Pure, Unadulterated, Evil – A Clear Argument for More Women with Guns

By Mark Walters : Opinion

Francisco Palencia, 17, and Josue Ramirez, 19,
Francisco Palencia, 17, and Josue Ramirez, 19,
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- I hate criminals.

I have no empathy, no sympathy, no time and no concern for them. None.

I don’t care where they came from or their background in life. I don’t care where or how they grew up. I don’t care that they chose to put an illegal substance in their body that addicted them nor do I care who was or wasn’t “there” for them.

I don’t care about what or how much they drank or ate or any other lame-ass excuse a defense attorney will conjure up in a bid to reduce a sentence. I simply do not care.

When you willfully attempt to deprive another human being of their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you lose your right to all three of the above instantly, and whatever befalls you, up to and including your death, you have rightfully earned. Meet your maker? Too bad for you. Yeah, I hate criminals, especially the ones so vile and disgusting that no punishment is severe enough. If you think those are harsh comments or a brutal attitude, you may change your mind after you read this column.

I opened up my Thursday (6-29-2017) Armed American Radio Daily Defense national broadcast with a terrible news story. A story so vile and so disgusting it made my blood boil. An account of criminal activity so vicious that it wiped out the previous six hours I had spent working on topic content for the day’s show. The NY Post headline was enough to grab my attention– Teens accused of using Tasers on young mom, rape her in front of son. I guess if I ever get to the point that a headline like that doesn’t grab my attention, it’s time to move on. Let me give you a taste of this depravity.

The woman had told officers with the Gwinnett County Police Department that she was brutally attacked soon after she walked in the front door of her apartment around 3 a.m. May 12 2017. She said she walked into the living room and saw two men wearing dark clothes and ski masks in the kitchen, according to a police report.

Armed with Tasers, the masked suspects approached the mother and shocked her “numerous times” before pushing her in the direction of a bedroom. The woman tried to walk toward her children instead, prompting one of the suspects to throw a pot of boiling water on her. When she continued to resist, the mother was doused with another pot of boiling water, police said.

One of the suspects then forced the woman to perform oral sex after she was ordered to take off her clothes. She later told police that her younger son was in a car seat near the kitchen during the assault, while her older son — who followed her and one of the suspects into the bedroom — sat on the bed as she was raped and witnessed the “entire incident,” according to the police report, which did not indicate the age of the woman’s children.

Police on Tuesday arrested two suspects — Francisco Palencia, 17, and Josue Ramirez, 19, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Both were ordered held without bond at the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

As I asked my listeners to do on air yesterday before going into more detail, I want to ask you to do the same, to put yourself in the home. If you’re female, imagine her being you. If you’re male, think about your mother, your sister, your wife, grandmother, daughter, or anyone else close to you. Think about your children, your nieces or nephews, grandchildren, etc. I want you to put yourself in that home at the moment of that attack. This young woman was returning home from work near 3 AM when she found the scumbags in her home. She was only returning home from work. Francisco Palencia, 17, Josue Ramirez,19, and an unnamed 15-year-old “girl” were arrested and are being held without bond.

These animals do not belong on our streets. They have no place in our schools, in our restaurants, our stores or our libraries or movie theaters. They are not worthy of being anywhere another human being is allowed. They are not worthy of watching a sunset or sunrise, eating a fine meal, or experiencing human contact.

I can only hope society ends their existence on this Earth as quickly as possible and does it with as little expense to the taxpayers of Georgia as is necessary. As a resident of Georgia myself, I would gladly contribute a few extra bucks to put them down like the animals they are.

I will repeat myself. I have no concern whatsoever for these three. They deserve to die. They have earned it. I don’t care about their pathetic lot in life. I don’t care what card they drew in the parent pool or what rung they hail from on the socioeconomic ladder. I don’t care about their race, immigration status, or ages. I can and do hope for a miserable existence for them while they rot in prison awaiting their fate, which had better be a state endorsement of “lights out.”

Now comes the teaching moment.:

Had this young woman had a gun strapped to her body, she may very well have been able to end this horror before it began. Maybe not. Here’s what’s indisputable–without a firearm, she is utterly helpless and stands no chance whatsoever. Very few of us can physically overpower three determined attackers. A gun, on the other hand, changes the odds.

Vow never to let this happen to yourself or someone you know. Understand evil exists and prepare to deal with it every waking moment of your life. Understand it can and will attack you when and if it chooses and at a time and place of its choice, not yours. You, on the other hand, can use terrible stories like this to make sure this never happens to you or your loved ones.

You have a right to bear arms. For God’s sake, use it every minute of every day.


About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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Brandon Reed

Why can’t we just go back to killing people the way they killed or traumatized their victims? One bullet in front of a firing squad would be the cheapest way and it makes sense.


Once convicted and sentenced to death, place the convicts inside an industrial vacuum chamber,
lock it down and press the big red button. WOOSH WOOSH.

Instant vacuum packaged convict. Harvest their organs if they are healthy enough before vacuuming.

Put it on youbube.

Yes I am one sick puppy.

Jim Macklin

These scum are no doubt chemical experiments gone bad. Their organs should be studied but are worthless for transplanting. If she had been carrying a gun, even a .32 or .380 auto and she was willing to use it she stood a very good chance of surviving w/o burns, raped and her children would be less traumatized. I am sure that this woman will buy a gun for the “next time.” Man or woman, learn from this and don’t be a victim. I like laser sights because they make it easier to hit your attacker and they are a weapon… Read more »

JorgeNorberto Pedace


Jim Macklin

Google translation


give them life in prison at hard labor without possibility of parole that would be worse than death

Jim Macklin

An under water habitat, about 20 fathoms down with air pumped down from the surface. They would be free to even swim outside their habitat, but only w/o any SCUBA equipment. . After one day at 120 feet their bodies would require decompression over a period of a day or so. If they tried to swim to the surface they would have the bends and die in terrible agony. If they didn’t know how to exhale from the depths their lungs would rupture, if they surfaced directly they would have the bends and drown in a few minutes. Let the… Read more »


It is an ever increasing fact that we need to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Being 74 years old I can well remember when things were not as confrontational as now. We had many less illegals and mommy raised thugs than now. NOW we have gun laws that restrict us from injuring these poor misguided monsters and the ones that encourage them to sneek in to this country are the same ones that are trying to take our guns, all while they are protected by their own thugs with guns. Isn’t it about time to end… Read more »

Phillip Ternullo

You’re absolutely right ! Have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday .


If these individuals were illegal aliens every politician that facilitated their ability to stay in the United States should be investigated, arrested, charged, prosecuted and jailed if found guilty. Enough of this already, these people are not fit to breath the air of freedom in the United States.

Jim Macklin

And too often when we catch illegals and deport them they come back, often within a few days and continue their crime spree with Mexico a safe retreat. Deportation is not punishment.
Lock them up in a tent city behind a triple row of barbed wire 50 miles away from water and food. After a year of eating surplus emergency rations and canned water, tattoo their face with bright yellow ink, ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL and send them home in a bus that is only air conditioned in the driver’s compartment.


We don’t need to blame immigration or race or even socioeconomic status; I as an American know we breed those kind of animals too. We need to make it easier fir law abiding citizens to not only get legally armed; but offer free self defense classes. We give free English classes and free lunch, don’t we?

Wild Bill

@Lou, Why does our criminal justice system make it so easy for bureaucrats to control ordinary people, but impossible to control criminals? Could it be that we have hired multiple levels of self interested incompetents to run a system designed by geniuses?


I look forward to reading a Bob Irwin story and see a picture of these two creeps with one word across their picture DEAD.

Herman Gothe

I do care that they were illegal aliens and should have never been in our nation and I blame the government that allows this and the people of this once great nation.


Herman, aim that blame at the DEMOCRATS (liberals) They have made this nation a JOKE and FREE RIDE for any and all. Just walk across the border and get EVERYTHING for FREE !

Kim Stolfer

Mark, another expose on the fact that we are ALL responsible for our own safety and any law that deprives us of that is absolutely illegitimate and unconstitutional! This is a story that all of us should share and use as a foundation to build our resolve to fight even harder to restore our rights!

Lou Bethel

With any luck, they’ll be killed in a day or so in prison.
Hopefully they will suffer first.
No sympathy, no feelings for these worthless pieces of crap.

Ronald Proffit

Lou, no no no no no!!!!!! These pieces should not be killed. Instead, while in jail, other inmates should break into their cells and rape them while other inmates watch and laugh. Every morning about 3 am. Karma’s a Bitch!


God Mark I hate you for this article. One day of freedom for the liberal crap hole the left has made America.
One day? Was that too much to ask?

You’re right of course; I was just hoping for a chance to let it go. Even for just a day.


If you want to live in this “new liberal” America, you can’t “let it go” for a day. In fact, you can’t ignore it for a day, an hour, or even a minute! Your first defense is to avoid areas that might compromise your safety and the second is situational awareness. But wait, this lady was attacked in her home and in front of her children! There are no safe places anymore. So it is up to you to protect yourself and your family. Believe it or not, one of the options now is to move to a safer country.… Read more »


Are 2A heroes going to make sure these thugs don’t even make to trial or what?

Lou Bethel

Gil – what kind of jerk question is that.
2A means protecting yourself and family from harm.
It does not mean taking the law into your own hands.



The rule of law is dead in this country. Witness the numerous crimes and treasons of Hillary Clinton. It is time the citizens take this country back from the ruling elites, the badged thugs and the criminal judiciary. It is that or ccontinue to bend over and grab one’s ankles as you are wont to do.


Au contraire, in the early day militias groups enforced the law.


Gil. You are a slime sucker. I hope when go out the door, your boyfriend and your mother come out from under the front porch and bite you on your fat ass!



BillyBob Texas

I think Gil – The Troll – wants to have them killed. Step up, A$$HOLE. Be a man and do it yourself. You are not much different from them – because you always have excuses and sympathy for these type of people. It’s the big-bad armed patriots that you constantly disparage. YOU are the weakling, the wimp, the liberal excuser of all things evil. And you rest within the security of patriots – those who give their all to allow you such foolishness. Yes, you are a pathetic human being in this free country that you do so much to… Read more »


Billy Bob,

“Free country” ? Free my ass. Can you carry concealed without a government permission slip in all 57 states ? Can you own property in fUSA and not be forced to pay property taxes ? Ownership of property was once the sign of a FREE man. Now you only rent “your” land from the government. Don’t pay your property taxes and watch how long before the badged thug sheriff comes with a rifle squad of deputies and tells you to get out of HIS house !

Spare me the freakin’ flag waving and go have another doobie.

BillyBob Texas

Dan 3 – if you can find ANY other country on this planet more free than this one….go to it. This one beats the $hit outta’ anyplace else. With any civilization comes some ‘Rules”. You may not like them ALL, but you are free to change them – or leave. Bitchin’ on here because YOU don’t have complete freedom to live in your cave without any ‘Rules’ from society…..doesn’t change nuthin’! Change it – or leave. Quitcherbitchin’ and DO SOMETHING! Have you run for office to get into the place that sets such property taxes? Have you helped finance one… Read more »


BillyBob, Oh….so I call you out on your “bend over and grab your ankles” “freedom” bull crap and you M-F me instead of accepting the truth. This garbage you spew about this being the most “free” country is typical of you collecivists. “….more free than this one….” is statist CRAP. “Close enough for government” eh, Billy Boy ? You want to write about “rules” ? You ever been in a freakin’ Law Library smart guy ? There’s your “rules” for you. Shelves and shelves and shelves of your beloved rules. In MY world it is called tyranny ! In your… Read more »


BTW Billy Boy….you never answered my initial questions of you. Instead you ignored them and implemented your rudeness by answering my questions with questions. Doesn’t work that way tough guy.

What’s that line about Texas….”….steers & queers.” ? They need to add imbeciles !

Richard L

Say, Billy Bob, is Dan III actually Obama in disguise ?

“Free country” ? Free my ass. Can you carry concealed without a government permission slip in all 57 states ?

Wild Bill

@Dan III , Well, it is a free enough country that he is not required to answer your questions! You are both right, of course, there are too many governments that all think it is their job to rule us. Too many regulations, promulgated and enforced by too many faceless nameless bureaucrats. But this is a nice place to live and anyone can earn a living here. Just look at some of our local trolls. On the other hand, there are countries that are so free that you can carry an RPG as your personal side arm, chew on addictive… Read more »



Good to see you caught my reference to the illegal and unconstitutional presidency of the illegal Kenyan, Barack Barry Hussein soetoro-obama.


Wild Bill, Odd, you defend ol’ Billy Bob not having to answer my 5 questions. But, you merrily accept his challenging me to answer HIS questions. Questions from an anonymous, keyboard warrior who js no less a troll than those he accused as such. FYI….I’m not interested in an anonymous “My Dick is Bigger Than Your Dick” contest with some ass clown like Billy Boy. Billy Boy who wants to anonymously challenge others to tell him what they have/have not done with their own Freedom efforts. I get particularly angry at anonymous, keyboard warriors who make remarks to other folks… Read more »

Wild Bill

III, I was defending you, too! I think that there are enough leftist infiltrators sneaking onto this site to keep us all busy without attacking and insulting each other. That just causes divisions between us. Remember Ronald Reagan’s dictum, “Never attack another Republican.”? I hope that this will serve as an explanation, that I am not required to make.

BillyBob Texas

Dan #, you know I will not put that personal info out there – anymore than you will. Stoopid would be understaing it. And you didn’t answer MY question? Where can you find a better place to live? No, the USA ain’t perfect – but where is better? And, why aren’t you there? I am a 22 year military VN veteran, former Fed LEO, supporter of every 2A group I can find. And a LOT needs to be fixed. But burning the place down doesn’t fix anything…..ask the idiots who burned down the own Watts area in LA ? Or… Read more »


Likewise plenty of tough guy comments here by others about hoping extra-judicial harm comes to these pair yet they aren’t going to do it themselves.


I don’t comment often here, but in this case I just have to ask, Gil were you dropped on your head at time of birth or do you practice and work at being stupid?

Wild Bill

R, I believe that it was GFYG that first brought up tough guy comments about hoping extra-judicial harm comes to the pair. Here is GFYG’s comment from earlier, “Are 2A heroes going to make sure these thugs don’t even make to trial or what?” He hopes to manipulate others to do that which he is incapable of himself.

Robert Thomas

Shut your pie hole you sack of wet s*it.

marc disabled vet

Not Another Victim for them, game over !