For the Challenge of Shotgunning Predators, Trulock Tips the Odds in Your Favor

For the Challenge of Shotgunning Predators, Trulock Tips the Odds in Your Favor
For the Challenge of Shotgunning Predators, Trulock Tips the Odds in Your Favor

Trulock ChokesU.S.A.-( Predators like coyotes are among the most difficult animals to hunt, partly because of their extraordinary senses, and partly because they use cover so well as they move.

Hunting heavy cover makes shotguns a practical choice for hunters, but also makes for an extreme challenge. When a predator does show up, it will be close, and nothing can go wrong if the hunt is to end in success.

Trulock Choke Tubes knows that these challenges require top performance from a shotgun. The game is tough and often presents a moving target and the limits of a shotgun’s range. The shot patterns must be dense, uniform, and deliver the maximum possible downrange energy.

Trulock Predator Choke Tubes

Trulock got that quality performance by designing, building and testing a line of choke tubes called the Trulock Predator. Each choke in the line is built to achieve maximum performance from different loads – whether you are shooting anything from #4 buckshot to smaller tungsten loads, you can select the load you want for your hunt and Trulock’s Predator line will match a choke tube to your choice.

While a generic “full choke” typically performs adequately, Trulock’s testing shows that chokes designed with the different ballistic characteristics of different loads perform even better. Trulock designs chokes with advanced ballistic theory, and the top components, but also does extensive field testing to see if the theory holds up in the real world.

Trulock Predator Choke Tubes have a 4-inch overall length with a 3-inch forcing cone and a 1-inch parallel section, designed to minimize shot distortion and give dense patterns. They are made from high-strength stainless steel with a black oxide finish and have a knurled head.

These are available in designs that match the most popular brands of shotguns, because Trulock Choke Tubes don’t just match the load, they match characteristics of individual brands of guns.

Like all Trulock products, the Predator line is designed, made and tested in America, where company owner George Trulock has been building better chokes tubes for hunters and shooters for decades. Top-flight functionality and real-world effectiveness in their products are their goal.

And they stand by their work with the best guarantee in the industry.

To learn more about Trulock’s full lines of choke tubes and to see a video tour of the factory and the chokes being tested, go to

About Trulock

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