Sportsmen’s Alliance, Girls with Guns Launch #WomenHunt Campaign

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USA -( The Sportsmen’s Alliance, defenders of America’s sporting heritage, and Girls with Guns Clothing, manufacturers of women’s apparel and hunting gear, have partnered to launch a campaign aimed at the fastest-growing, and often harassed, segment of sportsmen – women hunters.

The campaign, #WomenHunt, is sponsored by Outdoor Cap Company and Women’s Outdoor News.

Girls with Guns Clothing (GWG) has supported the Sportsmen’s Alliance as a business partner since 2013.

Last year, GWG co-founders, Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman, approached the Sportsmen’s Alliance with a proposal to partner on a campaign to unite women hunters and promote women in the outdoors.

That campaign, #WomenHunt, will focus on empowering women hunters to share their skills and exploits, personal connections to hunting and other activities, as well as their ardent dedication to protecting their passion.

Popular television hosts, bloggers, social-media influencers and advocates have signed on to promote their passions, and the need to protect those passions by joining the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

The #WomenHunt campaign will urge all women hunters to #PromoteYourPassion by submitting and posting their own videos, blogs, news and more.

“Women are the fastest growing segment of the outdoor industry. We have an opportunity to unite and make our voices heard,” said Harman. “We must tell the anti-hunting community that female hunters are here to stay and we are prepared to join the fight to protect our outdoor heritage. By joining the Sportsmen’s Alliance, you’re helping that message be heard loud and clear.”

Doing what they do best, Girls with Guns have designed a special-edition women’s hunting cap in partnership with Sportsmen’s Alliance and Outdoor Cap Company.

O’Hara and Harman encourage women to express their love for the outdoors with their fashion, and also through their actions. That’s why this special-edition cap is only available to Sportsmen’s Alliance members.

“It’s important to protect your passion, and if your passion is hunting, you need to join Sportsmen’s Alliance,” said O’Hara. “Girls with Guns designed this custom Mossy Oakcamo hat because we want women like us – strong, empowered hunters – to have a specialized hat that’s actually made to fit a woman’s head.”

Women can join the Sportsmen’s Alliance throughout the month of April to claim their hat.

“Whether it’s in one of the 50 state legislatures, at the federal level, in the court system or at state ballot boxes, the Sportsmen’s Alliance works tirelessly to promote and protect our outdoor heritage,” said Vice President of Membership and Development for Sportsmen’s Alliance, Sean Curran. “We’ve also seen how women are targeted by animal-rights activists and groups. Whether it’s well-known television hosts or regular hunters on social media, there seems to be some societal acceptance of victimizing female hunters. We’re proud to partner with Girls with Guns and Women’s Outdoor Network to draw attention to hunter harassment and give women a voice to promote their love of the outdoors and their dedication to protecting their passions.”

 The campaign videos, blogs and news items will be shared on the websites and social media platforms of Sportsmen’s Alliance, and campaign sponsors Women’s Outdoor News and Girls with Guns.

All associated messages will use the hashtags #WomenHunt, #PromoteYourPassion, #ProtectYourPassion and #IAmTheAlliance.


About the Sportsmen’s Alliance:

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