Buck Knives Intros Iconic 110 As An Automatic Knife ~ VIDEO

Buck Knives 110 Automatic Knife
Buck Knives 110 Automatic Knife
Buck Knives

USA -(Ammoland.com)- The timeless 110 Folding Hunter has been transformed into an exciting automatic knife.

The 110 AUTO is powerfully deployed with the push of a button, instantly readying the 420HC blade.

First introduced by Al Buck in 1964, the Model 110 Folding Hunter revolutionized the industry and quickly became a top seller with its breakthrough folding locking system.

As one of the worlds most imitated and easily-recognized knives, the Model 110 continues to serve as proof that one man’s hope and determination can transform into a legacy passed on through generations.

“The 110 was a landmark in the success of Buck Knives,” said CJ Buck, CEO and Chairman of Buck Knives. “We are excited to reinvigorate the 110’s loyal following with this modern classic. The response we are already receiving from it has been overwhelming.”

The 110 Auto resembles the original 110 Folding Hunter with the classic design and famous brass bolster.

The Auto utilizes the lockback style to lock the blade open for safe use and is packed in a leather sheath. MSRP: $200. Made in the USA.

About Buck Knives:

Behind every Buck knife is over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship. The very best materials and state-of-the-art technology are used to create knives that meet the exacting demands expected of a high-quality knife. Buck stands behind every knife made with their famous Forever Warranty.

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I have owned several 110 over the years, some I have lost, some I have broke! Some of them I bought, some were received as gifts or tips for big game guides. one thing for sure I could always replace it at numerous places for 50 bucks give or take! Buck 110 have served me well for years! The new 110 auto I’m looking forward too trying?! Really guys if you don’t want too spend your money! Stay old school ! They still offfer it ! If you have not used it and tried it for a respectful time why… Read more »




“The new 110 auto I’m looking forward too trying?! ”
I find your grammar too trying!


There are several sites that are offering “pre-order” of the 110 Auto for $139.95 with Bucks Warranty. And, just a few minutes ago I got an e-mail from one site that already has them in stock for $139.95. Bucks own web site doesn’t even have them for sale yet….but yes, they are listed there for $200…

Dan Moody

I have a Buck 110 and like it since it was only $35.00 with belt sheath. But, it is heavy, uses cheap(but ok) 420HC steel, the wood scales are slippery, and the brass bolsters get stained quickly. I’d never pay more than $60 or $70 for an auto version. I only have one good arm so I have several autos from Benchmade, Spyderco, Brous, and Protech costing less than $200 with much better blade steel, scales, and construction than a Buck, and made in the USA. The Buck 110 is a great “beater” knife and I can get it pretty… Read more »


I thought I read once that “Switchblade” knives were outlawed and made a felony to posses because of the gangsters of the 20’s carrying them and them being the knife preferred as the silent murder weapon. The government made them a felony so at anytime they arrested a gangster, if they possessed a Switchblade, the were charged with a felony. Indiana has repealed that law and they can be owned/carried.

Dan Moody

Could well be true. But they are legal in many states and federal law making it a felony to cross state lines needs abolishing. It is outdated. Keep it a felony for convicted felons to carry if you like. But, with most states having carry permits for firearms, I wouldn’t think it wise to bring a knife to a gunfight. And we don’t carry knives for criminal purposes, anyway.


This is true. However, some states have eliminated that law.


How difficult would it be to convert one? I bet not so bad.


Have any of you checked the prices of other US made auto knives? $200 for a quality auto, made in America, not only keeps Americans working, keeps your dough in the US, and it’s almost a sure thing this knife will serve you as well as the original 110 with the added versatility of one hand opening. Look at the current pricing of a quality conveted 110 and you’ll see the value in this knife being factory made by Buck. Who’s warranty covers those conversions? Can’t wait, getting one soon as possible.


Hay Mike , sounds like a good Buck advertisement . You wouldn’t be a employee would you ? Just saying Ha Ha .


I have a Buck 110 that I purchased in 1975. Have carried and used it everyday since then. If I remember correctly, I paid $21.95 for it. Don’t think I’m likely to pay $200.00 for this newer version just because it opens with the push of a button.


You can still buy the Buck 110 for under $28 in Alabama. Walmart and Academy Sports both sell them for $27.98 plus sales tax. What surprised me about 3 years ago was when cleaning out my storage shed I found a Sports Afield magazine from 20 years earlier. There was a Walmart ad inside advertising the Buck 110 for $27 and change back in the early 1990s. Buck has done a tremendous job holding down costs by using more efficient production methods without ever having to move production of the 110 overseas. This demonstrated to me what American corporations can… Read more »


Well said Jarhead , but for $ 200 it is not something that I will be interested in .

Scott S

If anyone is familiar with automatic openers, you would be hard pressed to find an American made side opener for less than $200. OTF autos even more $. That said , I think I’ll just keep my old 110 which cost about $23.


Bladeplay shows 7 different models of the automatic Buck 110, none of which are in stock, but appear to be priced over $100. How much over…? Can’t tell.

Glenn DeVolder

Years ago, I bought a 110 folder, I used it in my everyday life. I was at work and using my 110, it slipped out of my hand,fell on the cement floor, (you guessed it) about the front 3/4″ broke off. I called Buck and they said send it back and they would replace the blade. I sent it in & got it back, boy was I Pissed, they just reground the point and sent it back saying it was fixed, again I called & they said that they would never do that to a knife of theirs. I sent… Read more »

Deplorable Basketdweller

I call BS, PURE BS story! The knife is warranted to be free of defects and you yourself said you dropped it on the CONCRETE FLOOR! Pure BS


I own two regular Buck 110s, purchased back when they were under $20 each. Fine knives indeed. Today, the price of a regular lockback Buck 110 has risen to just under $50 . . . so at $200, the automatic mechanism quadruples the price? Nope – not worth it. I won’t be buying one even though automatic knives have been legal in TX for several years now. There are other WELL MADE automatic knives available for much less.

Robert Jones

For those with disabilities this automatic knife would be great, but there are still laws where any automatic knives are against the law to own ,less to carry. what a shame!

HMLA-167 Warrior

So Buck Knives is finally offering their own version of the auto 110 after it has been available as a very successful third party conversion for over 5+ years.


$ 200 I think not . to bad , No wonder people are tempted to buy foreign .


I have an original Buck 110 but, I need a new case for it. That being said, I would love to own one of the new versions, but, I believe the $200.00 price is completely outrageous. Guess I’ll stick with “Old School.”

Native Son

I agree Bill that’s way over priced even for a knife of very high quality, that is an Everyday carry. Maybe that price is a Typo.


Certainly hope so, if not, I don’t believe they will be selling many of them.


Just possessing one is a felony in Ma. Don’t ask me why. All Ma. Politicians are afraid of eveything fun to have.
Time to drain the Ma. Swamp.

Richard L

FT, do you think it might be a Queer AG problem ?


FYI….The law was put on the books during prohibition when the gangsters were going strong. Gangsters liked using automatic knifes to off the competition or punish disobedience, etc. so the Feds made it illegal to own one so when they arrested anyone if they had an automatic, they could charge them with a felony. Like all stupid laws, and stupid state legislatures, the laws don’t go away. That law is like Conceal carry, you must know the state laws of the states where you travel to not get in trouble.