Linden Gets “Dog Energy Bar” For U.S. Sporting Dog Market

Linden Dog Energy Bar
Linden Dog Energy Bar

USA -( Scott Linden has been named exclusive U.S. distributor of Henne Pet Foods’ Kronch Pemmikan energy bar for the performance dog market.

Wingshooting USA TV creator-host Linden will handle all sales and distribution to sporting-goods stores, catalog and online retailers. The only fat-based “energy bar,” Pemmikan is 59 percent fat, the dietary component that provides dogs with easily-metabolized “quick” energy.

“Unlike humans, who rely on carbohydrates, dogs use fat for bursts of energy,” Linden said. “Finding a low-volume, high-fat product that can fuel a dog’s performance was a long process,” he added.

Linden Dog Energy Bar

There are a number of carbohydrate-based supplements and home remedies based on the assumption that dogs’ bodies function similarly to humans’, he said. His two years of research found nothing comparable to the Pemmikan product’s fat content, convenience, field testing and efficacy.

While conditioning is the key to canine athlete performance, an energy supplement helps a dog maintain high levels of energy during long hunts, multi-day hunts or field trials.

“When dogs need to dig deeper for the last bird of the day, or the final brace in a trial, extra energy could be the winning factor,” Linden pointed out.

Studies have shown that fat provides more than twice the energy of carbohydrates or protein.

Because Pemmikan is concentrated, it won’t overload a dog’s G.I. tract. Studies show that a full belly and gut negatively affect hunting dog performance, and could put a dog at risk of gastric volvulus, commonly known as “stomach twist.”

Food-grade, non-GMO ingredients are sourced and manufactured in Denmark. They include fish meal, lard, vegetable fat, grape sugar, corn, barley, brewer’s yeast, vitamins and minerals.

Pemmikan has been extensively tested in arctic Greenland by the Danish Army’s dogsled-based Sirius Patrol, where it is a primary ingredient in dog’s diet. Linden has used the product extensively in the field for two years, on his own and many of the other dogs he’s hunted with on his television program.

Each 400-gram bar comes in a reclosable zip-lock pouch, and lasts about four days in the field with average use. Suggested retail is $10.95.

More information available at or by calling Linden, 541-382-1726.