Laser Ammo Introduces Recoil Enabled Airsoft Training Pistols

Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled Airsoft Training Pistol
Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled Airsoft Training Pistol

GREAT NECK, N.Y. -( Laser Ammo introduces the Recoil Enabled Airsoft Training Pistols, the most realistic training pistols with recoil and sound that will let you train as if you are at the range, without the range cost.

Professional tactical training for law enforcement agencies and for home defense is now easier than ever. Safely train with your family and friends for real scenarios and realistic drills, with no need to cycle the gun.

The recoil enabled airsoft training pistol includes two of the bestselling airsofts by KWA – the ATP LE and M9 with Laser Ammo’s Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser (REAL), a CNC machined drop in barrel and a reliable vibration activated SureStrike cartridge with a dedicated front retainer, that allows for easy windage and elevation adjustment for easy sight alignment.

Both guns are operated by green gas, includes blow back that is about 30 percent – 40 percent of live ammo training, which makes it perfect for indoor training use.

The ATP – LE will allow fired striker pistol owners (like the Glock, XDs and M&Ps) continuous rapid shots, with no need to rack the slide adter each shot, with reset and brake of the trigger similar to their own firearm.

The M9 is a double action pistol that replicates Beretta’s M92 functions. Both pistols were designed with law enforcement and military training in mind, and will fit many duty holsters on the market.

Both pistols are currently offered on Laser Ammo’s website with Red or IR laser options for even more professional training.


The advantages of using the Recoil Enabled Pistols:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Safe training for all ages
  3. Realistic training
  4. No need for a pistol license
  5. Train on many drills not possible with live ammo (holstering, movement, force on force etc).
  6. Train indoors and outdoors
  7. Work with all Laser Ammo targets and simulators

Pair the training pistol with the I-MTTS and the Smokeless Range simulator for a full tactical and judgmental training session with 100 percent safety.

Continue to train outdoors with pellets: the package includes the original barrel to allow for an easy conversion for the best-in-class airsoft that allows for even more training outdoors.

For shooters that would like to train with other model pistols, Laser Ammo also offers the KWA 1911 and M226 with the Spider adapter on the rail.

All the different models of the Recoil Enabled Training Pistols are available via their website and with Laser Ammo resellers around the country, with very affordable pricing ranging between $320 – $445.


About Laser Ammo:

Laser Ammo Ltd., develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement and military markets. Owned and operated by former Israeli and U.S. military combat veterans, Laser Ammo is dedicated to providing serious training for serious professionals and beginners alike. The Laser Ammo family of products allows operators to utilize their specific weapons platforms, ranging from semi-automatic pistols or rifles to Airsoft or recoil-conversion systems, for advanced dry-fire training.

Learn more on their website.