VA Governor McAuliffe Decides He Can Ban Guns Under “Emergency” Orders

Terry McAuliffe
VA Governor Terry McAuliffe Decides He Can Ban Guns Under “Emergency” Orders
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( Governor McAuliffe now believes he can prohibit guns at rallies which are held at the Robert E. Lee Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond. That statue, unlike the other statues in the area, belongs to the Commonwealth and not to Richmond.

The Governor has issued another ‘emergency‘ regulation prohibiting guns during rallies by tying the condition of “no guns or weapons” to issuance of a permit. A rally of 10 or more people at this monument requires a permit.

Virginia Citizens Defense League takes no position on the monument itself, but we do take umbrage at the Governor thinking he can prohibit guns there considering that he has no legal authority to do so from the General Assembly.

The last rally at the statue did not ban guns and there was no violence. The Governor has a habit of abusing his powers by issuing “emergency orders” when there is no emergency.

Rest assured that Virginia Citizens Defense League and its lawyers are looking into this.

Here is a story on this matter: Emergency rules go into effect for rallies at Richmond Lee monument

Virginia officials have enacted emergency rules on rallies at the Robert E. Lee statue on Richmond’s Monument Avenue, ending a temporary ban on political demonstrations Gov. Terry McAuliffe imposed after the violence in Charlottesville.

The governor’s office announced Monday that regulations have gone into effect laying out a more restrictive process for groups applying for permits to demonstrate around the statue, the first and largest Confederate monument on Richmond’s iconic boulevard.

After the violent Aug. 12 incident in Charlottesville, where white nationalist groups rallied around a statue of Lee in a downtown park, McAuliffe suspended permits for events at the Richmond Lee statue, which is owned by the state.

The new rules ban guns and other weapons, limit crowd sizes to 500, require permits for any rally expected to draw 10 or more people, and restrict demonstrations to certain hours.

The governor created a state task force to craft new rules for rallies at the Lee statue. The emergency regulations took effect Friday and will remain in place for at least 18 months while the state Department of General Services takes public comment and prepares the final rules. The public comment period will begin Dec. 11 and remain open until Jan. 10.

The state is also considering changing the permitting process for events at Capitol Square, and the governor’s office invited public comment on rules for rallies at the Capitol.

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 38 thoughts on “VA Governor McAuliffe Decides He Can Ban Guns Under “Emergency” Orders

    1. This f***ing idiot should be aware that the last time a governor such as he is was HANGED by his people for even trying to do this! Should he be terminated? Either he capitulates or YES, be terminated by the citizens with extreme bias!

        1. The brain-dead liberal inmates of densely populated Occupied Northern Virginia and a couple of other blue dots on an otherwise RED map of Virginia are the culprits who elected ‘another democrat’. So please, leave us REAL Virginians out of your collective slur of “U people”, thankyouverymuch!

          1. This is the same problem NYS has. Liberal NYC, Niagra & Buffalo cause the election of liberal politicians. NYS is getting bankrupt from their programs including their useless, so called, sane gun control programs.

    2. Yep it’s embarassing that I am from VA. It was SO nice that far Yanks retired here & their brainwashed children have overrun populous areas (NVA, Arlington, Richmond, Newport) AND you are left with votes which overpower the rest of the state in an election. Exacerbating that of course are illegals, their children and hundreds of relatives. The Yanks were trying to escape taxes but began voting on the tax and spend (Dems) politicians in all levels of gov. Check out how long Dems have Controlled FFX County. McAwful beat the guy who sucessfully stopped the Dem Fed EPA that was going to cost the state millions because it said that water, too much of it was poison Sigh. 4 years to retirement – getting harder to find a Southern State that has not been overrun with the same ilk e.g. NC double sigh.

      1. A while back the local morning show radio guy was talking about an online survey which asked: “If you could vote any State out of the Union, which one would it be?” Of course there were lots of votes for California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and, well, you can probably guess. There weren’t many votes for Texas, Oklahoma, Montana and Sonoma. That all got me thinking: it isn’t the States. It’s the CITIES!! How much different would VA be without the D.C. area and Richmond: Illinois withou Chicago; CA without LA, SF and SD? Anyway, you get the idea. I live in Indiana, a very red State, just like most of VA. We had three counties which voted for The Wicked Witch: the counties around Indianapolis, Gary and the county where IU is located. The same situation is evident in EVERY other State. Just look at the 2016 presidential electoral map. This country is rapidly turning into a cities-vs-everyone-else political landscape. Thank God for the Elecroral College!! If it weren’t for our divinely-inspired Founders, we would now have The Wicked Witch in the White House.

        1. Same problem in Maine. Two counties and our biggest city in the southern part of the state attract moonbats from Massachusetts. Make me wonder if an Electoral College kind of thing implemented in all 50 states could tame this problem.

    3. Terry McAwful doesn’t have much time left to make the people of Virginia march in lockstep. I don’t believe I will go to Va. anytime soon as long as there is a commie type government there. You may be locked up for something you did not know you were doing wrong.

    4. At Charlottesville there was zero violence involving firearms. Those with arms were there to provide calm.

      Maybe the governor should ban cars and trucks at rallies?

    5. Locations where guns are allowed or restricted is codified in Virginia Law. The Governor cannot make or modify law, only the legislature can. If he wants he can get the court system to rule on the law but he can’t go out and single handedly change it, Our Governor is cut from the Clinton cloth.

      OBTW on these rallies; they can agree to anything but since the rally organizers have no control (i.e. the Charlottesville rally) over who or what groups show up — this would be meaningless.

    6. If this two-watt-bulb-for-a-brain is so certain that disarming responsible, law-abiding citizens (particularly for no reason other than his personal whim) is such a world-class idea… let that loser come try to personally disarm us. Not his police department, or his state police, or his security team… HIM!!

      Of course, it’s too much to ask that he would be intelligent enough to supply his own body bag…

    7. Perhaps banning guns during a crisis can be done, but only if he can prove that a crisis actually exists. None of the fake stuff the left has been using.

      However, my view is in keeping with the authors, James Madison and George Mason, which says that when there is a crisis it’s exactly the right time for the guns to be brought out into the light in order to reset everything.

    8. VA has this “goofy Clintonite” governor with the same profile and thinking as Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in CA. Both these jerks live in the socialist “LaLa land” of fruits, flakes, nuts, degenerates, America haters, and sexual deviants of every persuasion. You Virginians still have time to get off this path to socialism, but it’s too late for CA. I’m an Illinoisian, but not proud of it. We have ChiRaq (used to be Chicago), a war-zone, allowed to exist by a corrupt Clintonite mayor. Our state government is totally corrupt and financially broke. Take note VA…..this could happen to you.

    9. We were thinking of relocating and retirement in Virginia after vacationing there for years but not anymore! Their state government has passed draconian laws over the past decade ranging from fines on driving tickets to firearms. Not a pleasant place nor situation to be in anymore. They need to revise their state slogan to “Virginia is for Fools”.

        1. Oh Well, he was elected by the people. Everyone should have known what they were in for. And now that the supreme court has started to reject hearing 2A cases one can expect more of this. This gun control for the Democrats is like the take over of socialism to them, one bite at a time.

    10. Public safety must always be first. Guns in your home to protect life liberty and property is fine guns in public to bully others is another story.

      1. I don’t CCW to “bully” others and neither do any of my CCW friends and acquaintances. We CCW in public for the exact same reason we do at home, as you noted, “to protect life liberty and property”. Help me understand, why do you think it’s not OK for law-abiding citizens “to protect life liberty and property” in public when, as is the case most times, police are not available to do so?

      2. @Bridget O’droole, So one’s family is important enough to defend in the home, but once they step outside the importance of one’s family diminishes? Or maybe one’s family should never step outside the house? Is that the limit of your intellectual vision?
        Never seen you post here before. Must have been paid to comment here.

    11. Standard knee jerk reaction of the left. Never come up with a solution, just react emotionally whether it’s warranted or will do any good. Many don’t understand as the President pointed out that there were two sides to the Charlottesville riots, they don’t want to know that both sides are filled with hate and as long as they were kept apart they simply trampled the grass, but then they were herded together and the results actually were rather lackluster compared to Ferguson, Baltimore or any of the race riots our country has seen. The woman that died had a heart attack and fell and hit her head which killed her, the two policeman died in a helicopter accident. One idiot actually pulled a pistol and shot into the crowd and missed everyone, he should never see the light of day again, but no doubt will.

    12. so 10 ccw show up…. whose gonna know? impossible to ban guns at public events unless you search everyone and require a magnatometer scan.

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