Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol is Out

Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol
Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol
Century Arms
Century Arms

Delray Beach, Fla. –-( Century Arms has announced the release of two new compact pistols to join the Canik handgun line, the TP9SF Elite and TP9SF Elite-S. The TP9SF Elite is the first compact pistol released by Canik and marks the brand’s entrance into the concealed carry market.

Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol

“This is a very exciting product for us as it now puts the Canik line solidly in the concealed carry market,” said Jacob Herman, Century Arms Director of Business Development. “The Elite was developed in response to concealed carry, law enforcement, and private security needs. These pistols are small enough to easily conceal, but large enough to be a highly effective fighting handgun.”

The highly anticipated TP9SF Elite pistols are the first compact models released under the Canik brand. The Elite series pistols share the same features as the original TP9SF model, but with a 4.07” match grade barrel and shorter 5.27” grip making it a smaller, more concealable option while still providing 15+1 round capacity. Upgraded features include industry standard dovetail sight cuts that hold a set of Warren Tactical sights with a red fiber optic front sight, ambidextrous slide lock, front and rear slide serrations, and a slide finished with Cerakote’s Tungsten Grey finish.

Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol Front Slide Serration
Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol Front Slide Serration
Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol Specs
Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol Specs

The TP9SF Elite-S has the same features as the standard Elite, but with the addition of a trigger stop for added security when the trigger may not be fully covered. Built to the same standards as their full-size counterparts, the Elite series has successfully passed 60,000 round endurance testing, with no major parts failures, while maintaining or exceeding NATO standards for accuracy.

The TP9SF Elite and Elite-S are now shipping and will be available at retailers across the country with an MSRP of $459.99. Both pistols are chambered in 9x19mm and come equipped with two magazines, a polymer holster (with both a paddle and belt attachment), interchangeable backstraps, cleaning rod, brush, and a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The new TP9SF Elite pistols will be on display in Las Vegas at this year’s SHOT Show in Century’s booth #11962. The Elite pistols will also be part of the company’s daily raffle where they will be giving away two handgun packages each day of the show to attendee’s who enter their name at the booth.

For more information, visit or

Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol and Warren Tactical Sights
Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol and Warren Tactical Sights

About Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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  • 42 thoughts on “Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol is Out

    1. Has a horrible trigger red safety is not functional if you take apart and look closely it is poorly made. Dosnt work on mine have to return. Very dangerous the Turks skipped a few step, cutting corners again.

    2. Trying to find (A)IWB holsters for this model , (kydek) most likely. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a company that makes holsters that fit this gun or that can custom make them. Thanks. Also if anyone knows what guns are compatible with this gun to find more accessories for it.

      1. The Canik TP9SF fits very nicely in a Walther PPQ Holster.
        The Canik slide somewhat resembles the PPQ and the grip reminds me of an FNH 9mm.
        Nice combination. Great gun for the money.
        Not mentioned above, it is noted to be a single action striker fired system.
        Certainly feels like single action to me.

    3. The Turkish know their guns!
      I had a Tristar T-120 (an IWI Jericho 941F clone) I bought used that I liked quite a bit. I’m more of a striker fired guy so I bought the full size TP9SF. And wow – my other guns have found themselves sitting in the safe for months on end now!

      After seeing the Elite was now available (via this article) I immediately got one – and I love it! Absolutely the best manufacturer/stock trigger I’ve EVER had.
      I’m not a fan of the Warren Tactical Sights though (at least at an indoor range) as the red fiber optic is just black to my old eyes…
      Does anyone know if I can get some night sights? (I prefer TRUGLO tritium fiber optics)
      I’ve heard the CZ75 sights fit – but would prefer to see if anyone has traded theirs out.

        1. Thank you sir. I’ve also heard CZ75 sights would work. I joined a Canik owners group on FB and someone sugest I contact Canik via their website. I’ll post back here when I hear from them.

        2. I guess I should have gone thru my email first…. Their reply is below. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a Glock 43 rear sight smaller than a Glock 19?

          Hello Eric,

          Thank You for contacting Century Arms…the TP9SF (as well as the Elite and Elite S) will accept Glock 43 rear sights and any S&W M&P series dovetail front sights.

          Customer Service

    4. Don’t knock it until you try it. Excellent build quality. Fine piece, especially for the price tag. Got mine for $349.

    5. Jack, thanks for the objective comment…

      Gents, I can not debate about your political thoughts, although I believe most of them are bias or wrong yet I have huge respect for each and every of them…

      TP9 line, especially SF model has been designed upon the specs of Turkish Army Special Forces, hence SF. They are proven in battle, under different climate conditions. All the details of the pistol have been designed according to the needs of the Turkish SF and police SWAT, including single hand capture of the gun from a flat surface, etc.

      For Turks, any gun is holy by tradition and I would be trusting it if especially designed by such Army’s SF…

    6. Just bought the TP-9SF Elite Compact, screw politics, when I can buy a quality firearm I buy. Note it works great and shoots accurately without problems even with cheap shit ammo. Hats off to the Turks!

    7. All these posts and the only comments are about the elite is that it’s being manufactured in Turkey. If you read the end of the article you will see that it is made in the good old USA and Canik is also used by the US Goverment . It is NATO and ISO 9000 compliment. The Canik TP9SF Elite is the most intelligent choice for my next pistol. ( Even if it,s not made in Turkey .

      1. Kregg is completely correct. Look at the picture of the side of the weapon… it clearly says Made in Turkey. It is not at all made in the USA. Century is importing it. They are the American company… Not Canik. Try retaining some of what you read next time. The Canik is not being used by the US Government. I have no clue where you got that load of garbage. It is NATO compliant and that is as far as the US Government interested in the Canik. Buying anything from Turkey is giving your money to the worlds largest backer of terrorism. I can hear your theme song now…. Support Terrorism! Buy a Canik!

    8. My husband and i got really thankful John could carry out his analysis because of the precious recommendations he had from your very own web page. It’s not at all simplistic to simply possibly be handing out points which usually people might have been selling. So we consider we now have the writer to thank because of that. These explanations you have made, the easy web site menu, the relationships you can assist to promote – it is most overwhelming, and it’s aiding our son in addition to our family feel that this topic is thrilling, and that is really indispensable. Many thanks for the whole thing!

    9. Oh well, here’s my take. Where its made or who made it is somewhat important to me I would rather buy American made goods and I’m sure all Americans would also but Americans love paying less and getting more. What is more important to me is quality , service , price and appearance ( no one wants a fugulgy pistol ) is a factor also. The Canik is nice looking but me being old fashion I must ask, where is the hammer and where is the steel I like all metal guns and they are harder to come by now a days. Seems to me a quality made pistol needs be made from all steel, I know the plastic is lighter and easier machined and in some cases wear much better however I’m not sold. My last purchase was a Arcus a copy of the Browning Hi Power for half the price and so far very pleased.

      1. The Arcus pistol is also one of the best handgun on the market today. Excellent choice. I just got my tp9sf elite and I love it.

      2. I used to feel the same way, keep an open mind and borrow or rent one and try it out, you might be surprised.
        While I love my 1911’s, Hi power,etc., I don’t carry them anymore, the smaller lighter weight of the newer polymer pistols such as this are so much more pleasant to carry all day and every day, and also pack a few more extra rounds.

    10. Seems like they have been continuously improving on the TP9 over the years. Especially since they got rid of the goofy decocker. Reviews say the first trigger pull is quite long, but after that the reset is very short and fairly positive. Reliability seems quite good overall. Can be had online for 377 dollars, in Elite form.

    11. Ahhh! Political correctness and its opposition have entered the gun blog arena. If you were on the battle field, lost your own weapon but had access to a well made weapon taken from a dead enemy would you refuse it because of where it was made, or who made it? Just something to think about.

      1. Ya know….All My HK’s are made in GERMANY…….My father was in WW2 including Anzio and Battle of the Bulge. 82nd Airborne Big Red 1 and 6 Campaign lanyards and has 3 (THREE) jump clusters and 2 purple hearts. In addition to his K98 there also sits his 1903-A3. He drives a Mercedes too. But hey, we both own 1911’s with his Colt (of course) and mine Ruger now….

        60,000 rounds thru a handgun w/o failure ain’t to shabby…I would take a look at a Canik, Dad would say he already has it covered since Dec 1944.

        Just for fun, He aslo has a German made (well, proofed) rifle that was made in Germany by a Jewish owned factory year of mfg was 1933. Another Jewish made German Rifle 5.5mm trainer he also captured. We just learned a few years back about a new memorial near Bastone that was finally put up worthy to the men who fought there, he would have loved to been able to see it.

        I apologize for rattling off topic, guess I am getting older myself.
        God Bless the USA and all the men who SACRIFICE to serve…a word in caps many today need to look up to see what it means so they can understand what it takes.

    12. You are all fools, simply because of outdated beliefs. I have a Shark use it in competition, and am very happy with it. Would look at this one for edc!

      1. @Pete, you are missing the point. The shooting world is full of wondrous old and new things. There is something here for everyone, and every phase of your life. What ever competition you are in now may become boring to you later. Your interests will change, and that is not foolish. That is normal.

    13. I’m still ticked about Turkey not letting our 4th ID enter Iraq from the North when we were at War.

      1. disagree, extremely good stuff for the price of crap. I own and work on it all from high point to STI there are not many pistols I haven’t run a few hundred rounds through and these turks nailed it. Good Stuff and props to Century for the TP9sfx coordination. JUST START SELLING THEM ALREADY!!!

          1. I had a TP9SF and have to say for the $$ it can’t be beat. My “staple” 9’s are Sig P320 FS, Baby Desert Eagle FS Steel frame, and Walther PPQ M2, and the Canik would stand up to any of them. (At 1/2 the price)
            Sold it real cheap to a good friend who was MISSING THE TARGET at 5 yards with a S&W Bodyguard with laser, but put 17 in a six inch circle with the Canik. I said, “If the SHTF I want you to have something you can shoot.”
            Will probably get another one sometime.

    14. i have a full size Canik and it performrs flawlessly. For what you get for the money it’s great. i don’t care where the firearms are made, as long as they use high standards which they do. if century arms was bringing a bunch of defects they would be out of business, but they’re not. they are flourishing.

      1. I won’t buy anything from Turkey either – not because it is an inferior product rather because I do not like their politics regarding their citizens carrying self defense tools.

      2. You probably need to stay off the airlines then. Turkey was the only FAA certified supplier of aircraft from that part of the world. Funny! How the world turns.

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