Westgate Resorts To Scan All Guest for Weapons, So Much for Personal Privacy

Patscan CMR Microwave Scanner
Patscan CMR Microwave Scanner

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Back on October 1st, 2017 Stephen Paddock shot and killed 59 concertgoers attending a country music festival in Las Vegas from an elevated position at The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. In response to this shooting, one hotel is now using a discrete radar system to detect guest that might be carrying guns without the consent or knowledge of being scanned by their guest.

In the city that is home to SHOT Show, more and more hotels are going to be installing a weapon detecting device called the Patscan Cognitive Microwave Radar made by the Canadian security firm PatriotOne Technologies.

This Patscan CMR Microwave Scanning tool scans hotel guest without their knowledge at the time of check-in or anywhere in the hotels using radar in the form microwaves.

The first hotel that is going to be using this technology is The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. The Westgate opted for this technology because they can scan their customers discreetly without their knowledge. This evasive secret scan isn't an accident, or an overlooked sign in the hotel. According to the Westgate, they want to be able to scan their customers their customers without their consent.

WestGate bans all guns from its resorts with a few exceptions:

“Weapons Policy: Resort premises are private property. The safety and security of our guests, visitors, vendors, and associates is of utmost importance to Westgate Resorts. This policy is designed for the protection of our guests, visitors, vendors, and associates, and pertains to the presence of weapons on premises owned and/or operated by Westgate Resorts. Any and all weapons, including but not limited to, firearms, knives, and/or explosives, concealed or not concealed, with or without a concealed weapon(s) permit, are not permitted by any person and/or for any reason except as expressly detailed here on any and all premises owned and/or operated by Westgate Resorts. What constitutes a weapon will be determined by Westgate Resorts in its sole and absolute discretion. Sworn, on-duty State and Federal law enforcement officers whose agency has jurisdiction at the applicable premises, and military personnel, may carry any weapon. Resort Associates may carry a weapon with express written permission or as part of their assigned duties. Shotguns are permitted at Westgate River Ranch Resort for the sole and express use at the Trap & Skeet Range. Any and all persons who possess a weapon on premises either as permitted or in violation of this Policy must follow all applicable Federal, State, and local laws with respect to that weapon. Persons found to be in violation of this Policy may be subject to applicable Trespass laws. This policy applies to any and all on Westgate Resorts' owned and operated properties. The company expects that these individuals will comply with all provisions of this policy. Where Federal and/or State law or rules differ, the company will abide by the applicable standard.”

The scanning devices are so small that they can be installed at the front check-in desk, in elevators, in walls, or even the doors to the guest rooms. The Patscan CMR devices use the same technology that cars use for parking assistance, but in this case, it is used to violate the privacy of the hotel customers.

One of the selling points that PatriotOne touts is that hotels do not have to ask for consent or even let the hotel guest know that they are being scanned for firearms avoiding issues with a guest who does not want their luggage or person to be examined by the hotel. PatriotOne claims that no ones rights are being violated.

Patscan CMR
Patscan CMR

Not only can the Parscan CMR device be used to scan for firearms. It can also detect knives and other weapons. In fact, it can almost be used to identify anything that a guest might have as long as the hotel uploads the signatures into the database that powers the Parscan CMR.

I reached out to PatriotOne Technologies and was told that they only keep on file weapon signatures.

When I ask PatriotOne Technologies about the possibility of a third party signature file being used, they were unconcerned about that chance because they hold a patent on the signature files. When I asked about the patent being violated by unscrupulous parties, they seemed indifferent about that possibility because of the limited use of the information.

PatriotOne Technologies touts the fact that they believe privacy is not an issue since the device will only alert on a possible match. According to PatriotOne Technologies own data, there is a 6.2% false positive rate. This rate might not seem like a lot, but it does lead to privacy concerns for the guest that is taken into custody at gunpoint for a false positive.

According to Mark Waltrip, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, the hotel will have a 100% scan rate for all guest at the Westgate. Waltrip states that guest knowing the hotel scans them will take away from the fun of Las Vegas so they will conceal the devices.

Waltrip, who is a concealed weapons holder, claims he supports the second amendment, but at the same time, he told Wired magazine, “I have a concealed carry permit myself. But, you know, on our properties, we want to maintain a safe environment, and we don't need guests bringing weapons on site. We really don't want that kind of surprise.”

Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is the first hotel in Las Vegas to get the Parscan CMR, but according to PatriotOne the device be deployed by other major hotels in the second half of 2018

John Crump
John Crump
  • PatriotOne Technologies can be found at www.patriot1tech.com.
  • The Westgate can be found online at www.westgateresorts.com

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com.

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    1. Where are all the hero’s carrying weapons saving a** loads of lives? F*** your all retarded it’s called the element of surprise. I don’t care if you have 10 guns on you. When someone wants to sneak up on you and blow your head off they don’t tap you on the shoulder and say, pardon me but I’m about to shoot! Therefore one person on the prowl will take more lives. And who f****ing cares after 8 human lives are lost. That some cowboy pulls out his gun and kills the shooter. If he’s even lucky cause the coward shooter is hiding and no one can spot him easily, and he takes his own life. So as your standing over your wife, son, daughter, father or mother, or maybe a stranger. You can ask yourself how that could have been avoided

    2. So when this machine identifies a person with a gun , who does it call to come remedy the situation ? A MAN WITH A GUN !!!

    3. You’re engaging in a false equivalency. Having a gun and being denied an accommodation is not the same as being black and being denied accommodation. Race is a protected class, gun ownership is not.

      1. Blimphead, You are correct that gun ownership is not a protected class. The right to life is a Civil right that was part of the basic foundation of this country. Therefore, the possession of the means to protect life is part of that civil right. It is also part of why, the States would not ratify the Constitution, until the 2nd Admendment and the rest of the Bill of RIGHTS, was added to the Constitution. At that time, there were no ‘protected classes’. When the progressives began creating ‘protected classes’, they obviously did not want to include gun owners. You can disagree, you can try and redirect the conversation, but that does not change the facts.

      2. We are not talking gun’s, we are talking about having the same right to protect ourselves, our family and our way of life. The police and the government security do not carry guns to protect you, it is to protect themselves and the people that hire them and we are saying we have that same right to protect ourselves no matter where we go.

        Besides if gun’s where not necessary why would the police carry them, is it because it is the best defense against a bat, a knife, or a group of tugs etc… That fact remains there are crazy people out there and without remorse and a cop is never around when you need one.

        Let say if you where getting stomped to death by a gang or someone; would you like me to come over and help you and perhaps get killed for doing it; meaning we both get beaten and stomped to death or would you rather I shout to you hang in there buddy the police/gun’s are on the WAY! No matter what you will still be depending on a person with a gun and they’re not all kind or in their right mind. They are people in uniforms and a lot of them abuse their position.

    4. I unfortunately went to Westgate on 12/28 to go to Benihanas for dinner. It was my birthday and went out for a nice dinner to celebrate. Either these machines don’t work worth a damn or I dint pass one because I was packing and never heard a peep from anyone there. If they had told me I couldn’t bring in my pistol I guess we woulda had to celebrate my birthday at Mc Donalds because I don’t go to places that don’t allow me to carry. My family and I prefer to be safe other than trendy. If they can’t respect my rights they can’t expect me to spend my money with them either.

    5. Some places have laws about discrimination in public accommodations. Might there be a lawsuit over that in this policy? There would be some satisfaction in staying away and watching them go broke. But, rather than passively going elsewhere, a vigorous legal action to ensure a right to access public accommodations would be preferable.

      1. Only if the public accommodation has some tie to government. A privately owned hotel will likely not fall under that.

      2. Blimphead, public accommodations can include both government and private accommodations. However, the government is not in the business of providing lodging for the general public. The Westgate Resorts IS in the business of providing lodging (a public accommodation)and does fall under the discrimination laws. TheNevada EqualRights Commission for Public Accommodations pertains. On their website you will find that it says, in part, ‘ALL persons are entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of places of public accommodation without discrimination or segregation because of race, color, religion! Sex, National origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.’ Hotels and restaurants are specifically mentioned. The 2nd Admendment is a civil right. A number of persons loudly and publicly state that persons of my race, color, religion, and possibly national origin should be murdered. I think an argument can be made that refusing to allow me access to the Westgate Resorts for legally possession under a CCW permit, is a violation of my civil rights. The Westgate Resorts certainly will not provide me a full time armed escort to substitute for my legal carry. So it is up to me to protect myself and my family from being murdered. Denying me pubic accommodations because I chose to do so IS A VIOLATION of my civil rights. Granted it will take a favorable court decision to support my contention. You can either use the courts to protect your civil rights or submit to discrimination until there is nowhere else left to carry.

        1. Incorrect. You can only claim an infringement of your rights if state action is involved. There is no state action here as Westgate is not a government entity.

          1. Private entities that rent apartments, for example, are liable under discrimination laws.. if I try to rent an apartment and am denied because of my race, I have a claim for an infringement of my rights. So are you just being difficult, or do you know something the rest of us don’t know?

    6. this is as objectionabe as booby trapping your home.
      both are privet property .
      question is how is a violation handled? .
      what warnings ect.?
      is it posted?
      how do you determine proper ownership of defencive weapons ?
      is this entrapment?
      will they say “we believe your illeagly armed with xyz ” . please leave now , and be free to go ?

    7. @ Wild Bill if I had your address or phone number I would contact your better half and ask her to hide the new rifle until Christmas morning.

    8. I definately will be staying ther knowing it’s safe from gun toting cooks… look at countries that ban guns like Canada and Australia the death rate from guns is next to none and compare that to the United States where every other week is a new mass murder I wonder which is safer giving everyone guns or restricting access to guns??? Hmm…

      1. If your analysis is correct and you are sincere then why in the world have you not moved to Canada or Australia. One possibility is that you are a hypocrite and a liar. Hmm….

      2. LOL Mark, I find that to be funny because more people are killed by blunt object such as hammers, baseball bats, etc. every year than by guns including states and countries that allow people to own weapons. Moreover, the states where people are allow to own weapons in the good ole USA there are less car jacking, and home invasions’.

        Furthermore, there are five times more deaths caused by alcohol every year than by guns I do not hear people screaming about that. So yeah there are less gun related death in those places but get real wake the F-up it does not stop the killing and if I had my way I would rather be shot to death than beaten or stomped to death.

        Also some of those countries with out guns what do the people do when they feel oppressed by their government and had enough? Fact; they fight their government with rocks and bottles in turn their government shoots them for throwing rocks and bottles where is the fairness in that Mark?

    9. These should be in all hotels, grocery stores, malls, schools, churches… anyplace where there are lots of people.If you conceal carry – and you see an establishment that does now want your gun on the premises you should respect that wish – that is called freedom people. If said premises have one of these scanners – that is their right, exercising their prerogative to protect their clientele if a gun is found on a guest. To suggest otherwise is unpatriotic.

      1. @Chuck, You are half correct. An unconnected to touching is the tort of battery. If someone or some corporation touches you with a micro wave that you have not connected to, that is also the tort of battery. Nor do I think that going along with the program because it is convenient for someone or corporation is the measure of patriotism.

        1. Damn spell check. Should be ‘unconsented to” touching. And “that you have not consented to,” My apologies.

        2. I lean toward the Fourth Amendment

          The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things

      2. REALLY Chuck? So you stop one mad person from walking into these places with a concealed weapon while violating everyone else rights, can you picture that really happening, and how is this suppose to work. What going to stop them from walking in with a fully loaded and blazing weapon? That would be us meaning all pistol packing toting mama’s and papa’s and you being unarmed they would train their shots on us saving your life. However, I do agree with you Chuck if those places do not want weapons on their property you should respect that, but what is on my person is my business not yours or theirs and deserves the same respect. I am also sure those places don’t want illegal drugs on their property either so should they have dogs at the front door as well. Furthermore, the places that do not allow law abiding people to carry in their place of business I don’t shop there and I leave my calling card informing them that I see their sign no guns allowed and I respect that and will take my business elsewhere. FREEDOM is also the right to protect ones self from all the crazies out there. Chuck, how come you think they can shoot so many people in a mass shooting, simply because there was no one able to shoot back.

        FREEDOM Chuck, don’t forget your freedom was and is maintained by the gun and the people willing to die for that freedom and the blood is on your hands as well so you can live the life you live now and without it that would be a whole new story. I have as well as many others of us had family and friends die for the freedom you speak of which the fact remains it takes a gun and the people that are willing to die for your freedom so the blood is on your hands as well so enjoy, be happy, love and live free I have no issues fighting your fight and dying for you and your family if need be so you can enjoy your freedom just don’t forget us and don’t mess with our guns!

        1. Jim, that’s a false analogy. Smoking is hazardous to not only the smoker’s health, but everyone else then forced to breathe the noxious, toxic, and carcinogenic smoke. A better analogy would be banning your tobacco products from the the premises. Your carrying tobacco products, just like my carrying my firearm is hazardous to no one. The big difference between your tobacco products and my firearms is that unlike your tobacco products, I can use my firearm for self-defense and defense of others; whereas your tobacco products can only be used to harm yourself and others.

    10. “Leo”, is very likely not a real person, only an account used by an office of paid trolls. Their job is to get everyone worked up and fighting with them, instead of doing anything effective, like discussing how we approach our legislators about this problem.

      The issue is primarily the blurring of lines between the private and public sectors and how it is endangering our rights. Westgate and businesses behaving like it are, in effect, acting as an informant network for government. This sort of thing exists in most authoritarian regimes, such as China. We’ve never faced this problem here before, and the law hasn’t caught up with it yet. Technically, since it’s private property, Westgate could authorize their agents to search guests’ rooms and luggage without the guest’s knowledge or consent, and as long as nothing was stolen or damaged, the customer would have no recourse after the fact, assuming the search was later discovered. Businesses have seldom engaged in such antics because of the obvious economic repercussions, but that appears to be changing.

      This is the issue we need to be discussing with our representatives, not Leo. Let Leo get his jollies elsewhere.

      1. I am not troll just don’t feel the need to have a gun. I am trained in martial arts so I feel confident enough to protect myself from aggressive people without the need of a gun. Also I have a friendly happy demeanor so people tend to like me (except some of you). If somebody ever pulls a gun on me they better kill me or they will be knocked the fuck out and beaten within an inch of their life. I think some of you suffer from paranoia cause who cares if you are being scanned for everyone’s safety, unless you have something to hide. Not to mention how many kids have died because gun owners don’t lock up their guns and the kids find them and shoot their father, mother, brother, sister or themselves. Give your head a shake!

        1. Not only a troll, but psychotic to boot. Who do you think you are, one of the X-Men? If only Leo had been in Vegas! Why, he’d have just teleported over the five hundred or so meters to Paddock’s room and dropped him with a roundhouse kick! Firearms safety is a matter of education and is at an all time low due to the NRA’s education programs, evil people will always find a way to get weapons no matter how much of our rights we surrender or what health damaging technological gimmicks are forced upon us, and the only practical and effective response to such violent people is return fire. Lunatic.

          1. Correction: firearms accidents are at an all time low. Never write hurriedly. That’s what the paid trolls are trying to get us to do. I guess the worthless little twit earned his pay today.

        2. if you notice the add here is called AMMOLAND, and it’s for people who OWN AND USE GUNS FOR SPORT AND OTHER VENTURES.
          so with your ATTITUDE, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE.?

        3. @troleo, “… they will be knocked the fuck out and beaten within an inch of their life.” Is that what you call a happy demeanor? And you call us paranoid? Your writing is replete with conflicts, and the anti-gun propaganda line. As to your “being trained in the martial arts” Well, of course you did… darling.

        4. I took martial arts for five years, and a retired LEO. One thing I learned in all those years. Martial Arts are great, but a bullet is a lot faster.

        5. So Leo. If you’re trained to the point that you can kill a human with your martial arts,your hands should be registered correct. Knowing you could kill me as you stand next to me makes me nervous. To protect myself I should be able to carry my side arm just as you are always armed to kill. Oh and I also have a “friendly happy demeanor” . WTF does that have to with anything?

        6. Do you mean unskilled aggressive people? How often have you taken a bat or knife from some nut?Further more, there are more kids being killed by cars, swimming pools, alcohol and caregiver related deaths than by guns.

          It is a sad fact in the USA we have more children going hungry than in other nations. It is sad people shake and beat children to death more often than being shot so what is your point take away the guns and the children will be safe????

          Don’t get me I understand what you saying but the reality my mother and sisters are not skilled fighters and they will need a gun to have a chance against you if you decide to go nuts or worse yet a group when I am not around. Meaning I feel better knowing they have a gun to protect themselves when I am not around I would hate to come home and find a bloody mess like my neighbor did.

        7. leo says: December 13, 2017 at 8:44 PM More guns is not the answer IMO. I understand why people want to protect themselves and their families by carrying a gun. but technology like The Patscan allows you to live your life without losing your right to bear arms but at the same time may help protect innocent people from killers, especially terrorists. Security devices like this will help keep guns out of places like schools, churches, government buildings and other areas that are vulnerable. <<< NOPE soft targets.

          Billy from Tennessee shakes his in disbelief and reading how Leo would beat someone to near death how wicked is that?

          This is delusional way of thinking, how does a Patscan make you safe? It does not disarm a crazy with a gun and do you think a unarmed employee’s are going to take away a crazies gun, or stand between you and the nut to take a bullet for you, I don’t think so. Besides that they are not saying it is a gun free zone they are just saying you or I can’t have one anyone else that the property owner deems fit can have a gun like management or security. So this means if security does not run amuck shooting up the place because everything is fine in their life you, will have to trust them to protect your family for you. The Patscan won’t do it; can’t do it, it would require some people to be armed and I trust ME!

          Now lets say you keep the guns out of all those places what will keep the bullets out? Oops correction let say you keep all the crazies out with guns then what because if they’re hell bent on destruction they will find a way. Simply and the scariest part you or I can’t stop it, it will happen and it will happen again and just recently in the world news a nut with a car running over people in a somewhat gun restricted country.

          Question: Should cops be allowed to carry guns? They don’t use them to protect me or you with them, they are used to keep control over the population and they will have no issues turning their guns on you and your family shooting you dead if they feel the slightest threat real or perceived false threat. We are people and have every same right to protect ourselves same as a cop and our government because by the time a cop gets there to help you most of the time it is too late and it is now a crime scene that is a fact!

          What about our government, they are surrounded by guns for protection from foreign and domestic meaning you, so they can have guns but we can’t. Lets play what if our great nation comes under attack and we the people get called to arms and we have none, because the fact remains our arm forces would not be enough to keep invaders out.

          Other fact, where people have been disarmed by their government most of those places their government and army owns them, emphasizes possession: used to emphasize that somebody or something belongs to a particular person or thing and not to somebody or something else meaning I believe freedom will die and we must not let that happen.

          How many people die from car accidents per (YEAR) verse gun shots?

          Answer: Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44. This includes children. That is more deaths in one year by an automobiles then decades no a century of gun related deaths which the gun protects your freedom and the car gives you freedom to move about the country.

          How many people were killed by guns in one year?

          Answer: All shootings: Some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms in 2015, according to the Gun Violence Archive, and 26,819 people were injured [those figures exclude suicide]. (Only 13,286 killed by guns, 1.3 million by automobiles) (26,819 injured by guns, 20-50 million by cars) IN ONE YEARS TIME PEOPLE!!!!!

          I hear no one screaming about taking away cars and yes babies and children do die in these car accidents so I don’t understand the point where children are accidentally being killed by guns while neglecting other facts to be a reason to take away our guns. Oh yeah brainwashed people by the media because people can’t think for themselves, guns are bad; cars are good LOL although they kill more people each year it’s okay. Except the fact remains it will take approximately 100 years of gun related deaths to equal one year of deaths by car. Fricking brainwashed idiots!

      2. Hum if that is fact you are in a since saying anyplace we go we such as Wal-Mart they have a right to search us or our bags and purses coming, going or anytime they please since we are on their private property and regardless if we committed a crime.

        Unlike the police only then The Fourth Amendment applies:

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. <<< Does not apply ???

        You said “Businesses have seldom engaged in such antics because of the obvious economic repercussions, but that appears to be changing.” I think it is because people will turn violent and burn the place down of course the sheep will allow it but not the alpha dogs.

    11. I think it is a great idea to scan people for weapons to help prevent one of you gun loving, chest thumping, nut jobs from killing us tree huggers.

      1. @leo, So you think that it is ok to knowingly and intentionally expose your fellow humans, CCW and treehugger alike, to microwave radiation? And you are deprecatory toward CCW holders, in general, even though, as a group, CCW holders are more law abiding and samaritan than the general population? Your espoused ideas are without merit and they says a lot about you. I can only conclude that you are a propagandist.

        1. I’d rather be microwaved then shot, how about you? In case you didn’t know The Patscan is FCC approved. I can only conclude that you are irrational.

          1. My fellow LTC people are notoriously and statistically law abiding. I trust them more than a bureaucratic agency or the maker of Patscan or a LV hotel corporation. Corps want your cash and don’t care. Bureaucrats want a nice day at the office and a easy retirement. LTC holders have no designs on me. I have come to some conclusions about you, too!

          2. @leo … I’ll give you two more things approved by your government, Agent Orange and PCB’s . Compare our gun related deaths to death by Knife or sword in Japan. Compare your precious Stats to death related to Bee Stings, Falls, and Hammers in the US.

            1. @OV, Yeah, I forgot about Agent Orange and PCBs. Good points. Only a week til Christmas and taking my new rifle out of hiding! Woo hoo! Merry Faith Based Christmas, and a Happy New Rifle.

      2. Mass shootings happen in America more than anywhere else in the world!! Guns are prohibited in casinos and hotels so law abiding citizens would be breaking the law if they brought their guns.

        1. Leo, reach in, grab hold of your ears, and pull your head out of your arse. After you wipe the brown stuff from your eyes, take a look at El Salvador, México, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, etc. and report on mass killings in those Godforsaken s#it-holes. At least here in America we have the right to defend ourselves with firearms, instead of being VBCs (victims by choice). Not so in México, for example. After you read this, go take an evening stroll through South Chicago, or DC, or Baltimore, where firearms are strictly forbidden by law. Then, ALFA, MIKE-FOXTROT!

          1. More guns is not the answer IMO. I understand why people want to protect themselves and their families by carrying a gun. but technology like The Patscan allows you to live your life without losing your right to bear arms but at the same time may help protect innocent people from killers, especially terrorists. Security devices like this will help keep guns out of places like schools, churches, government buildings and other areas that are vulnerable.

            1. Lwo, are you planning to spend the rest of your clueless life in a Patscan-protected environment, or are you going to venture out into the street and other public places?

            2. Leo, you have a cognitive disconnect. In no way will this protect anyone. It is just like any other GFZ, only the law-abiding will be disarmed.

            3. What’s his name the Las Vegas shooter came in through the freight elevator using a pass card belonging to his girl friend .

      3. The only thing a tree lover/hugger needs to worry about is getting slivers in his……well you know, his “branch”.

    12. As a long time Westgate timeshare owner and CCW permit holder, I carry to protect myself and wife on our extended vacations. Being over 70 and having cancer, I’m no long any match for anyone wishing to take advantage of us. Looking now to sell or just unload our 3 units that can be used every year. Interested??

    13. “Waltrip states that guest knowing the hotel scans them will take away from the fun of Las Vegas so they will conceal the devices.”

      It would be equally true to say the same thing about roofies, but that still wouldn’t make either of them conscionable.

    14. Yup, I live here and used to go there pretty often, I always made sure not to carry a gun in there even though I have a CCW but I wont tolerate being snooped on armed or not. Sorry they lost my business forever. Remember Vegas is a gun owners town, we have SHOT show here, many firearms conventions, as well as a gun show almost every weekend. You are screwing a lot of people Westgate. The funny part was I used to stay there before I lived in Vegas, and was taking classes at Front Sight, I always had a gun in my room as I was using it for my class and would clean it when I got back to the hotel at night. Now I have made sure to notify Front Sight of this policy, so there hundreds of thousands of members now know and will spread the word.

    15. I have zero desire to go to Vegas, and certainly wouldn’t stay in one of these anti-Bill of Rights “resorts”!

    16. Who, in their right mind,would risk the lives of their family by staying at a hotel like this knowing that it could be a target at any time for evil people,democrats/IsIs terrorists,, who now know they can attack with impunity. Not me…not my family.

        1. leo, have you failed to notice that mass shootings nearly always take place in “gun free zones”? Schools, churches, movie theaters, military bases, etc? Law abiding citizens follow such rules. Bad characters with bad intentions find a way around them. Who’s the dum ass?

        2. Is “The Science of Being Stupid” your alias?

          More than 90% of all mass shootings occurred in gun free zones. Think theater, Aurora, CO.

    17. So the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is planning to intentionally expose their guests to microwaves. Sounds like a really great class action suit. Anyone having stock in Westgate Las Vegas better sell it while it still has some value. I bet that some people are already planning to go there just to get microwaved.

    18. Plenty of hotels and motels in Vegas. The non-five star places won’t be able to afford to do this, so stay there.

    19. Concealed carry holders are not the problem. They are some of the most law abiding citizens there are. So now you have another gun free zone for jihads to target where law abiding citizens are not allowed to defend themselves. IF I ever go back to Vegas I won’t be staying at a Westgate resort.

    20. I see an increase in all metal or foil lined luggage.

      Microwave radar – have these been tested for their effect on medical devices like pacemakers?

    21. Seems like a prolix statement on their part. They could have just said that if you are a concealed carry permit holder that we do not want your business. Which is fine with me, as that policy just announced to the criminals and crazies that they are invited to “fleece the sheeple”.

    22. We will not patronize those places! After the Vegas, coverup, incident, we no longer desire
      to travel there. I hope gun and sporting conventions, and meetings, move elsewhere. There will still be plenty of people to flock to Vegas, and be scanned, with no cares or practice complete unawareness. While trained, gun toting, criminals, will prey upon those subjects. Make Vegas a total gun free zone, what a novel idea! We were at the Luxor in May. I visited with several of the yellow shirt armed guards, discussing training, shooting. The majority of them had not trained with 12 months or more. Only one fellow from Idaho trained and shot regularly. Imagine a gun free zone, with one trained guard?

    23. Westgate Resorts will now…………. NO LONGER EXIST. Plenty of other places that allow me to protect myself and my family.

    24. It’s time to move the S.H.O.T. Show and all other gun-related functions to free states, like TX, AZ, SC, GA, AL, etc. Arizona (except for the People’s Republic of Tucson) has excellent facilities, and ranks #1 in gun acceptability rankings.

      1. Indiana has no restrictions on weapons. If it doesn’t shoot bullets, it’s not a weapon. If it’s a weapon, it’s legal, and the cops have never cared nor asked for my permit, which is good for life and requires no hoops. All licenses from anywhere are valid.

        We hope to be Constitutional within a year or two.

        You might want to stay out of Mesa, too. They play a killer Hokey Pokey. “You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in and BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!”

      2. @durabo, That is a great idea. Bring the S.H.O.T. show to Yantis, Texas. There would be plenty of parking. Not much else, but plenty of parking!

    25. So much for going to Vegas. Soon this will be everywhere. Privacy lost. Concealed carry is just that. If you are going to go around my permit to carry you’d better be ready to cash out big if something happen to someone who stays on your property. As for me I will never stay if my life saver can’t stay with me. I’m responsible for my own life. And that’s what they will be saying in court. We are not responsible for your life, you stay at your own risk.

    26. Buck may be right but that sure seems like a step in the wrong direction! These businesses are essentially denying people of their constitutional rights. If this is allowed, then there will be even more “gun free zones” for perps to target.
      I don’t feel that the police are the answer to my personal protection when at home or on the move, so I’m certainly not going to let that responsibly fall to perfect strangers susceptible to budget cuts and bottom lines.
      Not only should we take our business elsewhere, we should put a stop to this. At a time when we are pushing for national reciprocal licensing, this effectively negates that entire movement.

      1. lol, your a joke! because you need a gun on vacation in case you need to shoot some black guy who may be a lazy fucker, that white woman want to fuck after they smoke that marihuana stuff yee haa!! red neck noise!

        1. Leo, you write like the demented foreigner you must be. Take your anti-Bill of Rights attitude and go back to the shit-hole of your birth, where the national police enforce anti-gun laws, or try México: you will LOVE it there!.

    27. So carrying a firearm inside a metal foil envelope should defeat the device. Sort of like a foil lined fanny pack? Never go on the defense when there is a possible line of offense.

      1. The metal foil envelope or foil lined fanny pack will be detected, and the person carrying this will be flagged for further inspection.

        Presumably the hotel has posted their policy or signs indicating that weapons are prohibited.

        This prohibition is entirely within their rights as private property owners, as is your right to take your business elsewhere.

        1. And what about the terrorist who strolls in with Semtex? I realize that armed intervention isn’t feasible against that threat, just pointing out the ridiculousness of it all.

          In any event, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

        2. While a foil lining might be pretty obvious, I suspect thre’s ways of changing the signature to defeat this pretty easily.

        3. Actually its not within their rights to snoop through your luggage via electronic or physical means without a reason. Oh and Faraday cages for the win. I can make one out of a simple cardboard box, nothing to see in that old box of socks…

    28. “I have a concealed carry permit myself. But, you know, on our properties, we want to maintain a safe environment, and we don’t need guests bringing weapons on site. We really don’t want that kind of surprise.”

      If CCW holders detract from having a safe environment, what does that say about him as a CCW holder? Is he a danger to other people when he’s in public with a firearm?

      1. Stated in other terms, “Ok for me, but not for thee!” Prime example of elitism. Are all their properties called “Westgate” (I don’t frequent Vegas so I don’t know the names of the hotels…), or are they known by other names?

      2. reality:
        If I don’t appear to wholheartedly support this me personal gravy train crashes. I have to consider my hungry kids and fussy wife The rest of the planet can go to the hot place in a handbasket.

        1. Motorhome. I suspect that this will last in Vegas only long enough for the casinos to figure out just how much money they’ll be losing, and the SOF 3 Gun Match to threaten to move to another venue. I am very concerned about the proliferation of this technology, however. The article points out that it can detect any object on your person or in your bags, not just weapons, or, I presume, metallic objects.

          Aside from the obvious, such as banks and government buildings, retailers will eventually see this as a deterrent to shoplifting, and marketers will see it as another source of information on who is using their products and how. When every business we have to visit, from the local market to the barber, may be using similar tech, our 4th Amendment rights will be a memory and the CCW holder and Constitutional carrier will become collateral damage. Worse, this is actual RADAR. Microwave wavelengths. I’m trying to reduce my exposure to this type of radiation, I don’t appreciate being blasted without my knowledge or consent.

          There’s no guarantee that this will all shake out in the courts the way it should. The Constitution was not designed for this threat. I don’t think our founders anticipated the blurring of boundaries between the private and public sectors, and the dangers it would bring.

            1. You’ve discovered the RV park equivalent of Westgate Resorts. They do exist. Most RV parks aren’t so ridiculously nose in the air, and those rules aren’t enforceable anyway. Knives, or anything that could be used as a weapon? I suppose it’s just within the realm of possibility that the knuckleheads are unaware that most motorhomes and fitfh wheels have refrigerators and fully equipped kitchens. What about keys, golf clubs, or even your belt? Perhaps they prefer that guests walk around in the nude (be sure to leave your false teeth at home). Stay at a decent RV park, or if possible, dry camp.

              I suggested a motorhome only as a way to avoid hotels. We still have to enter all sorts of businesses in the course of the day. This technology will proliferate. Best to nip it in the bud. Time to get the torches and pitchforks out again, and head to your Congressrat’s office. You’d think they’d be tired enough of this by now to get proactive about these things (which would be nothing more than honoring their oaths), but I suppose an appetite for wealth and power will override common sense.

            2. Obviously, the campground must insure your safety if they expressly prohibit to provide for it. Noooo?
              Why would anyone want to go with their family when they are exposed to whom ever wants to can attack? As a CCW, I don’t go anyplace that tells me they don’t want me to go there or to be safe while I am there. What are they going to do? Put an armed guard in front of my camper?? Do I feed him dinner???

          1. Clark, as other posters pointed out, this is the beginning. The story also stated knives. Does that mean they won’t allow even a pocket knife? Also, I pack a large hunting knife on trips for when we go hiking, and Chefs knives because the kitchen knives in the villas usually suck.

            This will only deter the law-abiding, just like any other GFZ. Someone intent on harm/killing will still enter with their weapons, and detecting them will be easy because they will be using them.

            1. So being electronically strip-searched is okay with you. Yes, so far only at this hotel as far as we know. When it is ubiquitous, then what? Normally I would assume a person I reply to isn’t that stupid and/or naive, but you have proven that you are.

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