Gun Owners’ Advice to Incoming President Trump

By John Farnam

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Hate iStock
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The ‘mentally ill’ will always be with us.  Some are dangerous. Some even get elected to political office.

They’s why we have guns!” ~ Anon

Conscientious, honorable, principled, moral, self-regulating American gun-owners have ever been unfairly and venomously maligned by leftists, since the days flintlocks. The “anti-gun” political agenda, consistently promoted by Democrats, is nothing new!

This advice for our new president:

Know and understand that liberals hate your guts, and ours, and always will. Nothing you do, nor can do, will ever change that. They don't merely hate what we do. They hate what we are. They will never “like” either of us, no matter what concessions we try to graciously throw their way.

This is not the time to break-bread with, nor chat with, nor compromise with, nor drink tea with, nor “make peace” with, leftists. Nor should you squander valuable minutes listening to the their hysterical, nonsensical Marxist drivel about all aspects of private firearms ownership in the USA, nor about the clear meaning of our Second Amendment, so wisely written by our Founders in the 18th Century.

This is the perfect time to put on notice all haters of guns, haters of treasured firearms freedoms historically enjoyed by Americans, along with panoptic haters of all freedom and individual liberty in general, that:

1) You’ve wittingly embraced the wrong issue

2) Your invariable, unceasing anti-gun agenda, and your unquestioning devotion to it, has destroyed your party’s influence

3) You live in the wrong country!


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  • 38 thoughts on “Gun Owners’ Advice to Incoming President Trump

    1. Whatever TRUMP does – if nothing is done about state laws that have effectively repealed the Second Amendment – the problem will not be solved! Right now our problem is from the state level. If Obama can cut funding to N Carolina for not complying with his “political correctness doctrine transgender bathroom law” – then TRUMP should be able to cut funding to states that do not comply with the second and tenth amendments. A new improved Supreme Court could solve all the state law problems. Andrew Cuomo should be put on notice – it may be true that “No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer” – however our right is to KEEP SECURE OUR FREEDOMS AND PROVIDE EFFECTIVE SECURITY!
      (I noticed Florida democrats just introduced a bill to outlaw semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and limit magazine capacity to S-E-V-E-N !!! ROUNDS – WONDER WHERE THEY GOT THAT NUMBER!!!) We have the NY SAFE ACT – WEST COAST EDITION – out in Commiefornia – looks like the progressive socialist/communist democrat party is going to try to force THE NYSAFE ACT – DEEP SOUTH EDITION DOWN IN FLORIDA! Florida is at the tipping point after massive immigration – their republican governor won by 2% of the vote last time. We need a supreme court to defend the constitution. There is NO VALUE in federal rights that can be outlawed at the state level by progressive REINTERPRETATION! (My state assemblyman interprets the second amendment to be the right to bear arms IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITIA – meaning military – national guard – or law enforcement – PERIOD – no personal firearms – period – any argument his office says – “that’s YOUR opinion!” Problem is – they introduce bills according to THEIR opinion – AND ARE SUCCEEDING! Our bill of rights is MEANINGLESS if state law can legally strike it down!

    2. There are those of us that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country and knowing that the Liberal Marxists are totally clueless to what our Constitution stands for. Precedes us to realize , we may have one a battle in this election, but the War has just begun and we must stay vigilant in protecting our civil liberties.

    3. The continued use of the word hate is an irrational emotional response that puts us into the same category as Muslim suicide bombers. Climb down off that rickety self-destructive ladder and put your enthusiasm to some good use, by behaving yourselves and assessing the situation in objective terms. Your thinking does the cause of gun ownership irreparable damage and we would be better off without you. I have many liberal friends and their position on gun control is not based on hate as you hysterically describe it, but on ignorance and fear, both of which can be overcome by reason and common sense. it’s not personal you idiots! They, for the most part, know little of firearms and that’s why the fear them. When you fear something you want to be rid of it, and that’s the cause of our disagreement with them. Our means of success is to demonstrate sane, rational behavior and to present our side of the issue in an understandable way so their ignorance is eliminated.

      1. You gool, you think reason will quench their thirst? Your friends as you call them, are lying to you and youre a fool to believe them. Reason does not enter into their thinking. Reason with them? Readon!! Youre a fool man. Gi readon with your friends. Have you tried reasoning any of your friends out of their irrational fears? Has it worked? Didnt think so.

    4. I really wonder if all of these leftists would really enjoy living under musilim rule, and what they would do after destroying the only thing that stands between us and those results

        1. and the hooh hahs running the show WOULD have all the guns… and scimitars, which blades would need resharpeining on a regular basis. There WOULD be sodomites… THEY seem to think its fine they THEY do it. there would be slavery again, and women would fare not much better than rats. We’d all be marching in lockstep to the rugs, five times a day.

          No thanks… there will NOT BE moslem rule here. There WOULD still be gun control, though, as we who have managed to hang on to our own would be controlling them very well.

          1. @Gil Then if conservatives would love it, as you suggest, why are the conservatives not bringing more moslems into the country?

    5. Gil may well be one of those who are sitting up there monitoring all of these conversations, hoping to entrap anyone who would make statements such as he makes. I do agree with John and mick perhaps we all should be monitoring and reporting “gil’s”. If anyone has a web site to send them to publish it.

    6. Gil, your an idiot! There must be 1000 people doing what Mick says he is going to do. I can’t say I blame them. Mr., you have really stepped in dog sh*t this time. In Ma. you would get your ticket yanked because of a suitability issue! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!

    7. While it is true they do hate who we are and what we stand for, the basis for our confidence and understanding stem from our ability and patience in excercising ultimate control. Just as in a confrontation, as an armed person we must wait until we absolutely know that deadly force is required. The same holds true here. We must hold steady, ready to act but hold until the necessity is no longer questionable. That is why our opponents fear and loath us. We are consistently calm when screamed at, belittled and ridiculed. We are also calm and methodical when required to act. Don’t be fooled to act out or expose yourself by trolls. Keep a low profile, vigilant and ready. THIS is our primary source of strength.

      1. Keith,

        Yours is ‘excellent advise’ especially for those of us who are planning to attend the inauguration on J20.

        A group we are familiar with have plans to carry a banner and use video recording equipment to record every detail of this ‘historic event’.

        I conversely, plan to be a perimeter observer and, as you say, “Keep a low profile, [always] vigilant and ready”, which by the way, my life-long training will also be to a great advantage for myself and possibly others.

      2. Reminds me of how our forbears acted on the night of 18th April 1775 and continued on through the next day, 19th, as the tyrannical forces of slavery attempted to disarm them with no just cause. At first, their stand was rather timid, throughly restrained, minimalistic…. but as the day wore on and the British Regular Army continued to misbehave, our forbears became bolder, more aggressive, unleashed even. Thus was begun our battle to throw off the tyrants completely.
        While all those tyrants are now long dead, the trouble with tyranny is the seeds of it get sown by every generation of them, and then, later, sprout anew. Thus the desire of some men to control others never really dies. Our Founders well knew this, being ocnversant with the concept of man’s fallen nature due to sin. They KNEW tyranny could, and most likely would, rear his ugly head again. For THAT REASON they ensured, in our founding documents, that THE PEOPLE, by whose consent only they can be governed, would forever bear the responsibily to assure “the security of a free state”, and this it was necessary to assure forever that THE PEOPLE would retain an unfettered right to arms. Any who would limit that were merely proving conclusively that they were numbered amongst the tyrants. We see many such today. Most of us here know many of their names.

      1. Thomas Jefferson also said. “The beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it won’t be needed until they try to take it away.”

        1. Then HB, the “beauty of the 2nd amendment” may soon be realized.

          Hopefully, Trump will understand as this author so correctly stated, “Liberal hate us! And, there is noting we can do to change that. It is not merely that they hate us for what we do, it is that they hate us for who we (Constitutional Conservatives) are.

          Elections have consequences: WE WON! THEY LOST! – FIX IT NOW!

    8. John nailed it: “They don’t merely hate what we do. They hate what we are. They will never “like” either of us, no matter what concessions we try to graciously throw their way.” They will NEVER accept us or our values. They, like Islamic jihadists, are closed-minded fanatics and zealots who are inherently violent and will NEVER change. We must act accordingly.

    9. “The historical reality of the Second Amendments
      protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right
      to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right
      to shoot at them effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us.”
      –Judge Andrew Napolitano
      Molon Labe Gil

      1. Even if this is supposed to be satire it is totally inappropriate. Your remark about Obama is a class E felony. Someone should be moderating the comments made here. For all I know you could be one of the ISIS nuts and that is really scary.

        1. @Haz, Someone should not be moderating the comments. If Gil wants to commit a felony, why should anyone save his bacon by editing his comments. A man ought to do what he thinks is best and who are we to control him.

        2. I’ve read this piece several tiems. Tell me exactly where John referred to the dogeater and committed your felony?? I musta missed it.

      2. We really don’t need these kind of comments. Statements like this paint the whole population of freedom loving American gun owners as irresponsible people who should be subject to strict control. Comments such as yours Gil, should move you to the head of some no-fly list and prompt a mental health hearing and investigation.

        1. @John But… Gil is not a freedom living American gun owner. His comments should not reflect on that population. Gil is a liberal/progressive/socialist, based upon his previous writings, and his comments should reflect upon his group.

      3. I concur!

        A number of politicians do indeed need to be publicly shot… immediately AFTER being found guilty (by a court) of treason – which would certainly happen if the cases could/would be pursued by any honest prosecutor [good luck in finding one].

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