National Rifle League Set to Launch an Exciting Inaugural Season

National Rifle League logo
National Rifle League logo

SANTA ANA, CA. -( National Rifle League (NRL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing centralized and innovative information, education, and support for precision rifle shooting sports, announces today its inaugural season of outdoor competitive shooting events in 2017.

Comprised of several industry professionals including creditable match directors and creative media content-curators, the organization came to fruition from a shared vision and determination to help increase the growth of long range shooting.

The NRL aims to present precision rifle shooting in a way that engages a broad spectrum of audiences not before captured by shooting sports.

Embracing an industry that is expanding and changing, the NRL recognizes industry leaders for their accomplishments and far-reaching impact on the shooting industry, encourages sustenance, and professional growth.

“The idea of the NRL was formed due to the tremendous amount of interest from shooters, match directors, and sponsors across the spectrum. We knew we had to take a new approach to the growth in precision rifle shooting sports; the status quo was no longer acceptable” stated Travis Ishida founder of the National Rifle League. “There is a need for a league that helps support everyone professionally, so enlisting the help of good friends and respected individuals, the NRL was born.”

For the 2017 Season the NRL will be working closely with representatives from Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington to produce the first ever NRL sanctioned matches.



National Rifle League is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities. These activities are designed to develop marksmanship skills for those participating in the shooting sports, promote firearms and hunting safety, and to educate the general public about firearms.

Its mission is to enable growth in the competitive shooting sports, for those who have aspiration for their communities, their businesses, families, and themselves. National Rifle League supports them on their journey from ambition to achievement. And this is why it is so proud to support match directors and competitive shooting athletes as they represent all of us over the United States.

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