JAGDHUND’s Traditional Hunting Clothing Now Available In The U.S.

JAGDHUND Traditional Hunting Cloths
JAGDHUND Traditional Hunting Cloths

BESSEMER, Ala. -(Ammoland.com)- Steeped in tradition, quality and innovation, the Austrian-headquartered JAGDHUND clothing line is now available to U.S. consumers exclusively through Steyr Arms.

JAGDHUND offers a full line of stylish yet functional men’s and women’s jackets, shirts, pants, boots, hats and accessories rooted in the classic European design traditions for hunting and shooting.

Combining all-natural materials such as wool, camel hair, and cotton, the company offers the U.S. consumer a classic design and appearance for both hunting and social occasions without ever having to compromise on details or design.

This highly respected clothing company has successfully combined a passion for hunting with a desire for innovation resulting in top quality garments that unite function and nature. From hat to socks, the JAGDHUND garments are cleverly thought-out to offer the greatest functionality for use in nature.

The talented development team at JAGDHUND constantly imposes high-quality benchmarks on themselves, and they continually strive toward providing the most innovative designs and materials to its customers.

This is quite apparent in the company’s exclusive brand materials. These JAGDHUND exclusive materials ARTUTEX, ROBUR-BAND, CAMPAK-LODEN and ALPAK-LODEN transform the strengths of nature into incomparable functional goods and attain outstanding achievements in the hunting sector.

JAGDHUND Traditional Hunting Cloths
JAGDHUND Traditional Hunting Cloths

ARTUTEX is a high-tech material for spring and summer that is distinguished by an extremely high resistance to tears, thorn punctures, abrasion and mosquito penetration.

At the same time, it is breathable, low-noise and water- and dirt-resistant. ROBUR-BAND, the triple ROBUR sewing technique, enables jackets and trousers made of ALPAK-LODEN to be produced without lining for the first time, which results in a number of advantages including greater freedom of movement and scores on the basis of its insulation capacity, waterproofness, lightweight and compactness.

CAMPAK-LODEN, mixes the best sheep’s wool with camel hair resulting in the highest-performance functional loden (the traditional green-colored garments typical of Bavarian hunting) for the hardest use in the hunting world. ALPAK-LODEN utilizes a combination of the finest sheep’s wool processed together with alpaca wool, which guarantees even greater strength and robustness. This also provides a particularly pleasant comfort and dispenses with the need for linings.

Whether you are going hunting or just looking for a classic sporting style, you need look no further than the JAGDHUND USA webstore, to view the full line of traditional hunting wear. For a limited time, customers will receive a 15-percent discount off their online orders.



Combining the passion for hunting and quality innovation, JAGDHUND is an Austrian brand well known and respected across Europe and many other parts of the world for its traditional hunting clothing made from all-natural materials including wool, camel hair, and cotton. JAGDHUND—“hunting dog” in German—manufactures men’s and women’s jackets, shooting vests, waterproof capes, pants, shirts, polos, base layers, hats, scarves, shoes and boots.

Contact JAGDHUND’s exclusive U.S. importer and distributor Steyr Arms for more information at 2530 Morgan Rd., Bessemer, AL 35022; call (205) 417-8644; or visit their website for more details.

JAGDHUND will be on display at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in the Steyr Booth (#3258) in Atlanta, April 28-30.

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