Reap more than you sow with the 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester

12 Survivors Pocket Harvester
12 Survivors Pocket Harvester
12 Survivors
12 Survivors

MANSFIELD, TEXAS-( Some rely on store-bought food for their day-to-day survival. For others, farming or scavenging can provide the fuel for both routine activities and stimulating adventures. If your lifestyle calls for a versatile, do-all survival tool, 12 Survivors has your back with the Pocket Harvester (TS72002B).

Ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, gardening or foraging, the stainless steel Pocket Harvester multi-tool is capable of performing many tasks with its included sheats, weeding tool, pruning knife, wood saw and serrated blade. If warmth is needed, a saw and multiple knives provide the blades needed for gathering twigs and small branches. The pruning knife and weeding tool can be utilized to gather roots and plants for treating wounds and illnesses or for food.

The 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester features a spring loaded Zebra Wood grip handle, making the shears comfortable to use for many hours. When not in use, the Pocket Harvester’s locking mechanism keeps the shears in a safe position. A popular folding designs makes the Pocket Harvester exceptionally portable, and a nylon sheath with belt loop make it a no-brainer for easy-to-carry, daily use. From cultivating and harvesting to setting up game traps, the 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester provides the necessary attachments to assist the true outdoorsman.

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About 12 Survivors:

12 Survivors is a modern brand concept built around positive principles and support of the outdoor lifestyle, providing quality products such as knives, multi-tools, tents, first-aid kits, backpacks and other innovative gear to meet the demanding needs of survivalists, preppers, campers, hikers and hunters. For more information about 12 Survivors products, visit For media requests related to 12 Survivors, please email [email protected]

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