New Concealed Carry Pants Product from Concealed Cargo LLC ~ VIDEO

Concealed Cargo X-Ray
Concealed Cargo X-Ray
Constant Companion
Constant Companion

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -( Anyone who carries concealed knows that selecting a firearm and a holster is a balance between comfort, concealment, firepower, and the ability to rapidly access the firearm.

Many choose small “pocket pistols” for their daily carry, trading off firepower for something comfortable and easy to conceal and access.

Beside the small capacity and small caliber of most pocket pistols, the other problem with pocket carry is that most pockets tend to be shallow, tight, and thin.

The new Constant Companion cargo pants feature front pockets that are not just bigger, but better. The front pistol pocket is over 14” deep and constructed from ballistic nylon.

The front pocket is lint-free, snag-free, padded, and contoured to maintain the upright orientation of your weapon. The casual style is specially tailored to make your gun disappear while you move and sit far more comfortably than you could with a traditional holster.

Concealed Cargo
Concealed Cargo

The best part is that the wide-opening pockets will swallow most mid to full sized double-stack auto pistols.

Available now online.

  • 16 thoughts on “New Concealed Carry Pants Product from Concealed Cargo LLC ~ VIDEO

    1. All in all, great CCW trousers. Could use a couple accessory pockets for a pocket knofe and another for a small flashlight and or spare magazines.

    2. I agree and try to buy American Made/Made in the U.S.A. whenever possible and when it is the best option. Another supplier of concealed carry pants was out of stock for many months desperately trying to find a company who would manufacture his products. His search included both American and international companies. The issue he faced with each manufacturer was that to get the pants to a reasonable price per unit, they required production runs that would have left him with inventory for decades. Another hurdle is finding an American clothing manufacturer at all. With few exceptions, the facilities have been closed, the companies have closed, and/or product has moved oversees. Sadly, this is true across the manufacturing industry. Hopefully President Trump can make it more beneficial to make products in the USA and production can return to our country.

    3. Been using my cargo shorts and a pocket holster from cabalas’ to carry my Berettas for years.
      Best carry I’ve found for hot weather.

    4. Imported?
      Come on now. No one in ‘Merica wants to make these??
      I agree with Shoosting Sticks.
      I would carry a big frame revolver or my 2″ barrel stainless Judge 🙂
      Tired of buying cheap chinese crap.

    5. I checked the web site, read the FAQs, and used the search. NO mention of left handed pockets. You could at least state this is available for right handed shooters only. But no mention at ALL?

    6. Actually, the holster requirement was removed a number of years ago in GA. HOWEVER, you NEED to have some kind of holster or device to keep the trigger guard covered until you draw. Not sure there are pocket holsters for larger guns. Maybe use something like a Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2 to do the trick?

    7. Be careful with this. Check your laws, here in Ga. you cannot simply slip a firearm into your pocket or waistband.
      The pistol or revolver is required to be in a holster.

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