California High School Bans the National Anthem

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California High School Bans The National Anthem

U.S.A.-( What can bring more people together than The National Anthem? People sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at every sporting event. When our Olympic Athletes win a gold medal, they stand at attention under the American Flag as the PA system plays the American National Anthem. It is a source of pride and patriotism across the country.

That is unless you are a student at California High School. Then, of course, the Anthem is banned for being insensitive. The student council with the backing of the administration has decided that snowflake students shouldn’t have to hear the words of Francis Scott Key.

Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner about seeing the US flag still waving over Fort McHenry in Baltimore after a night of constant bombardment by the British ships. It is a fantastic tale of American tenacity, but to some of the students of California High School it is about the “joy in the killing of African-Americans.”

This story came to light in the form of a news story in the school newspaper that caught fire on the internet and spread nationally on social media. By looking at the social media post, the anger over the decision to ban the Anthem isn’t just coming from the right. A lot of people who lean left are also condemning this obvious Anti-American move.

What students determined to be the celebration of killing slaves is a line that is no longer in the Anthem. The student advisors to the council, who is a teacher, called the verse “problematic,” and supported to the student’s decision to ban the Anthem to be more inclusive.

This support of the facility is disturbing because it shows the teachers do not know history or are intentionally misleading the student. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the students at the school and shows indoctrination of the students.

The problematic line reads, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave…”

The students, teachers, and even local representatives from the NAACP have taken this line to mean African-American slaves of the United States. What the line is referring to are Hessian mercenaries that the British hired to fight on their behalf during The War of 1812. It was a typical term used by colonist as a slight towards the Hessian.

Key was a slave owner but ended up freeing his slaves. He publicly criticized slavery’s cruelties. He also attended the funeral of his friend, William Costin, who happened to be of mixed race. He was known for volunteering to defend African-Americans in court so much so in an editorial by Marc Leepson in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette it stated, “Mr. Key convinced me that slavery was wrong—radically wrong.”

Some students at the school do not seem to care that Anthem was banned going as far as saying to the student-run paper, “The National Anthem is a tradition from many years ago, and the only people who really care about it are older generations.”

Other students disagree with the decision such as such as Amir Udler who told The Californian, “It comes from a very disrespectful place.” Udler went on to say that rather than being inclusive all the decision is doing is, “disenfranchising the vast majority of the school who loves the country, and who thinks the anthem should be played.”

Another student, Dennis Fiorentinos, also finds the student council’s decision problematic. He told the school paper, “I feel that California High School honoring and respecting those who have died protecting our freedom is more important,” when referring to the Star-Spangled Banner.

Most shocking the assistant principal, Kathleen Martins, claims that she had no idea that the student council banned Anthem from the school. This revelation is shocking and disturbing if it is true since Martins directly oversees the student council.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

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Jay Martin

The next time Kalifornia has earthquake I will sing the national anthem!
This is why I love living in Texas!
This shows that the teachers and professors inside American educations are liberals and communists and need to be dealt with or plucked from indoctrinating young minds into communism!

John Evans

If you took ALL the Bleeding Heart Liberals and Democrats and Idiot Teachers in California and turned their brains into GAS, you could not RUN an Ants go-cart around a BB. One day the state is just going to break off and float away in the Pacific, with Nancy Pelosi as the Captain! Please just give me a break………..

Badger Jack

Well, what more can you expect from a high school in Cali with a name like “California High School”? The Star Spangled Banner will no longer be played at rallies at California High School in San Ramon after student leaders determined the song is racially insensitive. “It was brought to our attention that the national anthem’s third verse is outdated and racially offensive, wrote the president of the school’s Associated Study Body. “We had nothing but good intentions by removing the song so that we could be fully inclusive to our student body.” Our learning institutions failing out youth yet… Read more »


Khalifornia is a disgrace not only because it is run by fruits, nuts and flakes but because of their love of dictatorship ideas. The state is void of an IQ over a single digit. The state is a perfect example of why dope should be outlawed because of the damage it does to your brain.


It is evident that the powers to be, as in a lot of commiefornia, don’t think the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Anthem and more of our traditions mean nothing to many of these people because they came here from countries that do not have the rituals that have helped make this country great. They just come here to make more money than they could have at home and p!$$ on our values. We need to back this truck up if we are going to be able to survive. This Kathleen Martins who is the supervisor of this student council… Read more »


Just a reminder, Hispanics were in California before it Anglos moved in.

Jay Martin

Well the hispanics can enjoy communism now in this state!

John Dow

Since when do the inmates get to run the asylum?

Oh, it’s California.

Never mind.

Dust Cloud

What school and what school district is this.


Banning the National Anthem provides an opportunity to educate the student council and the student body on two very important realities of public schools and the Bill of Rights. First, we hire administrators to run and operate our schools, not students. It behooves the school principal to remind the student council of their limited powers and override the decision to ban the National Anthem. Second, the right to free speech prevents any so called legislative body from banning any form of speech. Since the student council did ban free speech, the principal needs to remove the student council members for… Read more »


The U.S is under attack by multiculturalist views and a lack of pride of living in the U.S. California is home to many great men and women. SEAL basic, Marines and Army as well as scholars etc. The Anthem is in representation of ALL the United States being under 1 flag as a nation. It does NOT nor has it ever contained verses about killing (murdering) slaves. Commiefornias political agenda has been long since worked into the schools, as it has here in some Texas schools. As parent’s we all have the ability to take back and re-institute an unmolested… Read more »


Was this put to a vote or just dictatorial?


With all the schools shootings caused by two generations of left leaning indoctrination and single child families we have seen how teaching left leaning, removing pride in the Untitled States, removing the pledge, removing and rewriting history, shoving diversity down our throats and indoctrination is toxic.
All these snowflakes must be purged from the education fields!


This assistant principal named Martin admitted she didn’t know what the student council was doing and that is part of her job. Liberals really suck, big time, and they need to join the EU and move there.
I would say they are heavy into the study of Alinsky and/or 1984. Erase all history and religion from the young ones and eventually they will believe doublespeak. Scary, isn’t it.


Stop funding of the school. They can’t have all this freedom stuff, and not like what freedom means and where it came from. Also, this lack of common sense, and making kids think they can change and do whatever they want it is a reason we have kids acting out so badly. Acting out might also mean more student shootings.


Another example of inmates running the asylum. Public education is a disaster!

Marc DV

With Everyone in an Up-roar over this ! Most have ,
Forgot . They DON”T Teach History ANYMORE .
It Hasn’t Been Taught for Years . How can any Kid,
Understand What the Star Spangled Banner Is Let,
Alone Why it Was Written. Most Would Think it’s
Something to Wear like Bling ! Teach Your Kid at
Home on the Things that Mean Something !
They’ll never get it from the schools today !

Green Mtn. Boy

Marc DV

Nor civics of for that matter basics,dumb down the future generations makes for more subservient slaves.


Marc, history is being taught in schools, every day, its FAKE NEWS, that makes it more of a problem. Fake news is being taught for a political agenda.


Sadly, Abraham Lincoln was right when he said our destruction will come from within. All administrators at this school should be arrested for treason and sedition.

Bill Schmittler

Schools administrators and faculty should concentrate on educating, not indoctrinating with leftist dogma, nor submitting their authority to student councils. Children do not and should not run academia in a civilized society.
If schools did their job correctly one would not see the obvious lack of reason and poor English grammar in most of the comments before my own.


This school should lose all federal funding! It is time to further pursue The State of Jefferson. It seems like every day there is something unbelievable coming from authorities in California, most recently the judge ruling to release sexual offenders from prison , a provision that we the people were told would not happen under Prop. 67(?). I don’t understand how these actions, disarming citizens and restricting access to arms and ammunition is not a Constitutional violation on our rights and not considered treason?

Wild Bill

, I think that you are on to something. Congress still controls the size and shape of the States. Congress could make California into a land area the size of the three or four counties that control CA legislation, and separate the rest of the land mass into the state of Jefferson.


The southern wall should also include the commiefornia state as well!


And every sanctuary city too. Wall in the libtards everywhere! Let them live in their own filth, and keep their B.S. contained so that it cannot infest us all.


I’m really surprised they even know what the anthem is. The vast majority don’t have a clue to the history of this nation or the world.

Ross Campbell

In stead of seceding from the union, let’s just throw me out.

Ross Campbell

They wanted to secede from the union, why not throw them out.Again russian influence.

Andy Buckmichael

These school leaders deserve an AR.


Now that is bull shit and you condone murder ?


Let the school ban the Star-Spangled banner, and instead sing the Mexican national anthem. They might as well recite the Muslim “Shahada” while they are at it. They expect to receive federal funds? Why, FORGET ABOUT IT!


No student of any school in the United States has the right individually or collectively to ban the playing of the National Anthem for any event at their school. This is a case of a teacher advisor inciting uneducated students to gain notoriety for words that are no longer included in the anthem. Only the principal or school board could stop the playing of the anthem temporarily, but they would need to be careful that it doesn’t appear to be a permanent thing. So, to protect themselves they encourage student activists at the school to carry out their hidden socialist… Read more »


Great post! Thank you! If you get a chance, search Clay Martin and what he said about Kapernick protesting the National Anthem, i think a year or to ago. Disgusting about that school. Again, great post, let more people be aware!

Green Mtn. Boy

Perhaps ban Commiefornia,excommunicate the state before it slides off into the Pacific ocean on it’s own.


Ship them all back where they came from. This kind of stuff should be against the law. I thought treason was already was. Real citizens are tired of this dribble. What happened to Love It or Leave It.


Wow, just wow

Matt M.

They should not forget that should not use the US Dollar which has “In God We Trust”. Go with a IOU to see how far that goes with their daily reciprocate life.