SAFESHOOT — Targeting Enhanced Safety

Triggering peace-of-mind and better decision-making when it matters most

SAFESHOOT -- Targeting Enhanced Safety
SAFESHOOT — Targeting Enhanced Safety

U.S.A.-( Not long ago, I published a couple articles about a product called SAFESHOOT. In both instances I shared concerned and real-life experiences purposed in demonstrating the important role such system can play in hunting; of course, SAFESHOOT also delivers big on invaluable reassurance for law enforcement and military operators. I could continue with another true story here but I’ll digress – another experience saved for another time. This bit of writing is in response to a simple request, “Tell us about the product.”

SAFESHOOT doesn’t eliminate your role of responsibility, rather it simply adds a layer of peace-of-mind to your foundational commitment to safety. In short, it emphasizes your desire to make good decisions at all times. I’ve spent more than enough time immersed in our outdoor heritage to see or hear how quickly things can happen, even when everyone considers safety paramount.

So what is SAFESHOOT and how does it work?

SAFESHOOT devices take two forms, Shooter and Dog Defender. While the devices could be installed on countless items, they are designed, as their names imply, for shooters and hunting dogs. SAFESHOOT devices are driven by an array of dynamic-calibrated long-range MEMS sensors, onboard GPS and RF communication. The Shooter also employs green-, yellow- and red-colored LED illumination as well as an audible buzzer to alert the user. A green LED-blinking signals operation mode. Yellow LED-on signals the user to check the system. The red LED-on warning means someone… or a four-legged friend is in the area of your muzzle direction. When no illumination is present, conditions are safe, or at least, another SAFESHOOT device is not in the danger zone.

While each SAFESHOOT system includes the device and batteries, the Dog Defender also comes with a harness. SAFESHOOT products mount easily to Picatinny and Weaver rails (Shooter), or a harness (Dog Defender) and are powered by two CR123 batteries for up to 30 hours. Designed for rugged reliability as well as comfortable carry or wear, SAFESHOOT devices are lightweight (about 6 oz.), compact (Shooter dimensions: 2.17-in. wide x 2.76-in. tall x 3.94-in. long) and feature a durable, waterproof body.

SAFESHOOT’s purpose resonates with me. If a lightweight system can add one more level of safety, why not? Once again, using SAFESHOOT doesn’t eliminate or become a substitute for responsibility; it also doesn’t mean a hunter is lazy or incapable of being safe. The cold hard truth is that things happen on rare occasions, especially when we get comfortable. In my opinion, adding one more layer of safety is not only appreciated, it’s quite a noble effort.

Looking back at decades of hunting and shooting, as well as eight years of military service, I see SAFESHOOT as the invaluable tool it was meant to be. Each year, as safe as we hunters are or claim to be, accidents still happen. Like you, I would love to achieve a level of safety within our hunting ranks, on both public and private ground, where there are no stats to consider. We simply aren’t there.

SAFESHOOT doesn’t eliminate your role of responsibility, rather it simply adds a layer of peace-of-mind to your foundational commitment to safety.
SAFESHOOT doesn’t eliminate your role of responsibility, rather it simply adds a layer of peace-of-mind to your foundational commitment to safety.

To learn more about SAFESHOOT visit or stop by booth #659 during the upcoming SHOT Show, scheduled for January 23 -26, in Las Vegas, Nevada. A SAFESHOOT Launch Party is also planned for January 25, at 4 p.m., in booth #659.

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Peter J Scarborough
Peter J Scarborough

As an NRA Instructor, and BSA Shooting Sports Director, I feel there is NO substitute for quality, repetitive training. I instructed thousands of young men at BSA Camps in Safety and Marksmanship, for eight years, with no incidents.

L Moore
L Moore

But, you disapprove of anything that reduces the chance of human error?