holds firearm securely at all times
  • Locking knobs hold gun in place when not in use
  • Reduces recoil
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Use one Mobile Gun Vise with any number of bases
  • Bracket to put your GoPro or Garmin to self-film
  • Optional universal bar-bracket mount for and tree stands with a railing

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