Illegal Immigration, as a Weapon


Illegal border crossings are down over 70%
Illegal Immigration, as a Weapon

Ft Collins, CO –-( On the subject of national border security, from a friend in the UK:

“I only wish we would also take some action to control the stream of illegal migrants flowing here, unchecked, mostly across the Channel.

Out-of-control hoards from North Africa flood through open borders of the ever-hopeless Italians, the perpetually-disorganized Spaniards, and the ‘Wine, Women and Song’ French, all en-route to the UK, and London.

UK’s pitiable ‘border control’ lacks the personnel, equipment, and mandate to aggressively guard the English Channel, and our cops simply cannot cope with the overload. Our rate of violent crime is soaring as a result, as anyone would have predicted.

Illegal immigrants arrive here on anything that floats, especially small rubber dinghies, usually at night. Our entire unguarded coast is wide open.

We citizens function, of course, as ‘useful (and disarmed) idiots,’ helplessly witnessing this cataclysmal descent of our civilization, watching as our once-great nation is sold down the river.

Our liberal media, like yours, endlessly slobbers over these illegal invaders. Curiously, they have never expressed even a hint of sympathy for us beleaguered, tax-paying, and legal UK citizens.

Your liberals are the same as ours.

Liberals actually promote illegal immigration of stagnate, unassimilable hoards that they can then lord-it-over them, and subsequently use them to terrorize the rest of us, as ‘punishment’ for not voting for them.”


We see Marxists in every Western nation ( masquerading as “liberals”) likewise openly promoting illegal immigration, openly promoting (indeed encouraging) voter fraud, and openly promoting violent criminal activity (by excusing it, and then calling the rest of us “racists” for even mentioning it), all in a dishonest effort to seize and consolidate political power for themselves.

Marxists (liberals) are so predictable!

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I’m just now watching an info wars broadcast with a speech by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. The headline says it is “Breaking News”, but there is no date on it, and it has 160,000 views already. Alex Jones is saying that Trump is getting ready to implement Rex 84 Martial Law because there is a surge of illegals ready to invade and take over. Anybody else seen this clip ? It sounds like the Sh*t is about to hit the fan. Anybody know what is going on ? Is this for real or just some hype ?


The clip is saying that the lefty big wigs want a civil war to start because they got UN troops ready to go house to house confiscating weapons, and somehow O’bummer is going to be leading them. I think you folks ought to google this clip up and see for yourselves. It is sounding like it is imminent ! If it is, do we have a plan ?


Soros dropped close to $4 million in the recent election here in mexifornia on attorney general races. One victory is all he obtained. He dropped over $1 million on the San Diego ag race, and was defeated soundly, as in Sacramento, the hotbed here in mexifornia for all suggested in this article. But these types are getting bolder. November is approaching, and we must get out the vote!


Wild Bill Now I understand. I thought she was just batshit crazy.


Wild Bill Are you defending Madmax? LOL

Gregory Romeu

MadMax’s problems stem from her brain not getting enough oxygen because her head is up her ass most of the time and her sphinctre valve is choking her off.


Same boat here in France… With elected politics and NGOs praising for those “lucks for France”… Too bad we haven’t a Trump here, and are that far from. So bad to realize as time goes by that the reputation of France as a mild liberal country that sets itself as a lesson-giver to the rest of the world is actually diserved. Looks more and more like the next job I’ll apply for will be on the other shore of Atlantic ocean, if the results of november elections is the one we all hope. Don’t see much good coming for Europe,… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

Well, my aware and concerned fellow patriots, what is OUR next move? As the grizzled Irish cop in the movie “The Untouchables” played by Sean Connery says to the federal agent “What are you prepared to do….?” I know… how about you? Because the time is coming when the manic and panicked Left-wing is going to push too far, intentionally; their minions are going to react in typical ANTIFA mob insanity, and try to hurt, really hurt, innocent and probably complacent people on the right side of these issues like illegal immigration. That mob destruction of our segment of society… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TV, Well, when that time comes we will kill them. In the mean time, we are going to throw a barbecue for a “not corrupted yet” candidate and everyone that we think might vote for him. Then we are going to ask our friends to send him a little dough for his campaign. Then we are going to flood the primaries and shock the GOP (Grand old Prostitute) party. Then throw a little back yard party for those that went to vote for the “not corrupted yet” candidate.


We need to air drop leaflets all over Mexico and South America that it’s not too good of an idea to come to America anymore. What with the impending economic collapse and our refusal to become disarmed, some could say that illegal immigrants who come here to take advantage of our good nature may be assuming too much. It would be wiser for them to stay at home and deal with their problems instead of running away from them. And we should be dealing with these politicians who are so willing to sell us down the river.


Trump is seeing this the same way we are, turn them around at the border and send them south and he tweeted that they can get their kids back at the time they sign a paper and head back into Mexico. No court, no pain, no strain and they are not illegal, as far as we are concerned.




I doubt from looking at the pic that they just came across the border, at least 2 of them have been here long enough to become a part of the 13TH street gang…….where / when was the pic?


A quick FYI.. the 13 St Gang, and MS 13, and such, are NOT American inventions. They rose up in El Salvador and began infesting the Los Angeles area perhaps ffiteen years ago. Seems they are making enough money off their drug and gang wars “down south” then have the money to train and then export members recruited in El Salvador, Honduras,Guatemala, etc. tats such as you see in this pic could very easily have been “applied” down south before their “orders” to infliltrate our US cities.

Gregory Romeu

Why are all these parents of these illegal children coming across our borders not being charged with criminal child abuse and child endangerment?

Wild Bill

@GR, I don’t believe that those are federal charges.

Gregory Romeu

@WB, Sure they are! “Felony child endangerment is a child endangerment charge enhanced by aggravating circumstances. Child endangerment occurs when a person engages in conduct that places a child in immininet danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment. This can be through an act or omission.”

Wild Bill

@GR, what is the US Code section, please?

Gregory Romeu

@WB, forgive me sometimes I try to keep things short and sweet based just on fact without putting in the evidentiary leads, my bad.

U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part II › Chapter 213 › § 3283
18 U.S. Code § 3283 – Offenses against children

Wild Bill

@GR, Oh, yes, I see it. Between Offenses not capital and Concealment of bankrupt’s assets. I stand corrected!
In answer to your original question: I suppose it is because the AUSAs might get convictions!

Kenny Smith

Good point . Greg !

Swamp Eagle

This new tactic is working better than guerilla warfare and terrorism ever did. George Soros funds campaigns for Attorneys General in key States to oppose ” mass incarceration ” , so the gangs can roam freely. After the Citizens are disarmed under the law , the ruling elite can use the ” migrants ” as shock troops against any other opposition.
Goodbye Country. November elections MATTER.

Timothy Votaw

Mr. Soros is a prime candidate for permanent retirement…

Wild Bill

@TV, The Russians still have a warrant out on Soros. We could capture him, and turn him over to Putin. Putin owes us a big favor. The Russians squeeze every franc, pfennig, and cent out of him, then let him die. A win win solution.

Gregory Romeu

Is there a bounty? I wouldn’t mind hedging my retirement?

Wild Bill

@OV, It is not Maxine’s fault. Her up bringing is to blame.

Tierd of the B.S.

Everyone is so worried about separating families at the border I say we shouldn’t separate them either send them ALL back together. The Liberals bitch about how bad the ILLEGALS are being treated here, what about all the shit they went through to get here dragging their kids across how many countries with nothing isn’t that a problem? At least now they have a roof over their heads food to eat and medical care all at the TAXPAYERS expense of course. BUILD THE WALL!!!

Gregory Romeu

Felony child endangerment is a child endangerment charge enhanced by aggravating circumstances. Child endangerment occurs when a person engages in conduct that places a child in immininet danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment. This can be through an act or omission.

Wild Bill

OV, Thirty-five thousand per year per illegal alien kid. Med, Dental, Vision, education, TV clothes, housing, food. Five out of every six were pushed out the door by their own parents and told to “go North”, but somehow we are the Nazis.
Tcat, Defend Mad Maxine? That is an easy one! My client pleads 100 percent, batshit, insane, your honor! And we have video to prove it.

Missouri Born

If illegals want the freedom and protection of the United States then they need to come in through the front doo,r any other way shows they won’t be good citizens and don’t belong here.
Same way for any country.


Everyone in America and England better give serious attention to who is running in future elections. In America Democrats are purely socialist and RINOS ruin every effort for common sense legislation. As time goes by we grow more weak in our ability to contain the flood of illegal immigrants and leadership sits on its political ass.