Our Dishonest Media and Guns

By John Farnam

Glock Gun Fire Barrel Blast
Our Dishonest Media and Guns
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book rewritten. Every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. Every date has been altered. And, the process is continuing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present, in which The Party is always right.” ~ From “1984,” by George Orwell

ND's and our dishonest media:

On the first of this month, an eighteen-year-old in TN shot and killed his nineteen-year-old girlfriend, at close range, using a pistol he received as a graduation gift.

Of course, our leftist, gun-hating media will never use the correct term when describing what happened.

That would be, of course: “Negligent discharge.”

No, instead we get typical media drivel:

“… he was playing with the gun when it accidentally went off”

and that the perpetrator was:

“… surprised when the pistol discharged”

In addition, we also learn that the perpetrator:

“… was an experienced gun-owner who went to the shooting range often”

and that the whole thing was a:

“… terrible tragedy.”

Questions the media will never ask:

  • 1) Why did the perpetrator point a loaded pistol, or a pistol in any condition, in an obviously, and blatantly, unsafe direction?
  • 2) Why was he “playing with” the pistol to begin with?
  • 3) Why did he have his finger in contact with the trigger, while the pistol was pointed directly at an innocent person?
  • 4) Is there any evidence that the pistol itself, or the ammunition, did anything other than function normally, and as designed?

The foregoing was not a “terrible tragedy.” It was a preventable tragedy, cause by carelessness, ignorance, and gross negligence.

If the perpetrator were an “experienced gun-owner,” as reported, one can only wonder what kind of “experience” this dolt had, and how many NDs he caused prior to this one. He surely had never been exposed to any competent training.

But, the media would have us all believe that modern guns are so poorly designed that they are prone to “accidentally going off” (all by themselves, of course). Thus, no one should be allowed to own one.

That is ever their predictably dishonest, politically-motivated conclusion.

The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is the pretense of intelligent ignorance. The former is teachable; the latter is not.” ~ Criss Jami


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As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

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  • 55 thoughts on “Our Dishonest Media and Guns

    1. Always Blame The Other Guy, Call Them Dishonest because they think different then you. We are better than this. Free your mind and you will be able to see both sides of the story. If all sides did this We would be able to get things done. Guns, Taxes, Health Care, you name it and it is broke. Both sides broke it and now they won’t play together to fix it. Blame both sides and see the light.

      1. No Dave, there is no giving on our 2nd Amendment, remember “Shall not be infringed upon” that means never! For any reason.

        1. But for the longest time, the libs circumvent the 2A, using the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper clause, as well as Public Safety, to enact unconstitutional gun control measures. We need to force the “legislators” to justify their bills with a Constitutional reference BEFORE it goes to the floor.

          1. I thought that it was the unmarked grave next to Arch Stanton! Those circumventions were not legitimate to deprive We the People of our Civil Rights, and still are not. But what power do we have to hold those corrupt politicians and judges accountable? None, and they know it. If there is any chance of changing our system, we had better make this Trump thing work.

      2. @Dave Brown, Man you are so right with them positive waves! I just get the grooviest vibes when I free my mind of science, logic, and reason! I had to eradicate a patch of wild hemp, today. So I burned it up because that is the easiest to do and it rained yesterday, Then me and the horses had a really in-depth discussion about global warming, and I invited them in for a big lunch.

        1. @Vann, Just getting by the “…think different then you.” grammar and spelling issue, I think that he is engaging in one of those free associations brain exercises. Or maybe he, just, took his doobie break a little early, today.

        2. @ Vanns I saw that earlier couldn’t decipher it either . Then read the article about the ball field shooter and it came to me, Wow two Bernie disciples in one day !

      3. Nope. The whole business of guns was settled before the original colonies formed a nation. Up is up, Dave. Red is RED, and not blue or green. SHALL NOT means it ain’t a gonna happen, ever, any time, for any reason or no reason.

        Get it right. No wriggle room for you and the other “nodren thinkers” Fee your mind? Sure.. free it of the drivel that makes you think there is some room for discussion on certain issues….. like our RIGHT to arms. Try this: walk yourself into some casino, saunter into the cardroom, sit yer self down to a table of Texas Hold-em, lay your money down and commence to play. Now part way through the session, decide you don’t like the rules and begin to change them, changing your play to suit YOUR wants. See how long you are allowed to continue play.

        Nope, Dave, the rules were laid out for texas Hold em before you ever walked in the front door. IF you want to join the game, you are bound by them. Want to change them? Well, maybe you can convince the guys at the table to agree, then you all play by YOUR new rules. Maybe they don’t, go and rewrite the rules to suit yourself. Fine.. but it WON”T be Texas Hold em any more,. Maybe call it Tennessee Hold em, and see how popular it gets. But it will NEVER be Texas Hold em.

        Same way with this ‘”game” called the United States of America. EVERY state (all fifty seven of them….) agreed to abide by the original rules, as changed per certain rules, in place before they joined the union.

        If yer gonna play HERE, you abide by the rules already settled long ago.

    2. It’s simple they want our guns gone because they are trying to do us harm and they don’t want us chasing them down after we get screwed over by them.

    3. All of this will now pale in importance with the fruit bar who shot up the congressional ball game. Watch for the dangerous liberal Democrat Party type line up to get guns out of the hands of citizens-the Second Amendment be dammed. By the way since when did the Democrat party suddenly100 percent become the DemocraTIC Party to ALL the media and even the conservative talk shows (excepting Rush). Talk about positioning words and their meaning. There is mo “democratic” in the Democrat Party, just ask Bernie…

      1. Oh it already started at the first on site press conference. As the police chiefs were taking turns patting each other on the back for a job well done, I could see Gov. McAuliffe in the background just twitching to get behind the microphone. Sure enough, about 90 seconds into his speech he launched into the typical gun grabber BS…

        1. No, Gil, the 2A is based on the fact that a disarmed govt facing an armed & organized people is incapable of oppression. That’s why it says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”. The 2A is about deterrence which makes actually shooting at tyrants unnecessary.

          “…if a prince will rule us with a rod of iron, and invade our laws and liberties…we…must patiently submit to our bondage, or stand upon our own defense; which if we are enabled to do, we shall never be put upon it…”

          –John Trenchard, “An Argument Shewing, that a Standing Army is inconsistent with a Free Government, and absolutely destructive to the Constitution of the English Monarchy” http://www.reformation.org/john-trenchard.pdf

        2. @Gil, that could be the first half smart think you have said. SHOOT BACK! Think about it, if your brain still works!

    4. John Farnam,

      Your quote, “Every picture has been repainted..” made us pause b/c we do many videos with freeze-frame pics from the vids to show our students. We ‘believe’, your picture above came under that Hollywood-repainted-heading. The barrel of this Glock 19 (?) would have started lifting from the recoil by the time that ignition flare was that visible; especially with a one-handed grip, but then it may have not looked as cool….;)

      Just my 2-cents,


    5. Back in 1993 or so hitlery was on the larry king show and she came right out and said that she saw a gun get up walk around and fire itself off all the while no one was touching it, I guess it was one of the new ones that does not require anyone to handle it to go off, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Yeah these so called people that think a gun qwill go off just by looking at know absolutely nothing about a modern FIREARM, the guy in the article did everything exactly WRONG,FIRST) he was playing with it in an unsafe manor, SECOND) he was pointing it a unsafe direction, THIRD) he had his finger on the trigger which is a big NO NO. at the very least he should be held for at least negligent homicide, That whole episode should have never happened if he knew what he was doing. ALL guns require at least one thing to go off and that is someone handling it at touching the trigger…

    6. Just had a shooting in VA. What did their gun control laws do? The gave the gunman the advantage of knowing that there were very few that could return fire.

      1. Maco…,

        Your post reminds us of, “Statistic show that criminals commit less crimes after they have been shot..!”…;)

      2. Yeah but you can bet your bottom dollar that assmunch Terry McAuliffe will be calling for more gun control. The dummies in Virginia that elected that turd surprised me, I thought they had more sense than that.

        1. Old Man, the dummies that elected are the Leftists, mostly in Northern Virginia. NoVA is the most populous area in VA, like NYC in NYS, it usually controls the statewide election results.

            1. oh he’s got holes, alright, prolly IS one…… a type A hole.

              He is surely no bard, though… not a hint of poetic talent in evidence.

              Idiot? Spot on.

          1. Gil, no where in the 2A does it state anything remotely close to what you posted, neither has anyone, but you, stated anything like that.

            1. Gil, we want to kill anyone. We also don’t want to be killed. Disarming in the face of danger, IE giving up the ability to defend oneself, is ludicrous.

            2. Gil, again, that is not part of the Second Amendment. Even Hands, Feet, and Fists, are listed in the FBI crime stats. It doesn’t take a firearm to kill, but it’s a great force equalizer.

          2. True enough. gill….. and that power in the hands of the law abiding and innocent puts us at some advantage when some nutjob takes HIS and, no justification, begins to threaten innocents.. like that guy at the ball field. Funny thing… what stopped that creep? Yes, it was some GOOD GUYS with guns, who DID take the life of the perpetrator.

        1. Beware of Mas – n – Gil our resident Snowflake/ Libtard / Socialist troll.
          Sounds to me like the dude in Tennessee disregarded the number one rule of a shooter – ” Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until your sure of your target.” The author of this article is correct about the media though – anything to stir up anti – gun fear mongering. Gee look who bought into that – the Hoplophobe, he’s the type that would kill someone by boring them to death.

          1. OM,

            Please you the correct term in your posts to identify the above named a$$wipe, going forward, it’s GFYG…

            Thank you for your cooperation.

      1. My Dearest VPC Gil,
        I believe the main problem plaguing our country currently, is a fundamental lack of common sense. For too long dummies have been breeding with dummies(think: mom and dad). I think everyone should have to take an IQ test before they’re allowed to pro-create. If you get pregnant or get someone else pregnant without passing the test, your offspring will be taken for you. And you will be sterilized. Obviously this would have negated your existence.

        1. Any chance that GFYG gets to slam our natural rights … he will take. The dude may have a whole total of two brain cells up there fighting for space in that pointy little head of his, but anytime he loses an argument about the 2A his mangina gets hurt.

        2. @CS you give him too much credit.. his dad was choking his chicken in a flower bed and we got this blooming idiot.

      2. Gil, why worry about us decent gun owners? The police killed over 900 people last year. Some were justified killings while many were not. Shouldn’t you be about disarming the police instead of civilians? They’re much more likely to wrongfully shoot someone than we are.

          1. Macofjack, you must live in an alternative universe where all govt employees tell the truth & ride on unicorns. Stop trusting your slave masters!

            1. @Darren, no I check facts and write politicians/business’s and make sure my voice it heard. Try getting out of you mom’s basement and get a life worth living!

            2. Macofjack, Ah, the old Mom’s basement card! You really told me. Keep checking those “facts” your slave masters feed you.

            1. Nazi LOL No, my boss is a Sugar Plum Fairy riding a Unicorn. Whoo hoo! I’ll give you credit for having an active imagination. Post some more fiction, please.

    7. Is an 18-year old in TN allowed to legally own a handgun?

      In my home state of Texas you must be at least 21 for hand guns.

        1. states that allow private transfers/gifts without BGC and have a minimum age of 18 to BUY a handgun have qite a few under 21 handgun owners. Once UBC comes in to a given state, though, no more… NICS won’t give a Proceed Code for a handgun purchaser under 21. That is one of the changes forced upon Washingotn with Bloomburg’s illegal gun bill he bought us a few years back.

      1. You need to be 21 to purchase a pistol from a FFL because it’s regulated by Federal law. However, the article states it was a graduation gift – and private transfers within a given state are regulated by state law.

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