As the Mainstream Media Enables Clinton, Could We Lose Our Nation?

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

American Flag in Distress
As the Mainstream Media Enables Clinton, Could We Lose Our Nation?
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(  The mainstream media deliberately distorts the graphic it draws of trump. It raises Trump’s peccadilloes to the level of crimes when there is no evidence to support criminal charges or civil tort lawsuits; and no criminal indictment or civil action is forthcoming against him.

Inversely, the mainstream media’s estimation of Clinton’s misconduct is, for the most part, all flowers and sunshine.

The mainstream media conveys the idea that Clinton’s Federal felonies are nothing more than non-actionable “mistakes” notwithstanding the existence of substantial and substantive evidence that Clinton intentionally or through gross negligence committed several Federal felonies, and did so repeatedly, and did so over an extended period of time.

The mainstream media does not set the record straight. Rather, the mainstream media is the greatest enabler of and for the unlawful policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The power the mainstream wields, as guaranteed to the Press under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is all for naught. The sacred right is squandered. The mainstream media refuses to discuss the serious issues of the day. The media treats politics as entertainment, no more important than a sports event or celebrity show, perhaps even less important.

The media, at the behest of the wealthy powerful, secretive, globalist interests that control them, treat the public to fluff and nonsense.

Realizing how ridiculous it is to have endorsed a criminal for President of the United States, namely Hillary Rodham Clinton, the mainstream media finds it useful to attack her opponent’s character rather than to pay serious attention to the idiocy of their endorsement of Clinton. So, the mainstream media offers distractions for public consumption, raising embarrassing episodes in Donald Trump’s past, blowing those episodes up to major imbroglios as if to suggest that anything in Trump’s past could truly compare to the horrific conduct of Hillary Clinton: mishandling confidential government information, lying to federal investigators, selling out this Country for personal gain, and allowing Americans to die because it is inconvenient to send American troops to protect them.

Hillary Clinton has committed felonies. The Nation has suffered because of them; lives have been lost. But, Trump’s personal indiscretions—none of them prosecutable crimes and certainly not felonies—are deemed by the Press to be worse. Fancy that!

Ugly Cover Story
The mainstream media does not set the record straight. Rather, the mainstream media is the greatest enabler of and for the unlawful policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has harmed this Country. She has placed its citizens at unnecessary risk. She has placed this Nation’s system of laws and jurisprudence at risk. She has placed this Nation’s institutions at risk.

She has shown her utter contempt for our Country’s Constitution, and she has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the rights and liberties of American citizens under the Bill of Rights. Hillary Clinton has broken federal law both intentionally and through gross negligence. She has committed serious crimes.

She has done so repeatedly and through an extended period of time. Not improbably, she still does. Yet, Americans are to believe, as professed by the mainstream media, by political pundits, by policy analysts, by news commentators, and by her supporters—albeit wrongly—that Clinton is fit to hold the Office of President of the United States and that Donald Trump is not.

But, on the measure of misconduct, whose sins are greater, really?

Clinton’s criminal misconduct is not unimportant or irrelevant. Many commentators point to the fact that Clinton has, to date, not been indicted, as if to suggest or to expressly assert she committed no crime. But failure of prosecutors to indict does not entail, either in law or logic, that a crime has not been committed.

There are often many reasons prosecutors do not indict a person on criminal charges even if prosecutors have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. In the case at hand, it is not beyond the realm of reasonable inference that the U.S. Department of Justice was prepared to indict Clinton but was pressured not to.

That suggests our Government has suffered a quiet coup d’état. If so, what is at stake for the American People in this election is not simply a choice of different political philosophical viewpoints: Democratic or Republican? No! What it is that is at stake in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election suggests something no less critical than the greatest ordeal to face this Nation since the American Revolution:

Americans either retake their Country that totters, now, at the brink of dissolution or Americans suffer the loss of their Country forever.

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Mark–our armed forces and police WILL follow the govts order–none will risk their pay, pension, or prison to support such a silly quaint antiquated notion as an ancient “Constituion” !!! Hope and vote for the best–but prepare for the WORST !!! Deplorable DMD




This is too narrow minded thinking. No insult intended. Our Founders/Framers gave us tools to use. Nullification and State Interposition. Work at the state local level as the Constitution intended. Get state reps to nullify the national government violations of the Constitution by simply ignoring them. Some states have already done this with 2A. Check the Tenth Amendenent Center for educational tools on this. The states can pass bills to ignore Federal Mandates. We don’t have to ask for permission. If Clinton tries to invade a state like Lincoln did, the people would uproar, revolt and resist. I doubt if… Read more »

Clark Kent

Most state reps have NO DESIRE to nullify anything from the federal government. It means the loss of ca$h for the state. Nice try; no cigar.


The DNC has a long history of stealing elections. As with Obama’s reelection, his army of computer nerds were able to change the votes. Clinton will do the same. We, the people, of the country no longer control the vote. The electoral college does. It can be bought.
Pray for a miracle that Trump wins, or we are all lost as true Americans.

2nd Amender

When I awoke st 04:30 this morning, I was still in America. And I don’t plan to leave America, for a long while!

We run out this country! With the help of a “system of checks and balances”, by which the Congress acts to restrain the president.

Clinton is a loser. She talks at women to get her elected, but most women know she is not good for America.

kenneth kaplan

What are the newspapers going to do when Hilary and schumer take away the Ist Amendment? They have no more free say. How does one say by by to the newspaper? Do I hear law suits from D.T.?


The press was turned into a weapon decades ago. ( Operation Mockingbird ) Now the people see it and ignore the chattering know nothing pundits … F * ‘Em. The Interwebs , Blogs , and Citizen Reporters have the rulers VERY AFRAID ….. as it should be. **** Just 6 companies control MSM news , so ignore them.


The Republic as we know it will not survive a Clinton presidency.

Oddly, I am not acquainted personally with a single person who says they will vote for her. More odd still is the fact that no media outlet seems willing to utter the name George Soros in the context of this election, or the last two for that matter. I wonder why.

Wild Bill

TexStan, Then let’s not have another Clinton presidency. Let’s all vote, and make our families vote, for a Trump presidency. Then let’s clean up the federal government as it has never been cleaned up before!

marc disabled vet

If she wins (god forbid) I plan on buying
a nice secluded plot to dig in and hold
tight to all that’s dear and pray for the
souls of those that try to relieve me of
my rights as they stand TODAY !


There is no “could we” about it. If the lying criminal wins we all lose.


After the 8th of Nov our nation will either die, or we will turn it around. I fear what Hillary will do to our great nation, She should be in jail. But Stupid people who don’t care or just want someone like her. Then we have lost. I pray for our nation.



Ross Campbell

Is it time to fly the flag upside down


The media has not mentioned this. During the debate Clinton, when asked about what kind of Justice she would appoint. She said ones that would view the world as the rest of the world sees the world. She also is in favor of open trade, open borders. In othe words, ONE WORLD ORDER.
I lost any respect for anyone that would vote for this evil, crooked person.

Jim Macklin

I recall the movie THE MOUSE THAT ROARED with Peter Sellers.The Grand Duchey of Fenwick [ no such country, it was a movie] declare war on the United States because wine was being made in California that used their wine label. They declared war because they knew their 20 man army, armed with spears would lose the war and they’d get aid money. But they won the war and captured the Q bomb. World TV news was all about the diplomatic crisis. The Russians, Germans,everybody, it was the number one story. In the USA the news was Cubs 3, Boston… Read more »