NEW Walther PPQ SC Tabletop and Range Review

YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review of the Walther PPQ SC.

Walther Family
Walther Family

USA – -( The Walther family expands with the introduction of the PPQ SC.  This sub-compact offers the signature grip and trigger that has made Walther so popular among discerning shooters.  The PPQ series has thus far given us full, duty, and competition-sized handguns, and now with the PPQ SC there is an option for those seeking the comfortable breadth of a double-stack without the stock length of a standard-sized handgun.

Slightly longer slide than the PPS M2

Sized perfectly between the PPQ and PPS M2 the PPQ SC features a barrel offering more velocity than the PPS M2, but more conceal-ability than the PPQ.  The slide’s internals are a bit different than the rest of the PPQ family.  An interest effect of the shorter barrel, and I suspect different internals is an increased cyclic rate.

Slightly shorter slide than the PPQ (Q4 TAC Pictured)

For a closer look at Walther’s latest see the tabletop video below.

Understanding that this is more than just a slide and frame chop I was curious how the gun would run.  Does it maintain the Walther signature for quality and accuracy?  With just under two fingers on the stock is the PPQ SC controllable or only good for a first shot?  With such a short slide does it cycle light loads?

I hit the range with the PPQ SC and a bag full of loads from subsonic 165gr Freedom Munitions HUSH to Libery Munitions 65gr Civil Trainer.

As you can see the gun ran just fine.  For those who own another from the PPQ family and are curious about magazines Walther has an answer.  A grip sleeve is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of over-insertion, and spring kit will be available for purchase.  Why a spring kit?  The increased cyclic rate of the PPQ SC may outrun a standard magazine.  The good news is that quick cyclic rate is part of what makes the gun so shootable.

Being a bannana-handed human I usually have to shy away from short-stock pistols, but the PPQ SC changes that.  if you’re looking for something with more capacity than a single-stack, a broader and more comfortable grip, or a dual-purpose gun the PPQ SC is definitely worth considering.

About Graham BaatesG B Guns

“Graham Baates” is a pen name used by a 15-year active Army veteran who spent most of his time in the tactical side of the Intelligence community including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel on the side. Visit Graham on Youtube .

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Larry Leeds

I shot one at the local gun club over the weekend and it jammed twice, using the ammo the range sells for use in rentals which is Magtech fmj. I like the fatter grip for my oversized hands, I have trouble with the Glock 43 single stack but the Walther PPQ SC was great. I realize that a gun from the rental case of a busy gun club gets a lot of use. I am just worried about the jams.


Hi please tell me if the sc wont Hurt a recoil sensitive Person and how Much recoil does it have compared to Glock 17.I have the same question about the ppq.Will it have less recoil since it Is heavier?Thanx very Much for your reply and the vidéo


i was going to ask the same question — comparison between PPQ and PPQ SC in terms of muzz flip, recoil and second-shot-on-target aim.

Robert Maletta

Unless the barrel and slide has been ported any 9mm handgun is going to have recoil or muzzle flip a heavier gun will have less l have a ppq 9mm navy and a p99c both have some recoil and muzzle flip the guns are fairly light but it is not uncontrollable with a proper grip a average man should have no problem with my wife shoots both without any problems most 380 handguns I’ve shot don’t feel like they have that much less recoil to me now a 40S/W or 357 sig 45acp is noticeably more recoil to me not… Read more »


Mr. Bates, thanks for the review of the Walther PPQ SC. I have been away from shooting for several years and my Favorite Wife & I have been looking at guns to carry, while we travel our home state of Texas. I must say that coming back into the carry environment, as it is today is such a surprising difference, then in the past. There are many more selections to choose from, in both weapons and ammunition and as such, we rely upon reviews of several writers and suggestions from friends, as well. Again, thank you.