Paul Ryan, Harms The Republican Party & The Nation

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli
House speaker Paul Ryan, principal leader of the Republican party, harms the Republican party and harms the Nation by denouncing Trump.

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -( Why has House Speaker Paul Ryan, the leader of the Republican Party, spoken out against Trump? Having denounced Trump, he acknowledges his tacit support of Hillary Clinton.

He cannot reasonably deny this, much as he may like to.

Paul Ryan’s pious pronouncements against Trump are insupportable. They are reprehensible. Trump is guilty of nothing more than braggadocio. That isn’t a crime.

But, that simple fact is lost in the noise generated by Clinton’s supporters, enablers, and surrogates, and further fanned by the flame of the machinery of the biased mainstream media.

But, there is, for all the commotion, no basis for concluding that Donald Trump has engaged in prosecutable criminal conduct. Clinton’s supporters, enablers, and surrogates have not demonstrated otherwise because they cannot, much as they would like to.

Clinton’s supporters and benefactors have dug deep into Trump’s past, and what they have come up with, ultimately, is merely nothing more than a man’s bravado, based solely on a private discussion between two men, which the mainstream media, to its shame, broadcast to the world. A parade of women, coming out of the woodwork of late, obviously as a result of the release of the private tape and almost certainly at the behest of Clinton’s supporters, hangers-on, and benefactors—alleging sexual assault by Trump—does nothing, in the insinuations, to support an actionable basis for a civil lawsuit, much less a crime.

Massive Smear Campaign

What the American public is witnessing is nothing less than a massive smear campaign, conceptualized and orchestrated by Clinton’s staff and by her benefactors to prop up their puppet and to draw attention away from her own failings, which, on balance, are much more serious, and have been much more harmful to this Country and to Americans than anything that Clinton’s supporters, staff, and benefactors have manufactured or can manufacture against Trump.

Whatever one is to make of Donald Trump’s conduct, it pales in significance to that of Hillary Clinton. The F.B.I. was not—is not—interested in investigating Trump for malfeasance, for no allegations are forthcoming that Trump has done anything that would suggest he had harmed the interests of the United States or that he would ever wish to harm the interests of the United States.

No one can make any such claim for Hillary Clinton, for she has harmed the United States and she has done so repeatedly and callously through a lengthy period of time.

Hillary Clinton has committed crimes, serious crimes against this Country and against the American people.

(The Arbalest Quarrel has detailed those crimes in several articles. We draw your attention to two in particular: one posted on August 17, 2016 and a second on September 26, 2016.)

But the mainstream news media has precious little to say about Clinton’s crimes. Why is that?

The mainstream media uses their resources, 24/7, smearing Trump over matters that don’t come close to the misconduct of Hillary Clinton. For, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has endangered the security and well-being of this Nation and her actions have directly or indirectly harmed many Americans, including those that worked under her. One can only wonder at the damage she’d do to this Country as U.S. President, of the damage she is capable of doing to this Country and to American citizens.

Curiously, if Hillary Clinton applied for a job with the F.B.I., her application would be denied out-of-hand. She is a security risk. That is plain and irrefutable. Given that simple truth, it defies credulity to believe she can be trusted with our Nation’s secrets—secrets she would have at her disposal as U.S. President.

If Hillary Clinton loved our Country and truly had remorse for her past actions, she would not run for political Office. She would realize how shameful it is for her to consider running for any political office, let alone that of the highest Office in the Land.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton has no remorse. She is utterly shameless. Clinton disingenuously says of her past criminal conduct that she has made mistakes and that she takes full responsibility for her actions. But what do those assertions even mean? What are the consequences of her criminal behavior? If nothing, then whom is she attempting to flatter with her feigned, half-hearted attempts to appease?  Is Clinton reproaching herself because she is sorry for committing serious crimes, even now that she, apparently, no longer has to fear retribution through criminal indictment on charges of committing federal felonies, thanks to our illustrious Department of Justice that has shirked its responsibility to mete out justice? Or, is Clinton exclaiming her concern over the fact that she has been caught and seeks to avoid the one repercussion of her criminal misconduct she truly fears, loss of the U.S. Presidency that she lusts for?

Clinton’s expressions of concern are, like all of her other public pronouncements, nothing more than self-serving, vacuous platitudes. Clinton and the mainstream media know this. Yet, the mainstream media refrains from calling Clinton on the carpet for her empty, disingenuous remarks and support for the Republican nominee by Paul Ryan, is no where to be found.

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His polical stock went way down. You got to be with or againist, he made his decision, but I had rather have him in office than some crazy liberial liar


MBH, there is no difference between a “crazy liberal” and a RINO like Ryan: both vote the Socialist-Democrat line. Need examples? Look at McCain, Flake, Ayotte, Collins, Graham, Haley, former Speaker Bohner, McConnell, and the list goes on and on nd on……


In life adults sometimes have two decisions to make. The right decision and the popular decision. Usually making the right decision is more difficult than the popular decision. Paul Ryan made an emotional popular decision and not an intelligent decision. Making the right decision is what separates the men and women from the boys and girls.


The GOP has screwed the electorate for decades. Now they come saying trust us yet again, we support Trump…. well maybe we don’t. The Republicans are not Conservatives and that’s something we have to understand and make it very clear to them that we will, from this point forward, not financially support them with one single penny until they start giving us true Conservative candidates. Money, or lack of, is the one thing Party leadership understands.


Ryan and the other low life’s that work with him need to go, they are all the same party. I can’t believe hellary can win anything unless it is thru fraud.


Paul Ryan will do everything to survive. That’s a pity, for a while I even contemplated on him being president of this country in the future. My only problem is he does not have a back bone, he is too weak and will never be able to decide properly under pressure.


Yes, and it would be a good idea to check around for a large pay off from the Clinton crime family.


The demopublican establishment is afraid, very afraid.


We can only thank the fool voters in Ryan’s district for placing him back in office.


The Clinton criminal network is not a option, Paul Ryan is a example of the low life greedy politicians we have in Washington DC now. Trump will deligate the right people in each area of government and wont play by the rules of the establishment. The media are worthless propaganda whores and have lost creditbiliy forever, as far as im concerned. We wont have a country if Hillary gets more power, Obama will already pardon her befroe he leaves office. She should never hold a public office again, even dog catcher is too much.


Re the photo:
Dang! Put a tablecloth over his head, bind it with a fan belt, and he could pass himself off as Abdul Kazoo al-Fazoo!

Johnny Appleseed

You guys are all braindead.

Skip Adams

Johnny Appleseed Spoken like a true liberal that supports lies and deceit.

John Wallbank

Trump doesn’t even understand the job. Just listen to him talk. He’s an idiot. He’s destroyed the party. I’ve been a republican my whole life. But not after his nomination. I’ve watched this party get more paranoid, petty, and deluded for the last 20 years and I’ll be happy when it’s put out of it’s misery. Maybe then a party of small government that stays out of people’s way, allowing all to stand or fail on their own will take it’s place.
None of Trumps “ideas” are real world solutions to anything.

Wild Bill

A vote for hiLIARy is a vote for expanded corruption in government. A vote for Trump is a vote for revolution against both parties.


Wild Bill, I could not agree more. Since 1992, when the Republican party left me, I have voted for NONE OF THE ABOVE. Thuis time, however, as repulsive as trump may be personally, I will consider him the Ex-Lax needed to cause a massive purge of the overstuffed American political gut. If our Republic survives 8 NOV 2016, we can get a strong, dignified, ultra-conservative candidate to run in a new political party in 2020. As for the GOP, it is just one of the tow wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion-feeder.

Lynn Johnson

Paul Ryan spoke out againstTrump because he don’t know any better !
If he or anyone else had rather have Hillary than Trump their bricks are not stacked high enough !

walter burville

curtiss is so crazy to have hillery in office


Hey, I voted for Trump this morning!! But the republican party not supporting Trump may just cost us the election, and make Hillary the next president. The republican party is so afraid of losing their cash cow, they have divided the party maybe enough to make Trump lose. Lets pray the voters can see through all the campaign adds, and polls and get it right.

We need to flush Washington and get the career politicians out of office into a cozy couch at home.


If Hillary wins, I am FINISHED with the Republican party… Maybe millions of Republicans dropping “Ryan’s Republican Party” will be heard loud and clear. His grubby look mirrors his political position, , he a fence rider ! Either GROW A BEARD or SHAVE… The repuiblican party disgusts me anymore.


To continue the corruption in Washington, which is the concern of the leaders of both parties, Clinton must be elected at all costs. If Trump gets into office the gravy train will derail and the party will come to an end. The republican party will put Clinton into office before they will let the train derail and lose all their benefits of being in office.

Karen Larkin

That is exactly why Trump must win. Republicans don’t do there job. The Bushes,Romney etc don’t side for Trump. It’s a broken party. The people who elected this folks trusted them to do what’s right. We were all lost in corruption. There is no Dem or Rep. parties. Just people getting more dollars in there bank accts, have great health care , million dollars In retirement etc. The whole of government needs to go down. Trump can do that.
I hope and pray he wins.

Curtiss Besley

As soon as the election os over, if you are not happy with the way things went, change your party affiliation to independent. That will send a clear message to the republican party. If time progresses and things go south, change your party affiliation to independent. We mustt tell them wee are not happy, an email doesn’t do the job, loosing voters will get it done.