myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger Review & Test

AmmoLand News editor, Joe Evans, takes the myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger out for a test run.

myCharge All Terrain Portable Charger
myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger

Ammoland Shooting SportsUSA -( Like most American adults, I’m always on the go. In my line of work as a journalist and in my daily life, I don’t have much downtime.

No matter if it’s at the gym, on an airplane or just on my way around town, I just don’t have the time to stop, plug in and charge my devices.

Thankfully, the myCharge All Terrain line of portable chargers is perfect for my lifestyle. 

myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger

I’ve taken the myCharge with me nearly everywhere I go for the past couple months. It’s gone with me overseas throughout Europe, up a mountain, to six different U.S. states and to the gym with me everyday. Now, I can’t imagine being without it.

The myCharge is a rugged, tough portable charger. It’s not like the other fragile, plastic portable chargers on the market. The exterior of the myCharge is a tacky rubber, meaning it can take a beating and keep on going.

All Terrain battery chargers are encased inside an insulated and rugged exterior case with a flip lid that latches closed to seal off ports. The design of the All Terrain chargers protects them from drops up to three meters.

myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger ports
myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger ports

I put this to the test by accidentally dropping the myCharge down a big stone staircase in Barcelona, Spain. The charger bounced and rolled down the staircase, but was in perfect condition when I retrieved it at the bottom. That’s how tough this thing is.

The myCharge is water and spill proof, even remaining waterproof for up to one hour at depths as great as two meters. The insulation built into the case of the All Terrain chargers protects the two batteries inside from extreme heat and cold guarding against degradation and a loss of power.

And, when latched closed even the smallest grain of sand will not be able to work its way into the port on the All Terrain.

No matter where you go and what you do, the myCharge holds up.

  • The myCharge is rechargeable via any micro USB cable, so if you’re like me and often lose charging wires, the myCharge is a great fit.
  • The myCharge All Terrain line of battery chargers are available for purchase via the myCharge website and at retailers nationwide.

The All Terrain retails for $39.99 and the All Terrain Plus retails for $59.99 ( less $$ online). More information about the All Terrain chargers and the entire myCharge product line can be found at  

The value for what you’re getting is far beyond what you end up paying.

On top of the incredible durability, the myCharge is packed full of proprietary technologies.


Those features are listed below:

  • Hyper-Charge charges smartphones – including the new iPhone 6 Plus – up to 30 percent faster than the Apple-supplied charger.
  • Safe Cell Technology delivers 12 layers of battery and device protection against over-charge, under-charge, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit.
  • Rapid Recharge Technology recharges myCharge power banks up to four times faster than competitor’s chargers.
  • Power stay Technology retains up to 60 percent of a full charge for up to one year.
  • SmartSense Technology ensures device compatibility eliminating those annoying “not compatible” messages as seen from many chargers in the market.
  • Parallel Charging Technology simultaneously charges a mobile device and the charger at the same time, minimizing total charge time.

Having the myCharge around has been a major convenience. With the two charging ports and fast, powerful charging ability, I can get get all my devices recharged and ready to go for the rest of the day while I sit down and eat lunch.

myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger
myCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve charged my iPhone and Fitbit while I take a lunch break on a Florida beach or Spanish villa. The convenience, rugged design and unmatched charging power can’t be beat.

I would recommend the myCharge to anyone, no matter who they are or what they do. The myCharge is perfect for me, and it’ll be perfect for you as well. No matter if you’re kayaking, hiking or just need a portable charger to carry in your gym bag or purse, the myCharge will do the trick.


About Joe Evans: 

Joe Evans is the Assistant Editor at

The twenty-something-year-old journalist, freelance writer and editor is a Pennsylvanian, a University of Scranton 2016 graduate. He’s a sports fan, blogger and lover of all things interesting. Forever writing something somewhere.

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Charles Valenzuela

This is just ANOTHER item to be plugged in and charged. Extended backpacking or mountain climbing excursions? – turn your phone off when not needed . . . . No cellular coverage there anyway, is there? No. What you REALLY need, maybe, is an occasional-use charger that takes ordinary AA or other drycell batteries that can sit in there -unused- for years without periodic recharging, ready for emergency use. Like a flashlight. NOT some additional new gizmo that you have to remember to recharge every couple of days or once a week or month. Always ready to go. . .… Read more »