Introducing new CFE BLK Gun Powder from Hodgdon

Hodgdon CFE BLK
Hodgdon CFE BLK
Hodgdon Powder
Hodgdon Powder

USA -( Hodgdon, The Brand That’s True, is excited to announce the release of CFE BLK, a new Spherical powder specifically formulated for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. CFE BLK joins the Hodgdon CFE family of CFE 223 and CFE Pistol.

This new powder provides full function of AR-type rifles throughout the range of bullet weights, and is perfect for those subsonic reduced loads.

In addition to being the perfect solution for the .300 Blackout, it performs beautifully in many smaller capacity cartridges, in particular, varmint cartridges such as the .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .218 Bee, .221 Fireball and many more.

It also yields top performance in the 6.8 Remington SPC and the 7.62X39 MM Russian cartridge.  This fine powder meters like a dream and leaves no copper residue, extending accuracy for longer shooting periods, and making clean-up quick and easy.  It is truly a remarkable new propellant.

This new powder will be available in January 2017 in one-pound (1lb) and eight-pound (8lb) containers at quality reloading powder dealers.

Complete load data for this versatile and useful propellant will be accessible December 2016 on the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center here.


About Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc.:

Established in 1947 by Bruce and Amy Hodgdon, today, sons Bob and JB have grown Hodgdon Powder Company into the largest US supplier of smokeless, blackpowder and blackpowder substitute propellants. The company distributes gunpowder under the Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester, Goex and VihtaVuori brands.

Learn more about the brands at these websites –,, or and connect with the Hodgdon brand on Facebook or YouTube.

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Mike Berry

Anyone have any load data for the 30M1 carbine using the CFE Blk powder ?

Jim Burkhardt

What is the density (grams per cubic centimeter) of CFE Black? What powder has a similar burn rate? I would like to plug the numbers into Quickload.

Jeff S.

What would be a good load to start off loading the 221 fireball in a 22″ rifle barrel. I would be loading the 45 or 50 gr bullets.

Jeff S.

What would be a good load to start off loading the 221 fireball in a 22″ rifle barrel.

Philip W Martin

I am looking for another good powder to use in my 300 blackout. I would like to know if the Hodgdon CFE BLK can be used in a supersonic load. I don’t shoot Subsonic load. Hope you can help me out on this.

Wild Bill

@Philip W Martin, You can ask those reloading experts at Sierra, the company that makes the bullets. The are quite available and cordial; and they don’t charge for their advice.

Steve Anderson

I purchased some of your tightwad powder for my 45 ACP and I have to say it is one of the cleanest burning powders very little smell no problems cycling they action on any number of my 45s which I have 7-8 of and works great and at 3.3grain it is A very economical powder to shoot and I would recommend it to anybody and a 9 mm or 45