Virginia 2017 Elections & the Path Ahead for Gun Rights

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Virginia 2017 Elections & the Path Ahead for Gun Rights
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( Unfortunately the 2017 election has dealt Virginia Citizens Defense League a difficult hand to play, but play it, we shall.


Basically, as far as the Executive branch goes, the next four years are going to look like the last four years:

  • Governor: Bad news – vetoes of pro-gun bills, calls for gun control with every tragedy, keeping the prohibition on carry in state agencies (trespass charge if you don't leave when asked), and requiring the State Police to tell the police in states like Maryland if a person has a Virginia CHP. Good news – the Governor has minimal power to create real gun-control.
  • Lt. Governor: Bad news – in the case of 20-20 ties in the Senate, the tie will be broken against gun owners. Good news – the Lt. Governor has no power over gun rights other than rarely breaking tie votes in the Senate.
  • Attorney General: Bad news – more Amicus briefs and letters to Congress supporting gun-control. Good news – the Attorney General has little power to affect gun rights.


A more important issue right now than who runs the Executive branch is which party will control the House of Delegates. As I write this on Wednesday afternoon, the Republicans hold a razor-thin 51-49 lead. There are at least 4 races that will have recounts and things could go either way, or even end in a 50-50 tie! I've been told that a tie would be broken by the Lt. Governor, so the Democrats would control the House.

UPDATE: In the section above I wasn't clear on what would happen if the House is tied 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats.  When the House votes to elect a Speaker, if the vote is tied, I'm told the Lt. Governor would break that particular tie and then the House would then end up with a Democrat as Speaker.  That would be the only time the Lt. Governor would have any say in matters before the House.

We won't know the final outcome until early December.

The party which controls the House will have a strong hand on the fate of gun bills. For gun owners, we have to hope that Republicans control the House as a firewall to keep gun control bills off the desk of the Governor and pro-rights bills moving. Republicans have a razor-thin majority in the Senate (21 to 20), which also might provide another level of gun-control protection and forward movement on pro-rights bills.


Think Virginia has turned blue for the first time? Hardly. When I first became involved in what was then the Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League, the Democrats controlled BOTH the House and the Senate, while Virginia had a Republican governor (George Allen). The Speaker of the House was Democrat Tom Moss who represented Norfolk. Pro-rights bills were killed with regularity in the House Militia & Police committee, while anti-gun bills sailed out. Even in that environment, NVCDL got “Shall Issue” passed into law. NVCDL, and later, VCDL, were able to stop most of the gun-control bills. That said, there were more pro-rights Democrats in the General Assembly in those days.

Sadly, when the Republicans had control of the House, the Senate, and the Governorship, they slow-walked pro-gun bills so as to not pass too many at a time and even quashed good bills deemed “controversial.” The Democrats will have no such artificial limitation placed on their gun-control bills, nor will they care if the bills are controversial.


The gun-control dangers are now more pronounced. Things which we will be seeing pushed with renewed vigor include:

  • One-Handgun-a-Month reinstatement
  • An “assault weapon” ban
  • A “high” capacity magazine ban
  • Universal Background Checks
  • Prohibition on carry in state agencies given teeth (right now it is merely a trespass charge if a person refuses to leave)
  • Expand the list of misdemeanors that make someone a “prohibited person” in order to disarm more and more people
  • Firearm Protective Order that will allow for the confiscation of firearms based merely on the word of another, without any due process or even notification prior to confiscation

Newly elected Democrat Delegate Chris Hurst (boyfriend of a murdered TV news reporter) is already saying that the wave of new Democrats in the House increases the opportunities for more gun-control. (


FIRST, WE NEED A STRONG Virginia Citizens Defense League. If you're not a dues-paying member, it's time to get off the fence and help swell our ranks. Work the VCDL table at gun shows and other events. There are 450,000 CHP holders in Virginia, yet we have only 7,000 members. Our membership number should be well into six digits. With that kind of membership and a corresponding increase in VA-ALERT subscribers, our power will increase dramatically. Virginia Citizens Defense League is working on an aggressive legislative-agenda for 2018!

SECOND, WE NEED A STRONG LOBBY DAY (Monday, January 15, 2018 at 8:00 am at the temporary General Assembly Building in Richmond). That will remind legislators that gun owners expect their rights to be protected and restrictions on our gun rights lifted.

THIRD, REACH OUT TO NON-GUN OWNERS THAT YOU KNOW OR MEET, which is especially important in the blue parts of Virginia. Invite them to the range. Show them the fun of shooting and the empowerment of being able to defend themselves in an emergency. Having more gun owners in the bluer parts of the Commonwealth will increase gun-control's toxicity in the long run.

FOURTH, GUN RIGHTS HAVE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY OVER THE LAST 22 YEARS – there are now 450,000 CHP holders, up from just a few thousand in 1995. Also, DC vs Heller and Chicago vs McDonald have clarified that the Second Amendment protects an INDIVIDUAL'S right to own guns and that protection restricts state laws, too. Hopefully we will have more pro-rights U.S. Supreme Court rulings in the future.

And, finally, there will be another election for the Virginia House (and Senate) in two years. We need to be prepared to be more active than ever!

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Virginia 2017 Elections & the Path Ahead for Gun Rights

    1. Gun owners in Virginia have a tough row to hoe but as it appears they brought it on themselves and will just have to live it out until the next election. I think I will avoid Virginia until this settles down. I don’t need any jail time.

      1. Virginia didn’t bring this on themselves it was the mass immigration laws of the U.S 20-30 Million , illegal and otherwise to include felons voting and dead voting rigging of the election along with the federal government of hiring so called immigrants to government jobs that promoted the false narrative of Democracy vice Republic.

        1. @Orrin M, You have your finger on the pulse, brother. Everything that you describe is the result of political corruption. The same greed and corruption that caused the fall of Rome.

    2. The people who stayed home and didn’t go vote on election day have no one to blame but themselves if more gun laws are enacted by the next class of state legislature members.
      They say your vote doesn’t count is a farce, all those single votes add up and can make a difference.

    3. I’m just grateful I don’t live east of the Mississippi River. It seems to get worse every year, and then there’s California.

    4. Virginians are fools if they think the lefty Dems aren’t going to push for more gun “control”.

      1. James, you are correct, we are not fools, with the exception of the leftists that voted for him. Unfortunately, the swamp land of DC has expanded into Northern Virginia. We appear to still have a very slim majority in our state senate, but there are RINOs there, too. So, it will be a bleak 4 more years. We survived the last 4 and other Demonic (sic) terms, so we will survive this, too.

      1. Chris Hurst quit his job, left Roanoke, disappeared for some time, and then suddenly reappeared in a different district to run for office on the grave of Allison. Thoughts from people I know in that area include perhaps he disappeared to become a Bloomberg funded lackey. Power and money.

      2. Not just a Democrat, but also a self-described anti-white racist. Unfortunately, Chris Hurst is only permitted to use the memory of the woman he loved as a political prop for Democrat-approved narratives.

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