More Lies from Ohio Gun Grabbing Senator Skindell on Bill: SB 260


Ohio Anti-Gun Democrat Senator Michael Skindell
Ohio Anti-Gun Democrat Senator Michael Skindell

Ohio – -( Democrats and RINOs smile and say, “We don't want to take away your guns. We just want common sense gun laws to keep you safe.” Hey, is it raining, or are you just peeing in my ear?

Ohio Democrat Senator Michael Skindell introduced SB 260 earlier this year in hopes that the school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida would be the juice that pushes it over the finish line, unlike a similar bill of his that tanked in 2013. I suppose no one can accuse him of letting a tragedy go to waste.

“These are weapons of war. That's what they were designed for and that's where they should remain”, said Skindell.

Skindell's quote above is another lie in order to support the first lie told by “progressives” that they don't want to take away our guns. For just how many of us own “weapons of war”?

Indeed, let's see how many from his own bill, SB 260:

“(D) As used in this section, “assault weapon” means an automatic firearm that has not been rendered permanently inoperable, a semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges, and a semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges.”

He's not stupid. Look carefully how this is deliberately worded and think about it. ALL semi-automatic firearms that are capable of accepting ammo magazines would be on the ban list, because there is NO semi-automatic firearm with the ability to limit a detachable magazine's capacity. A detachable magazine's length cannot be limited by any current design of a semi-automatic firearm. It goes in the gun, and whatever wants can stick out below.

He could have worded his bill to ban ammo magazines themselves that hold more than ten rounds (that would still be an unacceptable infringement), but he is using the definition above to ban firearms, by redefining common semi-automatic pistols and rifles as “assault weapons”. That means your Glock would be banned, your Ruger would be banned, your Beretta would be banned, etc.

His convenient “weapons of war” definition, crafted by him, would apply to everything citizens possess, except for revolvers, pump shotguns, bolt action rifles, and rifles that do not accept detachable magazines. Hey, that's starting to sound like an Australian and British type of gun ban.

Perhaps Sen. Skindell would like us to go back to the glorious Redcoat days of flintlock rifles, eh?

The thing is, even the AR-15 (Armalite Rifle) is not a “weapon of war”. Weapons of war are select-fire weapons that can fire full-auto. The AR-15 is not capable of that. If firearms must be lied about to get your bill passed, then something is wrong with the bill.

Should this bill pass (fortunately, the chances of that are slim to none thanks to Ohio freedom loving citizens), if you decide you'd rather keep your legally purchased firearms in Ohio, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, you'd be guilty of a FELONY. That's right, years locked away behind bars like a caged and dangerous animal, away from your family, no longer able to provide for and protect them.

If free American citizens do not deserve this kind of treatment, what kind of person does that make Senator Skindell and those like him? I'd say rather vile, evil ones.

“Whoever violates division (A) of this section is guilty of unlawful possession of an assault weapon, a felony of the fifth degree.”

It took only a minority of Colonists to overthrow their British overlords and establish liberty. Many, unfortunately, were of Skindell's ilk. After the Revolutionary War some of those British loyalists fled to Britain and some to Canada (no wonder Canada is a “progressive” swamp).

When our inalienable rights, and our freedom bought by precious American blood is so viciously assaulted by those such as Skindell, one can only pleasantly daydream where those like him will flee to one day if the “Spirit of '76” should ever grace us again.

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  • 15 thoughts on “More Lies from Ohio Gun Grabbing Senator Skindell on Bill: SB 260

    1. The bottom line here is very simple. These gun grabbers are the same people who first want to take away your guns and then give sanctuary status to MS-13. If you feel that is a good idea do nothing and except your fate and the death of you and your loved ones, if not, contact your Representative and/or votes these gun grabbers out of office.

      1. They do that to force people to rely on the government more, instead of being dependent. These people never cared about we the people, they only cared about two things, money and votes. Why do you think they pass new laws that will keep we the people unarmed, and their tax dollars/buildings/themselves protected by armed guards at all times 24/7/365, based on our tax payer dollar?

    2. I think we are all overlooking the real point here the wording–=–= “assault weapon” means an automatic firearm that has not been rendered permanently inoperable, -=-=- . Since his definition of assault weapon is the same as the one for “semi-automatic” and “revolver”, each time you pull the trigger automatically a bullet is fired. I know this is a reach, however that is how these gun grabbers twist words to get their ways. The way to fix these issues with the wording is to repeal ALL gun laws and control the people that are sick enough to use guns in these atrocious crimes. Train the law enforcement people on being able to identify and deal with people that make threats on public media.

    3. you know what gets me with all this weapons of war and assault weapon BS, IS THIS.
      any weapon one has to use in defense of his or her life or help save the lives of others.

      1. @jameshigginbotham..weapons of war was muzzle loaders during the revolution, before that was swords and spears, before that was sticks and clubs, the very first murder was committed with a rock

    4. the people of the revolutionary war had the same weapons as the redcoats, general gage was confiscating weapons and munitions..general washington was told about a remote outpost that was lightly guarded, the fort was attacked and general washington got some badly needed cannons

    5. Another Democrat trying to infringe on the Ohioans rights ,where do these people come from they all seem to come out of the woodwork every time a shooting occurs. Now I live in this state and I never heard of this quack before , let’s take up a collection and send these haters to a country where their values are similar to others who hate you to have your rights and be able to defend yourself

    6. This “senator” Skindell needs to be run out on a rail. Canada or UK are more in tune with his Hitler type of governing. Send him out to pasture, Buckeyes (Ohio residents).

    7. FYI, pump shotguns have been “weapons of war” used in every military conflict America has fought in from WWI to the present. So I guess they’re out too.

    8. Good Article. What might be added is that the Brits, (rather slow learners at the time} decided to retry their domination after the revolution, (and the signing of our bill of rights) tried another skirmish called the war of 1812. That didn’t work out to well either.

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