If Only We Had a Solution?

Art by Michael Ramirez

Illegal Immigration
If Only We Had a Solution?

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- If Only We Had a Solution?

Democrats and the mainstream media are stumped as to what could possibly be the solution to stop the separation of families when caught crossing the board illegally? Seems they have never heard of legal immigration…

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  • 10 thoughts on “If Only We Had a Solution?

    1. I have heard several democrats talk about the illegal’s Constitutional rights. Maybe the constitutional rights from Mexico or farther south but as far as I know they are not citizens of this great country and have exactly 0 Constitutional rights here. That really grinds me to hear “their Constitutional rights”.

    2. The problem is not a problem at all. Liberals forget that coming into this country illegally is a crime. If a juvenile offender commits a crime they are locked up in a detention center. That is what is happening with these ILLEGAL immigrant invaders. They get locked up in a detention center where adults are not allowed. Nor are juveniles allowed to be locked up adult detention centers. These are constitutionally wrong actions but of course liberals don’t like the Constitution if it has things contrary to their own twisted beliefs.

      1. @ M
        Military Transport’s Fueled and Ready !
        As Soon as They Come in, Load Them On ,
        Them and Ship Them Right Back Where They
        Came From ! Screw Housing Them For a Hearing .
        No Separation’s , No Muss , No Fuss , Just Get on
        The Bus to the Airport !

        1. @Marc, Unfortunately a previous Congress gave the illegal aliens a statutory right to have a hearing, and make political asylum claims. Loading them up as soon as they came in is not an answer. We must physically prevent a physical entry.
          Mine fields covered by observation and fire, alligator filled moats, and bribing the Mexicans to prevent entry from their side would all be impactful, but a wall would be less brutal.

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