Steve Pennaz Named to Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum

Frabill pro and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Pennaz
Frabill pro and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Pennaz
World Fishing Network
World Fishing Network

DENVER, Colo. -( Sportsman Channel host Steve Pennaz will be inducted into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum during ceremonies held March 25 at the 2017 Northwest Sport Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pennaz is the host of World Fishing Network’s Lake Commandos. (Sundays at 10:30 a.m. ET)

Induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum honors individuals who make significant contributions to the sport of freshwater fishing.

“This is a great honor for a talented and gifted angler, as well as television host and communicator,” said Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks Vice President Mitch Petrie. “Steve has devoted more than 30 years to the fishing industry as a conservationist, educator and television host. It is a thrill to see him reach the pinnacle of the industry – induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.”

Pennaz, a resident of Independence, MN, has spent 30 years in the sportfishing industry where he has inspired, educated and entertained millions in people through print, social media, and the airwaves.

Pennaz got his start in 1988 as the executive director of of the North American Fishing Club.

He served more than 15 years as an editor for the North American Fisherman magazine, served as a board member of conservation groups like Wildlife Forever and has been a freelance writer contributing to some of the most prestigious outdoor lifestyle industry magazines including In-Fisherman, Bassnaster and Outdoor Life, as well an award-winning television host.

“This is a true honor and humbling experience for those who are inducted,” said Tim Lesmeister, Chairman of the Induction Committee. “The induction process is very rigorous with only a select few invited to join this small fraternity.”

The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame is the international headquarters for education, recognition and promotion of freshwater sportfishing.

The Hall of Fame is located in Hayward, Wisconsin and opened its doors in 1980.


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Don Kraft

Steve sure left us down alright. I received most of the gifts except for 15 years of the magazines. I thought a lifetime membership would still be good. Guess not. The leader is in the hall of fame. What a joke. Put me in for the class action suite

William Pratt

He is a known thief why the honor

Kris Miller

I “am” a Life Member of NAFC. I have tapes from “The Complete Angler’s Video Library” for which I was hoping to get replacement CDS or DVDs. I fear that as the tapes age, the quality will be less and less, and the info on them is good stuff. Can I get CDs or DVDs? Secondly, during my search for an NAFC contact, I have pretty much established that the NAFC no longer exists. Is that the case? And has the NAFC been replaced by the World Fishing Network? If that is the case, were the Life Membership fees-dues paid… Read more »

Manny Vidal

I wholeheartedly agree with Bob. I signed up for a life membership and was promised all sorts of “valuable free stuff” but instead was sent books, videos, collectible coins and other stuff which I was expected to pay for. Now, if you Google NAFC you will see literally hundreds of complaints against this now apparently defunct scam. As for the Class Action Lawsuit: where do I sign? Steve Pennaz should be ashamed of himself for being complicit in this fraud. Hey Steve, congratulations on your Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum nomination, no doubt received due to your… Read more »


Steve Pennaz allowed thousands of fishermen to sign up for NAFC and allowed the fraudulent use of the United States Postal Service for their fraudulent billing practices and to have all these fishermen join up for lifetime memberships and then trophy memberships when he probably new in fact that the “ship” was sinking. I am sure he did it for his own gain so that he could remain receiving a paycheck. Thank you for telling us all where he will be on MAR 25th, 2017. I am sure there will be many true sportsmen there to greet him. I believe… Read more »