Florida : Amid Bullying & Emotional Debate, Unconstitutional Gun Bill Passes

by Marion Hammer
House Republicans Joined Anti-gun Democrats to Pass Unconstitutional Gun Control.

Florida : Amid Bullying & Emotional Debate, Unconstitutional Gun Bill Passes

Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, in one of the most despicable displays of bullying and coercion the Florida House voted 67 to 50 to pass an unconstitutional bill that violates Second Amendment rights and punishes law-citizens for the actions of a mentally ill teenager who murdered 17 people after Florida officials repeatedly refused to get him the help he needed.

Only 19 House Republicans stayed faithful to their oath of office and upheld their sworn duty to “support, protect, and defend the Constitution.” These courageous patriots faced down the bullying and emotional coercion and voted against a clearly unconstitutional bill.

Those courageous House members who remained true to their word are:

Cord Byrd (R-Jacksonville Beach)
Matt Caldwell (R-Lehigh Acres)
Bryon Donalds (R-Naples)
Brad Drake (R-DeFuniak Springs)
Jay Fant (R-Jacksonville)
Jason Fischer (R-Jacksonville)
Julio Gonzalez (R-Venice)
Erin Grall (R-Vero Beach)
James “JW” Grant (R-Tampa)
Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill)
Clay Ingram (R-Pensacola)
Stan McClain (R-Ocala)
Mike Miller (R-Orlando)
Mel Ponder (R-Ft. Walton Beach)
Ross Spano (R-Riverview)
Charlie Stone (R-Ocala)
Frank White (R-Pensacola)
Jayer Williamson (R-Pace)
Clay Yaeborough (R-Jacksonville)

Fifty-five (55) Republicans betrayed their oath, broke their word to constituents and caved to bullying and coersion. We will share their names with you later.

Now, you must contact the Governor and tell him to veto the bill and force the Legislature to do it right — remove the gun control and focus on making our schools safe.

Please EMAIL the Governor IMMEDIATELY and tell him to : Do The Right Thing: VETO SB-7026 and make the Legislature stop the bullying, the emotionalism and the political posturing and draft a bill that focuses on making our schools safe.

IN THE SUBJECT LINE PUT: VETO SB-7026 – Do The Right Thing

EMAIL THE GOVERNOR AT: [email protected]

  • 21 thoughts on “Florida : Amid Bullying & Emotional Debate, Unconstitutional Gun Bill Passes

    1. So now that 18, 19 and 20 year olds cant possess long guns what is to happen to the Florida National Guard?

      1. How about the United States Armed forces? Can die for the Nation at 18, but cannot purchase a long rifle in the State of Florida until 21. The law makers who voted for this are mentally perverted. Each one of them should be put under mandatory drug testing. Political Theatrics at its best. No concern for the law abiding United States Citizens.
        Shame on them.

      2. This is not much different than America pre-1972, when the age of majority was still 21. Could be drafted, fight, and die, but couldn’t vote, drink, sign a contract, or watch an “art film.” My generation fought for recognition as full adults at age 18; today’s Generation Z snowflakes fight to surrender those rights. Sheeple, all.

      3. @Doc Albertson, The Fla. statute probable reads buy or purchase or exempts Title 32 or Title 10 status. When one is in a Title 32 status and draws a weapon from the armorer the act is known as being issued a weapon. Weapons issue does not change ownership and is not possession in the normal legal sense. If in a Title 10 status, this Florida statute would not apply at all.

    2. Rino Scott signed the Unconstitutional bill. It is his last term so why would he care. I hope the people of Fla. do not elect him to any other job, not even dog catcher. That bill is a good cover up for all the screw ups committed by the various police agencies and the school system. ALL THE MENTIONED HAVE THE BLOOD OF SEVENTEEN ON THEIR HANDS. This bill won’t erase that.

    3. Sounds like the American Citizens need a whole new party.
      Maybe “The Constitutionalist Party for Law & Order” AKA CPLO with the symbol of an AR instead of an animal.
      Just a thought.

    4. The oligarch’s have betrayed their oath to the American public, it does not matter if they are Republican or Democrat, or any party. They took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, not a reinterpretation of. The old worn out cry, is that these documents were written when the technology of firearms was the musket, this is a moot point and has no basis or foundation.
      Our Four fathers who constructed these documents had more intelligence in the tip of their little fingers than the entirety of the Republican/Democratic parties combined.
      Once the unraveling begins, it is hard to stop. 1.) Bump Stocks, etc., etc. ……………. Until there are no components to construct firearms of any sort not even a musket. Everyone involved in these knee jerk responses should be voted out in the next election cycle. The oligarch’s have LIED again and do not deserve the positions that they have been elected to.
      Any teacher willing to participate in firearms training should exercise their Second Amendment Rights, and should not be impeded by these self-indulgent politicians, that are protecting no one with their poor decision’s.
      Political Oligarch’s=Do What I Say, Not What I Do. ………………………………….

      1. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the majority of these so called law makers over the past couple of weeks about their anti gun laws they promised the anti gun lobby. Over 3/4 of the politicians changed their email addresses or somehow stopped receiving messages from Floridians. I sent the NRA a list of the turncoats with email addresses that they have started blocking us from getting through to them. They’re supposed to be working for us, we the people that are paying them through our tax dollars. Instead of listening to us, they wanted to listen to snotnose punks that aren’t old enough to vote which even worse, criminalizing the wrong people. It’s so easy to make antigun laws to the law abiding citizens instead of calling out school boards,sheriffs office,fbi, state attorneys. Then one Florida lawmaker told me that he didn’t agree with the constitution he agreed to uphold while swearing an oath into office especially the part about the well regulated militia. He didn’t say anything else to me after my response. A well regulated militia to protect the citizens from an over reaching government as what is going on now with shall not be infringed. Also explained that the militia doesn’t mean ex military or ex police but the citizens of the country.

    5. Wow. This is a dangerous precedent set by a formerly pro gun conservation state. The wife wants to move there. I say hell no.

      1. That’s a wise choice not to. Not to mention the pay rate is low and tax as well as grocery prices are high. Now we have the anti gun laws in place signed by a governor that will never be elected for another state representation again. Him signing his bills into effect today is political suicide to appease the anti gun crowds! Thankfully, NRA has hit the state of Florida with a lawsuit because the new laws infringe on the second amendment.

      2. My late sister used to complain that everyone’s brains down there were fried, and from my experience as a visitor she was right. You want freedom with your warm climate, move to Arizona. Much less sweaty, and way fewer blood-sucking insects (both six- AND two-legged).

      1. Definitely will. I’ve posted their names on my Facebook page for everyone to see exactly who voted for gun control so they’d lose their seats during the next election. I also just sent the governor an email asking him to reconsider signing the overstepping bill into law. He want to go from governor to senator but it won’t happen if he signs this bill.

      1. The bill forbids those 18-20 from buying rifles and shotguns, it also makes everyone do the 3 day waiting period on pistols,rifles and shotguns including everyone with a concealed weapons permit, also allows confiscation of about 3 million guns from those that are a slightest bit mentally challenged. Also bump stocks have been outlawed. No buying to bring in from other states,owning or selling the bump stock is permitted. If caught with a bump stock, they will impose a class 3 felony on the gun owners.

        Instead of restrictive gun laws, they should’ve put the blame on those responsible such as the obozo administration, Broward Sheriffs Office, Broward County School District,FBI, and the State Attorneys Office for their lack of concern and failure to respond.

      2. Wow! A logical question. I think it bans magazines over 10 rounds, raises age limits, and included a whole bunch of stuff related to arming more people inside the schools and treating disturbed individuals before they go crazy. It is hundreds of pages long. Infringe on our rights? Maybe not.

        1. Wow, Lee! What an idiotic statement. You THINK it bans over 10 round mags? It DOES raise age limits but we still have 16 year old’s driving 3000 lb. projectiles down the road. This “whole bunch of stuff” not only takes away a first responder’s (teachers) RIGHT to protect our kids but also encroaches on someone’s right to Due Process, should they deem they are mentally deficient…which could include, they don’t know how to balance their checkbook without help.
          Have you READ the bill? Do you have proof that backs up your “hundreds of pages” claim? One infringement is enough to make this bill unconstitutional & I’ve shown a big one. Infringe on our rights? Most definitely so. Go back to your CNN site. You’ll be more at home.

        2. WOW Lee… It also means if a vengeful ex accuses you of threatening her you are SOL ! no proof needed . And you know the coward county sheriff’s deputy’s will be looking to prove they aren’t cowards.
          They call it SWATTING now .

          1. Just imagine the plight of the ex wife or ex girlfriend. Her former abuser calls the local law enforcement and says that she’s very “emotional.” The local LEO comes to get her gun and later her abuser comes to get her. Likely she will be found in a shallow grave or never found at all.

            These gun seizure laws are a very bad idea. Anyone with a grudge can have you “swatted” for no reason at all.

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