Cobalt Kinetics to Begin Selling Accessories Starting with Pro Muzzle Brake

Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake
Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake

Cobalt KineticsST GEORGE, Utah-( Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, today announces the launch of the first in a line of Cobalt Accessories, the Pro Muzzle Brake, on their website.

Starting immediately customers can now purchase the Pro Muzzle Brake for installation onto any .223/5.56 rifle that has a standard 1/2×28 thread pattern.

The Pro Muzzle Brake is standard on all Team rifles and has been successfully used in numerous competitions by the members of the Cobalt Kinetics Shooting Team (Keith Garcia, Kalani Laker, and Rick Birdsall). Our Pro Muzzle Brake measures 3.4″ long by 1″ in diameter. The brake has also been treated with an all new ultra-performance Black Lithium-iron surface conversion (or LiFe) that significantly improves the durability and longevity. The patent pending design features a symmetrical linear array of spherical baffles and intersecting port channels that dramatically reduce recoil, and any associated “muzzle rise”, by venting the gasses to the sides in a more controlled manner. The efficiency of the design at reducing recoil energy and overall increase in performance make the Pro Muzzle Brake the single best accessory available for improving the performance of your AR-15.

Also, as an added we are releasing the first 100 as a “Limited Edition” that is laser etched with a serial number from 1 to 100. These Limited Brakes will also be sold for $160 which is $30 off of the MSRP of $190.

Skylar Stewart, Vice President of Cobalt Kinetics said, “Customers and fans have long been asking for us to sell the components that we use in our premium rifle line, and we have finally increased our production capacity to accommodate this. Over the next few months we will be adding all of the components used in our builds to our web store and at select dealers.”

The Pro Muzzle Brake can be ordered from our website.

The Pro Muzzle Brake will be available from select Cobalt Dealers later this year.

About Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics designs and builds firearms with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovations, state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous precision.

Cobalt Kinetics was founded because of dissatisfaction with the status quo–rows of the same black rifles on every gun shop wall across the country. The issue with “black rifles” is that there is little differentiation in the market and very little true innovation. Cobalt decided to change the industry by demonstrating that common functions can be upgraded through thoughtful engineering. Functions such as the Dual Drop and Cobalt Advantage Reloading System. Also, platform flaws, such as muzzle rise, can be mitigated not by use of just a muzzle compensator but by innovating changes to the buffer system. These changes can be done while still creating a rifle that maintains both precision, durability and aesthetics. Cobalt is driven to create firearms that are more effective, more reliable and more rewarding for the owner.

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They should call it an ear drum breaker, instead of a muzzle brake. Because, from the look of it, it diverts 100% of the muzzle blast straight back into the shooters face. I wouldn`t even try it even if one was given to me for free.

Besides, through years and years of heavy strength training, I`ve finally build up enough upper body muscle mass to actually be able to handle the unbelievable recoil associated with the horrific .223 bone crusher. Now I I’m actually thinking about writing a book on how I eventually did it.

Nick A.

It’s useless for competition because it’s 3.4″ long and violates the rules of every organizing body in Multigun and rifle only matches. The max length is 3″.

Cobalt also has terrible customer service and does not return calls or emails.