5.11 Donates $20,000 to Sheepdog Survival Fund

5.11 Tactical’s CEO, Tom Davin, and VP of Global Marketing, Willem Driessen, holding a $20,000 check from 5.11 to the Sheepdog Survival Fund
5.11 Tactical’s CEO, Tom Davin, and VP of Global Marketing, Willem Driessen, holding a $20,000 check from 5.11 to the Sheepdog Survival Fund

5.11 TacticalIrvine, CA-(Ammoland.com)- As an extension of the 5.11 Always Be Ready brand campaign, 5.11 has donated $20,000 to the Sheepdog Survival Fund from proceeds of the sale of its recently launched Defender-Flex Pants and Jeans. The Sheepdog Survival Fund is supported by 5.11 brand ambassador Tim Kennedy, and helps provide law enforcement, military, and other first responders obtain the best training and gear free of cost in order to successfully complete their missions.

“As part of our partnership with Tim Kennedy, we decided to create a philanthropic component to the relationship. Tim asked that we help him support the Sheepdog Survival Fund,” said 5.11’s CEO, Tom Davin. “5.11 makes purpose-build gear, like our Defender-Flex Pants and Jeans, to meet the functional needs of individuals just like those who the Sheepdog Survival Fund supports. It is a natural partnership and we are proud to partner with Tim in supporting the Sheepdog Survival Fund.”

5.11 brand ambassador, Kennedy, shared his thoughts, “Always Be Ready isn’t just a tagline; our survival depends on it. When the stakes are high, the Sheepdogs who protect us deserve the training and equipment that gives them every advantage over the wolves that stalk us all.” Humbled, Kennedy continues, “5.11 Tactical’s generous donation to the nonprofit Sheepdog Survival Fund gives America’s law enforcement and military a better chance to come home at the end of a tough shift, or a long deployment. I’m honored to represent 5.11 Tactical, and be a part of bringing awareness and assistance to this life-saving charity.”

5.11 Brand Ambassador, Tim Kennedy
5.11 Brand Ambassador, Tim Kennedy

Blake Hayes, Operations Director for Sheepdog Survival Fund shared Kennedy’s sentiment, “This donation from 5.11 will make a tremendous impact within our organization. Tim has been a supporter of ours for many years, and we’re excited to partner with 5.11 now as well. Our missions are similar – to provide the best gear to the people who protect and serve our nation and communities. 5.11’s donation will allow us to continue to do just this.”

For more information on the charitable contributions, Defender-Flex Pants and Jeans, and the Always Be Ready campaign, please visit http://www.511tactical.com/AlwaysBeReady.

About 5.11

With offices around the globe, 5.11 works directly with end users to create purpose-built apparel and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. 5.11 products exceed rigorous standards, which have allowed the brand to establish a reputation for innovation and authenticity, and become the premier choice for those that always have to be ready. 5.11 is a portfolio company of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI). Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling tactical gear and accessories at www.511tactical.com. Connect with 5.11 on Facebook, Twitter @511Tactical and on Instagram @511Tactical. #511tactical

About Sheepdog Survival Fund

The Sheepdog Survival Fund raises money to help law enforcement, military, and other first responders get the best training possible, no matter the cost. The Fund also helps provide the best equipment possible, to give our heroes the best chance to successfully and safely complete their missions. The Sheepdog Survival Fund strives to make this training and equipment free of cost to our heroes, courtesy of tax free donations from people like you. The Fund is constantly engaged with them to determine their needs and help in every way possible.

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Al Billngs

I have written a book called “Sheepdogs”, it won a gold medal at the Branson Stars and Flags book festival. Centered around the Marine theme “Sheepdogs”. A number of people has said they would like to see a movie done. If you have a contact I would be more than willing to discuss sharing the proceeds with your organization. The Thriller is also perfect for a series. I have a little experience in this area. I have been written about in several books (“Iron Butterfly”, “Fly Navy”, “Fie From The Sky”) and filmed on the History Channel and received a… Read more »