Clinton & Used Dead Kids

By Don McDougal

HIllary Clinton poses for photo's with thug Michael Brown's mother Leslie McSpadden of "Hand Up Don't Shoot" fame.
HIllary Clinton poses for photo’s with thug Michael Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden of “Hand Up Don’t Shoot” fame.
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Why do liberal parents feel the need to use their dead children for political gain?

I mean seriously, what’s wrong with these people? A Democrat, Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams, who is a BIG Obama supporter gets fired then waits TWO years to shoot two people, including news reporter Alison Parker, as revenge.

So what do the murdered woman’s parents do? Call for waiting period and a ban on assault weapons and work to become national celebrities. But wait, the man who murdered their child waited two years and used a handgun. NOT one of the gun banning issues this poor father is now calling for would have saved his child.

So it’s not really about his lost child, is it? This sick bastard is using his childs death to promote his own political views.

The cynical side of me thinks there’s probably some money in the mix too.

But gun banners all seem to be like this. After every shooting, it is only a day or two later that Bloomberg sponsored groups call the grieving parents. [when they are most vulnerable.]

So now we have a gold star family on stage at the DNC using their dead child as a tool for Hillary Clinton. Does their child’s life mean so little that it can be used for nothing more than trying to gain your 15 minutes of fame? “My kid is dead and a muslim…vote Hillary!” Oh and the father of the slain soilder, is a member of the Muslim Bortherhood and a democrat activist and lawyer supporting Muslim immigration. Not just ANYONE gets an invite to the DNC!

We’ve all lost family, and I feel for their loss. But to take their death and use it as a soapbox to stand on for their personal agenda is somehow degrading to the lost loved ones.

And it doesn’t stop here. Your kid, Michael Brown, commits a strong arm robbery, tries to kill a cop and gets offed in the process. Then you LIE and say the cop killed your kid in cold blood and caused a riot that burned the city.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of thug Trayvon Martin
Sybrina Fulton, the mother of thug Trayvon Martin

Your want-a-be gangster kid, Trayvon Martin, played the “Knock Out Game” with a guy he finds at night, the last words your child says to him are “You gunna die ta’night cracker.” As your kid beats an innocent man’s head against the concrete, the man kills your kid as a last resort.

What’s your reward? You get to speak about how the police are all racists at the Hillary Clinton coronation.

I’d feel more for these people if they wanted changes in the law that would have prevented the tragedy that cost their child’s life. But the fact is they don’t. All the Clinton directed changes do NOTHING to save a life; they do push her Anti-2nd Amendment agenda. I’d feel more for them if their child had not caused the altercations that cost their lives.

These poor people’s grief are now nothing more than a liberal bumper sticker.

They won the “Dead kid” Lottery, and Hillary turns them into celebrities.

Did the loss of your loved ones mean so little that you degrade them and tarnish their memory for your personal use?

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

“Hands up Don’t Shoot” is a lie, why then do we celebrate the mother of a man who tried to murder a cop? Why do we celebrate the mother a thug who beat another man’s head against the concrete?

Anything for power, anything for money. Dead bodies to stand on. It is the Clinton way.


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