Hillary Clinton & President Obama Never Mention Our ‘Sacred Rights & Liberties’

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Gun Rights
Hillary Clinton & President Obama Never Mention Our ‘Sacred Rights & Liberties’
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)- Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important, more critical to the survival of this nation than the preservation of our rights and liberties—all ten of them—as codified in our bill of rights.

These rights and liberties are not to be ignored, refuted, debased, suppressed or diminished by state or federal law, by executive fiat, by international law, or by operation of foreign pact, treaty, understanding, or agreement.

The primary, primordial right of the individual to be individual is embodied in our jurisprudence, in our Constitution, in the very existence of our Nation.

We are the only Country in existence, founded on the sacred principle that the rights and liberties of this Nation’s citizens are not privileges, granted to the people through the grace of the State, but natural rights, preexistent and preeminent in the people themselves.

Our Nation is also founded on the principal that the federal Government exists by grace of the People to serve the People. Government does not exist by its own grace; and the American People are not subjects or indentured servants of the State: they are not to be perceived as such and they are not to be treated as such. America’s citizens are individuals in whose hands, and in whose hands alone, ultimate power and authority resides.

But, we don’t hear these points recited by our present President, Barack Obama, or by the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For all their pretentious pronouncements, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama forbear from remarking on the import of our sacred rights and liberties.

They forbear on remarking, that the power and authority residing in the American People is preeminent; that such power and authority given to the federal Government is by grant of the people; that such power and authority that Government has is limited; and that such power and authority the Government has exists to serve the People, not the other way around.

The question is rhetorical. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton don’t talk about this. They don’t talk about our sacred rights and liberties in any meaningful way. They slither through any discussion of the citizenry’s sacred rights and liberties and they dismiss altogether any suggestion that ultimate power and authority resides in the American People.

They do so because they mean to exercise power and authority for themselves, as regents on behalf of the puppet masters—the silent and secret masters who control them. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton muffle criticism and muzzle those who speak out in defiance to the lies and hoaxes they perpetrate on Americans.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton muffle criticism and muzzle those who dare point to the Obama and Clinton puppets’ callous disregard and contempt for Americans’ rights and liberties; for the callous disregard these puppets have for the Constitution and for the rule of law; for the callous disregard these puppets have for the security and well-being of this Country’s citizenry.

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Please note: we have far more than “ten rights” as mentioned in this article. There are many more than ten specifically named in our Bill of Rights (“list” of rights). But htat Ninth declares that we have many more than the ones named, and they are ALL ours without any possibility of limiting or removing them. It is the Federal Government have few, and specifically names, rights and obligations (the main one being to protect OUR rights, named and otherwise, from any restrictions. Thus we have a Hell de Beast working toward not only taking away specific rights SHE unilaterally… Read more »

Gene Ralno

A short bit of history. In 1215, England’s King John signed the Magna Carta. Seems the people were fed up with failed foreign policies and over-taxation so they threatened rebellion. To prevent it, King John’s signature established for the first time ever, a rule of law within which Kings had to rule. Precisely 600 years passed before a new nation violently freed itself from King George III in 1815. That validated its own rule of law that had been ratified more than a quarter-century earlier, in 1789. Now, 201 years later, Obama and Clinton would take those freedoms from us… Read more »


Hillary is without the worlds most evil liar, even more so that Bill. In last nights debate she jught she also said somethingst face to face lied to all watching. Remember when Bill looked into the camera and told the nation ” I did not have sexual releations with that woman”! One main objection on the second amendment is to alter it is some way, we have heard that many times. Last nignt she also said regarding Supreme Court appointments that she would appoint Justices that “see the world as the rest of the world sees the world” That is… Read more »