“MR. MOM” from Havana, FL Testifies Against Gun Owner Rights Protection

by Marion Hammer

“MR. MOM” from Havana, FL Testifies Against Gun Owner Rights Protection
“MR. MOM” from Havana, FL Testifies Against Gun Owner Rights Protection

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Rick Soskis, from Havana, Florida is clearly “Mr. Mom.” The antigun women wearing red t-shirts emblazened with “Moms Demand Action” representing NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg were so excited by his performance we thought they were going to carry him around the building on their shoulders.

When Rick Soskis testified before the House Judiciary Committee on 2/7/2018, he made some of the most bizarre statements we’ve heard yet.

Mr. Soskis claims to have been licensed to carry a gun for 30 years but says that 29 ½ years ago he “came to the ‘grown-up’ conclusion that carrying a gun is symptomatic of paranoid behavior.” So, he even though he has continued to renew his license and pay license fees, he has NOT carried a gun for 29 ½ years.

In short, Mr. Mom’s testimony is something that you have to see to believe. Go to the link below and watch the hearing on HB-39, the bill to protect concealed firearms license holders from abuse. The bill is the first one on the agenda and you will be dismayed by what you see and hear.


HB-39 by Rep. Dane Eagle was heard in the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and PASSED by a vote of 14-6 in spite of the all the antigun testimony

HB-39 is a bill to stop the abuse of law-abiding citizens who are licensed by the State to carry concealed firearms for self-defense and whose firearm becomes briefly exposed to ordinary sight of another person.

  • VOTING FOR THE BILL: Committee Chairman Chris Sprowls (R), Danny Burgess (R), Cord Byrd (R), Heather Fitzenhagen (R), Julio Gonzalez (R), Erin Grall (R), Bill Hager (R), Shawn Harrison (R), Larry Metz (R), George Moratis (R), Daniel Perez (R), Scott Plakon (R), Ross Spano (R), Jay Trumbull (R).
  • VOTING AGAINST THE BILL: Representatives Ramon Alexander (D), John Cortes (D), Ben Diamond (D), Joe Geller (D), Sharon Pritchett (D), Emily Slosberg (D), Cynthia Stafford (D)

The bill next goes to the Floor of the House


This bill is about stopping abuse of law-abiding citizens who are licensed by the State to carry concealed firearms for self-defense. The language in current law is not working. License holders are still being maliciously arrested and prosecuted like criminals for accidents.

A license holder whose firearm becomes briefly and openly displayed to the ordinary sight of another person is not a criminal and this innocent act should not be a crime.

In Florida, there are 1.8 million law-abiding license holders

Every time a law-abiding person – licensed by the state to carry for protection leaves his or her home, legally carrying a firearm – EVERYTIME – they run the risk of that firearm becoming exposed to the sight of another person and then being treated like a criminal.

This bill stops anti-gun law enforcement officers and anti-gun prosecutors from abusing law-abiding license holders for temporary exposure of a concealed firearm. In short, it stops them from criminalizing the exercise of a constitutional right.

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Dan Schwager

It’s still hard to believe that some states still don’t have open carry laws to protect CC holders. And law enforcement should use their brains when dealing with a weapon be shown in public.

Badger Jack

With all due respect, Open Carry makes YOU the FIRST target of an armed psycho intent on doing harm.

I will always carry concealed for that matter.

Cap'n Dave

The cryin’ shame is: Mr. Musk’s car –forever hurtling through space– without two Democrats in the seats.

Green Mtn. Boy

It would appear that Mr. Fudd Mom’s panties are in a twist.


The Democrat Party has confirmed that it is far left, and anti-American. Every American citizen no matter what race, religion, gender, age, social status, etc, should be deeply concerned that this major political Party here in our nation is solely focused on taking away our freedoms and putting illegals ahead of the American citizenry. It is heinous, and insidious. Let’s hope that the 2018 mid-terms do not allow them to once again gain the majority in Washington. For if they do, the first thing they will do is attempt to impeach the president. The next thing they will do is… Read more »


Please use the correct terminology. It is Demorats, not Democrats.


I prefer To us the term, “Marxists,”

James Higginbotham


Badger Jack

Nope, they are properly termed DAMOCRAPS.


(R) Ready… (D) Disarmed…. Which would you rather be ? Which will you vote for in the next election ?

Wild Bill

, there are may Repubs that are only loyal to their party, and are part and parcel of the Destroy Civil Rights Movement. We need to flood the primaries and township caucuses, vote against the party hack, and for the not corrupted yet candidate. The national parties have been corrupting our system since the very beginning. The national parties are not our friends. I wish that it were as simple and D vs. R.

Gene Floyd

My “Sneaky Pete” holsters stop the possibility of accidentally “showing” your handgun yet, it is fully exposed and worn on a belt. I suggest everybody who carries google Sneaky Pete and see for yourself. I’ve been carrying exposed with Sneaky Pete for years and nobody has ever asked what it was or, expressed fear that I might have a firearm.


While I am of the “to each his own” opinion, I would note that, that style of holster is one of the slower types of deployment for your firearm. In an actual engagement, fractions of a second count.

RM Molon Labe

The Representative of this bill stated the the Constitution GRANTED the 2nd A right to carry….WRONG. We the People will NEVER lose our 2nd A rights, regardless of ANY laws written to take them AWAY! Molon Labe!

Roy D.

The Bill of Rights doesn’t grant rights it guarantees them.

Marc DV

Has a License , pays for it , doesn’t carry any more .
Are there limited licenses available Florida ?
If so he’s taking up one from some one who wants or needs one !
I do believe he might just have a screw loose ( my opinion )


A screw loose? I think that screw has completely fallen out.