Lance Statement on President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

Lance Statement on President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress
Lance Statement on President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C.-( Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) released the following statement after President Trump’s first Joint Address to Congress:

“The most important issue facing our Nation is job creation. I am pleased President Trump spoke in detail about creating more American jobs and policies that will boost take-home pay and I stand ready to work on big ideas like tax reform and an infrastructure package to achieve it.

“New Jersey is one of the highest taxed states in the Nation and any relief to taxpayers and the business community is welcome news. And I agree with the President that having more people work reduces our national debt and keeps safety net programs for those who need them most. And all New Jerseyans know the importance of improving our roads, tunnels and bridges and I was pleased to see those ideas receive bipartisan applause.

“The President also made his case to the American people in support of his nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch is a mainstream conservative who would be a fine Supreme Court Justice.

“Finally, I was very proud President Trump invited New Jersey resident Megan Crowley to his address this evening. Megan’s story of combating a terrible rare disease is a testament to the American spirit. Passage of the 21st Century Cures Act was a major accomplishment of the last Congress. I am encouraged that the Trump Administration will carefully implement its improvements to our health care system and help spur the next great medical innovation.”

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    1. Yes N.J. is the highest taxed state in the union, and our state legislators are the reason for that, both Democrat and Republican. As an example of what I mean is the resent increase in the gas tax. Our wonderful (Representatives ?) increased that tax by .23 cents per gallon, in the face of massive objections from we voters. The excuse being, that they needed it for the transportation fund, the one that they have depleted, using it for things other than its purpose. The new taxes will be used the same way, to buy the votes of the unions that keep this state on the edge of bankruptcy. To add insult to injury, a short time later, these same (representatives ?) voted them selves a pay raise. My two (Republican ?) Assemblymen Dave Rible and Sean Kean voted for the all of it. You can bet one thing, They showed total disregard for the fact that a lot of N.J. citizens were finally able to enjoy some extra cash in their pockets thanks to the price of gas being below $2.00 per gallon. You can bet that when they run again, I will pass over their names when I vote.

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