Will “Rules and Regulations” Save Us?


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Personal, individual responsibility will save this civilization. Individual citizens boldly claiming their own magnificence

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “America will collapse financially, chasing unceasing rules and regulations designed to save defenseless citizens from harm.” ~ Bin Laden

As a panicked and short-sighted nation, we’re hurriedly composing endless reams of new, confusing, and hopelessly inconvenient “rules” with regard to school security, most of it “theater” and little else

Endless billions of taxpayer dollars are being haphazardly thrown at this issue. More cameras and monitors (that no one is watching), more restrictions on entry and exit, more delays, more confusion, more inconvenience, etc

But wait!

How do we similarly “protect” buses, sports stadiums, playgrounds, day-care centers, parking lots, movie theaters, cruise ships, et al?

With all this growing, high-tech “security” (which is mostly wishful thinking), is anyone really any “safer” than before?

Look at the UK, where cameras have been installed on virtually every single street corner in the entire country, yet where violent crime is at an all-time high, and getting worse by the day.

Bin Laden made a watertight argument.

What will work without fail, and the only strategy that has any chance of working, is: “Individual Security”

Teachers and school officials need to go armed. Citizens need to go armed. “Security” needs to be thought of as an intensely, exclusively personal issue.

The entire false, failed philosophy of “Learned Helplessness,” endlessly promoted by leftists, needs to be majestically, audaciously thrown in the trash.

“Institutional Security” is a contraction of terms.

Personal, individual responsibility will save this civilization. Individual citizens boldly claiming their own magnificence.

That will save us. Nothing else will!


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In answer to Will Rules and Regulations Save Us, from what one wonders? Likely not, but I remain curious as to which rules and regulations might save us from what, and how?


No, because it will not stop attacks. It will encourage attacks and discourage the law-abiding from being properly armed. Attacks will continue and stronger regulations will be needed until guns are banned, and even then the attacks will continue. Eventually, with disparaging access to guns and ammunition, bombs will replace guns as a preferred method of attack, which is far more horrible.


quite sinoly and bluntly, our Founders had it right when they declared that it is the rsponsibilitu of THE PEOPLE to assure “the security of a free state”. Not government, militayr, law enforcement, hired watchmen/security goons. Nope. “Thesecurity of a free state” rests upon the shoulders of the very people comprising that state.”state” means civil society….. not the fifty political associations we refer to as States, such as Mississippi, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, etc.


Stay alert, Stay armed. Practice. The Police will only show up AFTER your dead.

Roy D.

I have practiced personal security for over forty years. Only the last third of that with the blessing of the state. I am not bound to respect immoral laws.


The supreme court has ruled several times on the responsibility of law enforcement to protect citizens from harm, and the conclusion is that there is such no duty.
If you do not arm yourself, you are depending on others to defend you from attack, and they may not be so inclined.
Think about this when you enter a “gun free” zone.


You have forgotten the golden rule about fascists and Monarchy !!! The problem is not whether your wife and children are raped and murdered and/or disappear , it is whether they can solve what occurred AFTER it has occurred, in a monarchy or fascism modern technology certainly does not protect (as you call that) anyone, it is there for the elite to know what can commit an extortive action of power for elite to have the information and forewarning to not be removed from power !!! That is the only point HD CCTV is , it is only “excused” by… Read more »