Introducing the Yakima X Poler SkyRise Tent

Yakima X Poler SkyRise Tent
Yakima X Poler SkyRise Tent

Oregon –-( Oregon-based outdoor lifestyle companies Yakima Products and Poler Stuff have teamed up for the limited-edition SkyRise rooftop tent. The Yakima X Poler SkyRise is a new take on Yakima’s popular tent, featuring Poler’s signature fuzzy camo pattern.

Light, strong and easy to use, the SkyRise is perfect for weekend warriors, outdoor festivals and more. The rooftop tent sets up in just minutes and easily makes any terrain an overnight home – from rocky ground to a festival parking lot.

Thanks to the technologically-advanced materials and features, the SkyRise does more than just let people sleep off the ground: it also provides a premium camping experience, with a light tent body made of 210d nylon, a removable cover for an unparalleled view of the night sky, plus a cozy foam mattress.

“We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to partner with Yakima, and the SkyRise blew us away. It’s our ideal for outdoor living: it’s fun, eye-catching and original, and it makes you want to get out there,” said Benji Wagner, Founder at Poler. “It was really cool to collaborate with them and find a way to add some Poler flare to the rooftop tent.”

The Yakima X Poler SkyRise is available starting this month at and select specialty retailers, as well as and the brand’s flagship stores in Portland, Ore. and Laguna, Calif.

Yakima X Poler SkyRise Tent Lifestyle
Yakima X Poler SkyRise Tent Lifestyle

To celebrate the launch, Yakima and Poler have teamed up with for a Spring Adventuremobile Giveaway, including the new Yakima X Poler SkyRise, a Yakima roof rack system, and some Poler favorites, including the Napsack and Rucksack. The contest runs through the end of May and can be found at

Additionally, the brands will host a launch party on Friday, April 6 2018 at Poler’s flagship store in Portland, Ore.

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      1. And extremely cold to boot!
        I have a truck bed “tent,” that along with a couple of 6-inch sleeping pads, that utilizes the bed-well as a sort of cocoon of snuggly warmth regardless of the conditions.
        I’ve used it numerous times on high-mountain elk hunts through freezing rain, snow, sleet and extreme wind and I can’t imagine any “tent” type structure even comparing. I typically need to keep a window cracked open just to not overheat.
        And I don’t need to climb down a flimsy ladder in the middle of the night to relieve myself. I just need to step off the tailgate to take care of business, etc. Wherever your 4X4 can take you instantly becomes a nice, warm and comfortable camp.
        It’s been by far the best piece of camping equipment I ever purchased.

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