Justin Fairfax, Va. Democrat Lt Gov. Candidate, Calls for Gun Confiscation

Comments by Philip Van Cleave : opinion

Democrats, Justin Fairfax (R) and Tim Kaine agree on more gun control.
Democrats, Justin Fairfax (r) and Tim Kaine agree on more gun control.
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -(Ammoland.com)- Virginia Lieutenant Governor candidate Justin Fairfax, who is getting funds from Michael Bloomberg, has been pushing gun control since he announced his candidacy.

You know how the antis are always brushing us off saying, “no one wants to take your guns away” ?

Well, Fairfax appears to be calling for the CONFISCATION OF CERTAIN FIREARMS already owned by law-abiding citizens, based on a PodCast interview by anti-rights Delegate Mark Levine!

In the recording Fairfax says, “I think we absolutely have to look at these either converted automatic weapons or essentially automatic weapons and take a look at getting those out of civilian hands and getting those off the street.”

Converting a semi-automatic firearm into a machine gun is already illegal and will get you 10 years at Club Fed.

But “essentially automatic weapons” ? Is he referring to semi-automatic firearms? If so, is he calling for the confiscation of ALL semi-automatics or just some?

I think it is clear that “getting those out of civilian hands and getting those off the street” is without a doubt confiscation from existing gun owners.

Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax on Banning Guns
Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax on Banning Guns

Justin Fairfax clearly knows nothing about guns (in the PodCast he says that a “modified” semi-automatic rifle can fire 180 rounds PER SECOND. That is 10,800 rounds per minute! Even a military minigun can only fire 6,000 rounds per minute).

This guy wants to control our gun laws?

Earlier this year, Fairfax called for a “gun insurance” mandate where every law-abiding gun owner would be required to buy government-mandated insurance in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights or pay a stiff fine every year. A modern ‘poll tax’?


  • Contact Justin Fairfax and urge him to answer the VCDL Statewide Candidate survey, which was mailed to him during the Primaries and in mid-September. You can contact him at [email protected]
  • Call Senator Jill Vogel, who is running against Fairfax, at (540) 905-4844 and thank her for her 100% voting record on gun rights and for answering her VCDL survey “Very Pro-Gun.”
  • Forward this article to your gun-owning friends and post this information to the forums and message boards. Encourage your friends to subscribe to VA-ALERT, follow VCDL, and volunteer with us at the gun shows so we can continue keeping Virginia’s gun owners informed about these unprecedented attacks on our rights.

You can hear Fairfax’s complete comments in the PodCast by clicking here AND going to the 22:45 minute mark. His comments run until the 25:06 mark:

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit: www.vcdl.org.

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Ross Campbell

If they tried this moron shit,…,what about truks,where do they store them all.tyipical dumb ass’s


Kaine is a bottom feeder with no intelligence.If he is coaching this negro they will lose because Kaine is a loser and can’t make it from one bad job to another. (Vice pers. for Hiliary would be a bad job).


Clearly another candidate not letting a good crisis go to waste, he is lacking in firearms terminology.

Samuel Stephens

Another dumb democRAT trying to to do the impossible THINK.


“…cold, dead hands” Mr. Fairfax!


It always amazes me when black politicians support gun-control. The gun control movement has such racist roots. The “black codes” in the Jim Crow South. More recently, the gun bans in public housing and the attempt to ban “Saturday Night Specials” all affected low income minorities. The plantation mentality of the Democrats is so pervasive it kills me that they, the minorities and poor people, can’t see it.


Come and get ’em MF’r! Bring your own body bags. We’re going to need them to büry you in.

Wild Bill

, The little tag says Human Remains Pouch. Boz I admire your enthusiasm, but I believe that the various government will use taxation, regulation and bureaucracy to deprive us of all of our civil rights.


Does this so-called “confiscation” include weapons carried by bodyguards for protection of these mealy-mouth politicians?


Hey Justine, make absolutely sure that YOU are the first person and Kaine is second, OR stand side by side with your arms linked in your standard libtard/Democrat Kumbyah way at the door when you decide to confiscate ANY guns… Smile and wait for the flash A$$ HOLE…..

joe martin

Looks and sounds like another Obamawannabe.


Well I’m seeing where ANTIFA is calling for full civil war by November so I doubt any confiscation can take place in 3 weeks. Oh well, I’m not in the Peoples Republic of Virginia anyway.

Heed the Call-up

Fred, “the People’s Republic of Virginia”as you call it is one of most liberal regarding firearms rights, due mostly to the hard work of president Philip Van Cleave and his VCDL.

Some examples, we have permitless OC, that allows any law-abiding citizen of USA to do, and we are a “shall issue” CC permit state. Also, this year the VCDL got McAliffe to sign 50 state CC reciprocity.


I would be concerned as it appears the winds are changing in Va. All it takes is something like Las Vegas shooting and these predatory politicians will use the emotions at the time to push their gun grabbing agenda. As a Connecticut resident, I have experienced that first hand after Sandy Hook. Prior to that, we were like Va. is. Be wary of politicians who want to pass laws “for your own good”.

Heed the Call-up

ras, yes, we must be ever vigilant. Currently we still have a majority Republican legislature in both houses, which is why we have been able to thwart most of the evil of McAuliffe. That is why we are focused on stopping Northrum.


remember wounded knee they confiscated all there guns in 1890 then poceeded to kill them all that will not happen again..

Shelia Benson

What a scary site, two individuals that have no idea what is going on and just think they are going to take law abiding citizen’s guns away but do nothing about the gangs in our cities, towns and schools? Wake up America, we can’t allow these government clowns to take even one of our constitutional rights from us. ( Sure it worked for Hitler)

Vom Brunhaus

Hes a nutty negro capitalising on the recent shootings . Says zero about gangs n guns or the large scale amount of gun crimes commited by people that Look like Him . Kaine who hes cozy too in the foto is another anti Trump left wing Commie , who chases the Black vote . Kaine just another Simpleton that thinks white people dont vote . Hoping gets zero votes


He might spend time in inner city Richmond and work his gun control magic there. Good luck with that!

Wild Bill

@Shelia B, God forbid that government would think of working with the law-abiding population to do something about gang violence, gang crime, and gang recruiting. And what ever happened to posting rewards?


Interesting times are ahead for the Liberal envision of a country of that disrespects or ignores most aspects of a ‘Democratic Republic’, the ‘Constitution’ and the ‘Western Culture’ on which it was based.

Randall Hirsch

He needs to reread the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution!

Heed the Call-up

Randall, I believe it’s read, not re-read. That also applies to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That contains wording almost identical to the federal 2A. I wrote and told him to read both and if he goes against our constitutions (if he becomes lieutenant governor), he is failing his duty to the citizens of Virginia.


Can this get any more alarmist?

Heed the Call-up

Cry, citing the statements of this candidate is alarmist? What that man stated goes directly against the federal 2A and the constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We must stand strong against those willing to strip away our rights for political gain.

Heed the Call-up

Cru, sorry spellcheck auto-corrected your name to cry. I guess it is more intuitive than I realized.